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Dexter Season 5 Episode 11 - Hop A Freighter

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Another American TV show that tricked me this week when Dexter didn't start at the exact point it left off last week.  The opening scene this week saw Debra and Quinn attempting to put the bite on Jordan Chase, after all what's he going to do with these vigilantes on the loose?  All the people connected to him are disappearing off the face of the Earth and surely he will be next.  Of course he's going to be next, did you see Dexter and Lumen plotting with Harrison's stick figures?  Concocting a plan on just how to get their hands on the man behind the operation

You think your safe in your own home these days, just as Dexter was doing some snuggling up last night he noticed Harrison's baby monitor was showing a live feed of him and Lumen in the living room together, I know it's a TV show but Harrison is away in Florida with grand parents, so why would you have the monitor on? The signals not that good!  I can vouch for the signal crossing thing though we used to pick up next doors signal, only sound though.

I said last week that I was really starting to like the Stan Liddy (Robocop) character, his role has really been stepped up a notch or two resulting in him stealing the show from Desmond Harrington's character Quinn.  Last night they met in a car park, Liddy has failed in his bid to save his job as a cop and is threatening Quinn to help him out with busting Dexter, I'm thinking right now Liddy is going to be offed by the end of this episode he is getting way to close to Dexter and Lumen.

Dexter and Lumen now know someone is watching them but who?  Looks like it's Quinn but the paper works not filled in properly, just before he gets to check that though did you see how uneasy Dexter looked in the briefing room hearing about the female vigilante on the loose who was using a trusted male friend to help her off Jordan Chase and his buddies?  At that point Dexter doesn't realise that Quinn is not even remotely suspicious of him. so they go and search his flat, sorry apartment in the US.  They don't really find much just a cat that farts and sneezes at the same time, and oh yeah the photo's that Liddy provided Quinn with of Dexter and Lumen dumping something off a boat.
Yet more signs emerged this week that Debra may join the serial killing ranks and create that link with Dexter and Lumen I mentioned last week.  According to Deb the vigilante and her boyfriend have got serious s**T, and are pretty F**ked up, but at the same time she thinks that's beautiful kind of a love story like somehow she doesn't mind at all and would rather see Jordan Chase get his comeuppance than have to arrest someone righting a few wrongs.
Is that Dexter spending money again?  His flexible friend must be really flexible noting to extravagant though just a flick knife for Lumen, what ever would she need that for?  Another question does anyone think the young Jordan Chase or Eugene as he was known then looks like Chunk from the Goonies?  And one more thing whilst I'm mentioning random stuff what kind of chat up line is "your like a guy"?  I'm no expert but I really can't see that working to well.

Ok back to the fun stuff, Dexter is way to clever for Liddy, right?  Please let me be right he will be getting it by the end of this episode.  Has Dexter ever been captured before?   If not he was pretty cool when Liddy took him.  Unlike Desmond Harrington though Michael C Hall manages to way hold his own against Peter Sellers, not looking phased at all you just know Dexter has got out the restraints or has got something up his sleeve.  Yes, about time.  He got him right in the heart his usual trademark, I'll miss Liddy but would rather Dexter continue and live happily ever after with Lumen.  In the meantime the rush is on to get to Emily's house as Jordan Chase has taken Lumen in with the help of Emily who is now no longer in the show, I really had a feeling that Lumen was going to put her new flick knife to use and stick it to Jordan Chase, unfortunately not the saga is going to roll over to next week in the season finale, which looks absolutely brilliant I can't wait.  Is Dexter's time up?
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