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Upcoming Movie Trailer: The Sitter Starring Jonah Hill

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First off, would you trust Jonah Hill or any character he has ever played with the responsibility of looking after your children?  Secondly would you allow your children to be in this movie?  I did read somewhere that producers made it well worth their while.  We know by now that any movie starring Jonah is probably going to be some sort of gross out comedy, right?  The gross out usually means lots of swearing and scenes that you may consider inappropriate for children.  The sitter really doesn't look like it has moved to far from that, it's certainly not the Pacifier (Vin Diesel).

The movie if you haven't already guessed is about a babysitter, who knew?  It's stars Jonah hill as a student who has been suspended from college (no surprises there) he gets a gig looking after the next door neighbours children, a task for which he is woefully unprepared.

The trailer has come out on the net this week, and as you have guessed it's not for children, so if you are under age then please don't watch the trailer below.  If you are an adult and like a couple of vulgar laughs then go ahead, press play.  Enjoy the pre trailer interview to.

The movie also stars Sam Rockwell (Moon, Iron Man 2), Ari Graynor (Mysitc River, Date Night) and just to add to the kids entertainment Gangster rapper Method Man also makes an appearance.  The movie was actually set to be released in theatres this month but has now been pushed back December for the US and January for the UK.
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