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Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 5 Silent Kill

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The saga continued last night in what was not you usual all out action episode, don't get me wrong it had it's moments but concentrated more on the character stories, family values a couple of good laughs and some sad moments.  There really isn't much more I can say on what was yet another solid installment of the show.  I'm yet to hear people raving about this yet in the UK maybe that's because it air's on a Tuesday at 9pm.  That means it normally goes head to head with Undercover Boss, a hughly popular show on Channel 4 and last night saw the return of DIY: SOS, another popular show that goes out at 9pm on BBC 1.  Then for people to even record it and watch at 10pm it would be contending with Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares, that's my thought on it anyway.

For me though Kitchen Nightmares and the other shows can wait, well I actually watched the DIY one then put this on at 10pm but watching the DIY show was my other halfs idea.  That probably means I will be spending some money soon, right?

Anyway I'm talking way to much about everything else here and not enough about Falling Skies, like I say a solid episode which saw an elaborate plan put together in order to save the harnessed children from the Skitter which is holding them captive at the hospital.  The plan originally included making to much noise and was changed to Hal going in there alone in an attempt not to wake the skitter.  That was the laugh on the night and pretty much the first one this show has provided, it probably wasn't even meant to be funny it's just the first time I've heard Commander Weaver say anything like that.

The conversation rolled to the point that Hal would be going into the hospital alone in order to take out the six children who were there, he had to do this without waking the skitter, his idea was to wear the harness removed from one of the other kids and pretend to be under the skitters control, his father Tom said "That's Crazy" and Commander Weavers reply was "Were fighting aliens from outer space here, I'm not sure what's crazy anymore", like I say it's probably not even meant to be funny it's just the way he said it.

We learnt even more about the skitters here, although they control the minds of the children through the harnesses they place on them.  At night times they also treat them like children, taking them to bed and tucking them in I suppose you could say.  Stroking their heads to try and get them to sleep.  That was quite a good moment last night when Hal first joined the other kids you initally think the skitter has worked out he shouldn't be there but he hadn't and although he woke the skitter up he did manage to get the kids out the school and back to safety where the Dr removed all of their harnesses and saving 5 of their lives.

Dr Anne is now going to see all of the medical issues come her way, as the skitter who was being held as a prisoner of war killed Dr Harris, he won't be greatly missed as a character I wouldn't think, he's cocky and I didn't really like him anyway.  He has after all only been in the show for two episodes.

We also learnt a little more this week about that hard ass mutha Commander Weaver, he is human after all and is able to show emotion, when he hears a certain song he switches it off before getting himself upset you then see him looking a what looks like a childs drawing with the name Sophia written on it, his daughter possibly?  Also we found out that Dr Anne has a son who is missing and as yet has not been seen in any of the groups of children.

The episode focused mainly on the rescue of the kids and it was the most succsesful mission of the 2nd Mass so far, all the kids back and harnesses removed.  One thing I found a little strange tough, was the fact the kid who had the harness removed last week has only been able to communicate and know who people are during this episode.  Tom's son Ben had his harness removed and no sooner was it off he was talking and knew who people where, any thoughts?  So it ws a good episode but next week I hope we get back to more of the action that we are used to.
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