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Geordie Shore Magaluf Madness Episode 2

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Have people lost interest in this show already?  I'm just hazarding a guess as during last weeks episode the viewing figures on this blog went crazy, last night though....Not so much.  In fact not crazy at all.  Whats not to like eight Geordie's in Magaluf getting drunk?  Great TV, right?

Actually last night was probably a bit of a let down from the first episode, funny in parts but pretty much same old same old to the point that I'm struggling to say anything much about it today, don't worry though I'll try and I also have the sound track to last night for you too.

I'll start with Gaz's bank account being re-opened, and no it's not his account at Barclay's.  If you remember from the first series Gaz had a fling pretty much ever other night with Charlotte resulting in him naming her his banker, just in case you forgot what that was here's the gist, a banker is a girl or boy who if you fail to pull anyone else whilst out in town then you go back to them for some banking, get my drift?  So Gaz re-opened his account with Charlotte resulting in male hugging as a celebration and Charlotte in the bathroom crying her eyes out for letting him back in the bank with his parsnip impersonation.

So are they back together?  I guess not as the next day the guys and girls where invited on a booze cruise and Gaz was in the sea frolicking with some half naked lady whilst the already upset Charlotte watched on pretending not to care.  When is she going to realise he just uses her and does not want a relationship?  Second to that they all then got invited to a pool party and Gaz seemed to keep himself pretty busy with another half naked lady, it's safe to say that these two went home on non speaking terms.  One of the girls Gaz did pull looked like Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays, actually she was probably the most impressive one he managed.

James the banger of the year, not!  He managed to get some tashing on done on the booze cruise, unfortunately for him though by the time they got back to the villa he was to tired to do anything and took himself off to bed after kicking the girls out.  James told us he bangs all the time in Newcastle, funny that James I don't remember you doing to much banging during the first series of the show either, do we presume your a bit shy?  Or just a nice guy?  His wing man didn't do much better either Greg left Magaluf with his banging tally at zero also.  I think like Vicky said James may well struggle to pull a muscle.

Same cant be said for Jay though, who seemed to be on a mission to bang every night, with pretty much however many women he could fit in the bed.  Did anyone else notice how wrecked Jay looked during the VT's his eyes were hanging around his cheeks and he could hardly speak, he was either still drunk or tired from all the banging.

Looking after the villa at least one of them was supposed to be staying in all of the time, did they stay in once?  I don't think they did, the bright flashy lights of BCM where to much to resist, speaking of BCM to finish off the post below is a list of the music from last nights show, I think MTV obviously have a deal with some artists or labels as the music was the same as last weeks show.

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x

Britney Spears - I Can't Take It No More

Kelis - Bounce

J.Lo Ft Pitbull - On The Floor

Rhianna - Only Girl In The World

Snoop Dogg - Sweat

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party

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