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Dexter Season 5 Episode 8 - Take It

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Wait a minute what's this? sorry for a moment there I thought I had the wrong channel on.  Turns out I was just getting some motivation from Jordan Chase, really don't need that at 10pm.  Cheers though.  Dexter doesn't really need much motivation either, or at least he seems not to as he was asleep during Jordan's little talk no doubt dreaming up a plot to kill his head of security Cole Harmon, an ex marine who likes to beat and torture women, what a hero!

Back to Chase's hotel room, the Business suite.  Could they not come up with anything more original?  Dexter would appear to be getting played at his own game at this point, just how much does Jordan Chase already know about him?

Who is Owen?  I guess unless you are American and a fan of Dexter you didn't know until last night either, "since the day of the wedding I have respected your wishes, I haven't called or anything"  Lumen's married?  No wait she's not, you find out later she was engaged to Owen, man she kept that quiet.  To late Owen I think Dexter may have stole her heart, after all she's just as good at keeping secrets as he is.

I'm just going to throw something out here, Dexter is sending Lumen down to the shops to buy all of the necessities needed to kill someone without leaving any traces.  Police are pretty clever these days (trust me), they would probably think to look at people buying that sort of thing.  Although in this case no one actually knows these people go missing, so nothing really to investigate yet.  Lumen was also busy all day on the computer looking into Jordan Chase and his associates, haven't they heard of IP addresses.  Dexter may well be a computer whiz to who knows how to wipe his hard drive back to zero every night, who knows?

Lumen went to meet her Fiance, argh shucks Owen loves her, but so does Dexter I think.  I run across pictures on the net from Dexter sometimes that I really don't want to see yet the latest being Dexter in bed with Lumen, as you've guessed I haven't seen that episode yet but I'm pretty sure they will be getting it on at some point, and that Lumen will turn down the opportunity to go around the world with Owen.
Robocop is still on the case to, and oh man he has seen all of the hotel room supplies in the back of Dexter's car, Lumen then left the car park and drove straight to the hotel to kit out Cole's hotel room.  She decides now would be a good time to tell Dexter about Owen and his offer of the trip, he manages to talk her round though and she helps Dexter clean proof the room, can't you get fingerprints off plastic?  Just then Lumen figures out that Dexter has been doing this for a while, yeah about 5 years now, he's a pro.

You got a couple of good laughs this weeks as always, first off when Dexter is telling Lumen where he'll M99 Cole, sounds like he's gonna Blackberry message him or something (hey M99 me, dude).  He gets M99'd anyway and Dexter kills Cole, first by doing his trade mark cut to the right cheek.  Checking out the hotel he's sees Jordan and asks him if there's anything wrong, he's like no just a minor security issue.  Then Dexter does his talk over saying "like you're chief of security's head being in my bag", yeah that may be it.

This was a great episode of Dexter and I think one of the best I have seen so far, he is getting mighty close to being caught.  Robocop has some pictures of him dumping bags off his boat, and now he has killed Cole, the one person that people will notice is missing.  Has Dexter met his match? Tick Tick Tick, one of Jordan's favourite little ditty's, sound familiar?
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