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Geordie Shore Magaluf Madness Episode 1

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Finally it's here, it's been a long couple of months without all the tears and tantrums from the guys and girls of the Geordie Shore house.  Back together for this two part special filmed in the holiday resort of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca Jay, Greg, Gaz, James, Vicky, Charlotte, Sophie and Holly will be getting mortal, on it like a car bonnet and in there like swimwear for a two week holiday in Europe's party capital and here for you now is the low down on the first episode.  First things first though did you remember to check out the preview?  No.  Then click HERE to view it, remember at the bottom of this post is the tack listing from last nights show.

First off I'm going to have a little dig, not at women just some of them when they are driving, don't get me wrong here I certainly don't mind my lady friend driving especially when she is picking me up from the pub but, would you let your lady friend drive whilst on holiday when she has to drive on the other side of the road.  Gaz looked genuinely concerned that Charlotte who was driving at the time was getting a little to close to come of the road furniture, they were arguing before they even got to the Villa.

Speaking of the Villa, that's a pretty nice pad especially when it's free.  I'm going to Majorca myself next year and I have paid a lot more than free for accommodation that is no where near as nice as that, right on the Marina in the centre of Magaluf with one of those eternity pools which looks like they go on into the sea, I so want to be in Geordie Shore.

We have been introduced to a completely different Vicky from the one we saw in the house a couple of months back, she was a raving loony for want of a better word, the raving usually directed towards her on/off ergh boyfriend Jay who couldn't help but have a bit tash on with other girls.  Vicky seems at least for now to have mellowed a little though and is making it her business to have a holiday with no arguments, we'll see!

Did you see them knockers, no I'm not talking about the one on the door to the mansion or the knockers a plenty that where hanging about during the wet T-shirt competition at nightclub BCM, I am of course talking about Holly, you may remember she was the one with the boyfriend who she dumped on the last episode of the first series, have they grown or is it just her new red non Amy Winehouse looking hairstyle that is pushing them into my eye line a little more, who cares right?  Get a look.  Holly and James may well be banging in this series as she so delecatly put it during this episode.

James of course struggles to pull, both him and Greg at least admitted last night the reason for this, which is they like a classier bird, you know the type right?  The ones who don't dance on tables and bars with little to no clothes on, that kind of girl, refined I would say.  I laughed when Gaz and Greg offered to stay in to look after the house (someone has to do that every night remember), James was like I feel obliged to bring back three girls tonight so Greg and Gaz aren't left out, yeah I think you will struggle with that James you haven't even managed to pull one girl yet never mind three, at least you have Holly to fall back on though, she has been dreaming about you.

Didn't take Vicky to long to get those claws out did it, Jay being Jay pulled a couple of sisters and decided the shag pad back at the mansion should be put to good effect with both sisters and him in one bed, that would be the bed Vicky was lying in at the time which she wilfully gave up for Jay, whilst telling all of us he had pulled a mobility scooter bird, described by her as a girl who is good to ride but, you really wouldn't want to be seen in public with one, ha.  That's funny not so sure about the verdict on the girls though.

It was a great welcome back for us all to Geordie Shore who found their fame exceeded them when the were recognised in every bar and nightclub they entered, VIP was the only option and the gang now find themselves as celebrities.  I don't know about you but I can't wait for next weeks episode and surely there will be an official second series, maybe they could go to Jersey and live with the Jersey Shore house mates.  One last thing, being in Majorca the soundtrack was amazing last night below is a list off all the songs used in last nights episode, I will do the same for next weeks review.  All of the links on the songs take you to another post on this blog with a link to the video, enjoy.

Calvin Harris Ft Kelis - Bounce

NeYo Ft Afrojack - Give Me Everything Tonight

Rhianna - Only Girl In The World

J Lo Ft Pitbull - On The Floor

Kelly Rowland - Commander

The Saturdays - Notorious

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

Sweedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza

There was one more song which I can't find but it featured on the original Ibiza Uncovered series, any guesses?
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