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Geordie Shore Episode 6

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well that's it, at least for now anyway.  No more Geordie Shore for us to feast on every Tuesday night but don't worry they will be back!  The series finale showed Tuesday gone and went out on a real high with the usual tantrums, well usually drunken tantrums.  I apologize for the late post on it this week I've been a little busy and only managed to catch up last night.

I actually thought that Jay and Vikki were going to get together after this show, as you know they have been tashing palls all along.  Last week we saw them split up their room and go their separate ways, only to be back together again within a few hours.  I think Tuesdays final antics has well and truly finished the two of them, and to be honest I don't think they will even be going anywhere near to each other when it comes to the summer special, yes that's right there is going to be a summer special filmed in Magaluf, Majorca from what I've heard.

Holly is still in the house, and once again no one really seems to care that much, if I were her I probably wouldn't bother going to Majorca the guys clearly are not interested wither way.  In the final episode of the series she sat moping most of the time,  There is really nothing more to say than that other than she is not even a Geordie.

Sophie just got on with things as normal, that usually includes her getting drunk to the point that she can't stand up or make it to the bathroom, I know what your thinking! classy bird right?  Actually I don't mind her she seems to be a little more level headed than the other girls.

Greg and James have been pretty quiet really neither have done much in the bedroom department, although outside the show I'm pretty sure they have a notch or two on the bed post, again with these two there is nothing really to report.  They go out get drunk have a good time, proper Geordie's.

Now last but not least Charlotte and Gaz the two that have been hot and cold all series with Charlotte failing to realise that she is a banker, that's banker not the W version.  That basically means that if Gaz fails to pull any other girls whilst out on the town then he will go back to the Geordie Shore house and have Charlotte, last week she claimed to have "cleaned his pipe" again classy bird, right?  I'm sure I don't really need to go into details on what she was referring to.  They ended the show with what looked like Gaz admitting defeat and agreeing with Charlotte that maybe they could be an item, maybe they could share a room in Magaluf.

So there is the round up for this week, and don't worry any details about when the summer special will be aired will be here, so that means get clicking above and follow me here on the blog or at Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to the feed to make sure you miss nothing, cheers.

FAST FIVE Movie Review

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm really catching up on my movie viewing lately, and about time to.  You will all be pleased to here that I haven't seen a chick flick for a while now, well at least not last weekend anyway.  With Fast Five I was not really sure what to do, I have seen the first installment The Fast and The Furious I watched 2 Fast to Furious and have seen bit parts of Tokyo Drift, which starred none of the original cast.  The fourth movie I have not even heard of.  Onto to the fifth and they have brought back not only one main character but all of them Vin Diesel included, it has to be worth a watch surely.

Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster

The Plot

Vin Diesel reprises his role as Dominic Toretto who has just been sentenced to a spell behind bars, plan is for Brian (Walker) and his girlfriend Mia (Brewster) to break him out of the prison bus with their presition driving.  Former cop Brian is successful in his efforts and the team of criminals head to Rio in order to hide out.  things not quite going to plan they are soon pursued by Luke Hobb (Johnson) a relentless Federal agent, the best of the best sent to apprehend all of the gang and bring them to justice.  The head off on a massive chase across Rio and along the way conger up a plan to rob a ruthless business man who wants them dead, with his money they can disappear to a country with no extradition order and escape the law forever.

The Verdict

I really don't know where to start here, I was a little disappointed to say the least.  Maybe I was just expecting to much from a movie franchise that has now surely run it's time.  If this movie proves anything it is surely that the original cast should never have been away and had the stories in the third and fourth movie been better then they may well have stayed.  The story here is no different really from what I can remember from the earlier movies, a group of criminals and a former cop who need money to disappear, the only way to do it drive fast and rob someone.  Yeah that's pretty much it really.

I thought maybe with the inclusion of the Rock in this movie that maybe it would be slightly more credible, I know he is not the greatest actor in the world but other than Tooth Fairy you have to say his movies are pretty good.  Without doubt in this movie both Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson commanded the screen even more so when they were on it together.  I think Diesel may have been feel slightly less superior though as it's a while since I have seen him so pumped up, he still has some catching up to do if he wants to be as big as Johnson.

There are some exciting car chases in the movie as you would expect, and the cars are nitursed and up to the hills with their big loud exhausts.  This movie is a boy racers dream that's for sure, I love cars and I love fast cars as most guys do but as far as movies go this is not the best and should you watch it you really should not be expecting to much.  I would say if you want to watch something that requires very little thinking and attention then this will be perfect for you Saturday night entertainment but that's as far as it goes really.

Would I watch it again?

I think I will have to say no, I would not have any urge to watch this movie again.

Star Rating: MM

Worlds Craziest Fools Episode 4

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I really should have given this show a little more time, the New Mr T extravaganza goes out on BB3 every Monday night at 10.30pm for a half hour, I watched the first show and laughed a bit and then have not managed to catch any since.  This weeks show was the fourth episode of the ten part series and I thought I’d give it another go, if you remember from the last post it’s kind of like Worlds Dumbest Criminals and Worlds Craziest Fools rolled into one show, what makes it even better is the dead pan commentary you get from T, if you have not seen the show yet then get watching.  In the mean time here’s a recap of last night for you.

There were jumping fools, who think they can jump off roof and through other roof without hurting themselves, maybe that’s an Internet craze or something, who knows?

There were fools on wheels, mainly consisting of Skateboarders, Scooters and Roller skates, again these guys were jumping of roof, CRAZY FOOLS.  Others were into the usual tricks you jumping down hands rails or off high ramps you know stuff that looks pretty good if it works out, unfortunately for most of these crazy dudes they just ended up hurting there nuts.

Criminal fools, one of my favourite topics.  Nothing wore than criminals especially ones who are no good at it, really just give up you go to jail every time you should be getting the message by now.  Last nights Criminal Fools included some robbers who didn’t do to much in the forward planning department when they got stuck between the double doors going into a bank, some other idiot who decided to rob the local liquor store, not being successful he fell through their roof in his drunken state then tried to climb out with a step ladder, all before sitting in the store and drinking booze before the cops got there to arrest him.

Believe it or not there ain’t any video’s from last nights show that have gone viral yet, I’d imagine that if you looked hard enough that you will find them all on YouTube, if you can’t be bothered with that then you can watch Worlds Craziest Fools episodes online at the link below.

Dexter Season 5 Episode 2 Hello, Bandit

Monday, 27 June 2011

I have promised myself for long enough now that I am going to get back into this show, like I mentioned in the last post I think I saw maybe 6 to 7 episodes of the first season then got whey layed with other shows.

Now it’s back for season 5 and I missed the first episode, it didn’t record for some reason but never mind.  I have managed to catch up with the second episode of the new season “Hello, Bandit”.  I saw enough on write up’s and trailers to know that Dexter’s wife was going to be killed off in the first episode, a couple of question's I have.  Is he responsible for that? or was it someone else? Or do we not know yet?  And I gather from this episode that the two older kids are not his but what about the younger one?

Not seeing to much of the show in the past I was worried that I would be a little lost but I think I have the core of it.  Dexter is still up to his old tricks although on the sick at the moment he is still not taking to lightly to in justice and is currently following around this creepy looking guy who appears to clear road kill from the American highways, as well as putting bodies of women into containers and dumping them in a lake.  I can pretty much guess what is going to happen with him.

Dexter’s sister is being perused by her partner, I never got his name.  The sister is still blissfully unaware like everyone else that Dexter is a mastermind serial killer, right?  There are a couple of other cops in the show who I’m still trying to figure out but I should get there after the next episode.

The show is pretty much everything I remember from the first series, very dark and sometimes a little creepy but very capturing at the same time.  Michael C Hall plays the role of a straight guy come killer that you actually end up feeling sorry for as apposed to his victims, this is no doubt what hooks people to this show, with a little rough justice handed out on occasion.  The voice overs you get from Dexter are also capturing he has one of those voices kind of like a Morgan Freeman or Keifer Sutherland in Phonebooth, you just have to listen to what he has to say, the episode got me from start to finish even though I didn’t really know who everyone was I will be watching the next to see what happens

So that is the second episode of the current season reviewed, well sort of the first couple of episodes really.   If anyone wants to write one for the first episode and send it to me then feel free, send it here (moviesmusicandtelevision(@)gmail(DOT)com) I’ll publish it here and give you the relevant thanks, cheers.

Must Have Songs For Your iPod - Week 16

Sunday, 26 June 2011

You may have noticed that this post didn't show last week, not because there was nothing to put on it I just decided that since my sister had been to the Kings Of Leon concert in Sunderland that I should do a post dedicated to their music , something which I'm going to do again once I decide who it will be on, maybe you have some suggestions then get them to me in the comments or contact me here moviesmusicandtelevision(@)gmail(DOT)com.

First song up this week is not a new one by any means but, it does star one of the hottest R&B stars in the wrold Taio Cruz alongside one of the hottest women in the world Kylie Minouge, the song is called "Higher" and if it fails to get you going for your Saturday night out then maybe you should just stay in.

Buy Taio Cruz at - Higher (ft. Kylie)

I'll move onto Jason Drulooooo now since he has a new song out, which has gone it at number 1 this week.  Dont Wanna Go Home comes from his new and second album Future History (you can buy it below), the song samples the absoulte classic 90's dance song Show Me Love.

Buy the single at - Don't Wanna Go Home

I'm going to move to a more Drum and Bass theme for you now, with the new song from Chase and Status Ft Tinie Tempah.  The new tune Hitz is something that I would probably not normally listen to but theis one got me from the start.  I'm not so sure I could listen to it at 7am on my way to work but it would work if you were on your way out for a large one.

Buy Chase & Status at - Hitz (Feat. Tinie Tempah)

We may as well stick with the R&B style for tonight and feature the new song coming up from Chipmunk, or Chip Diddy Chip what ever you call him.  Only kidding he's pretty cool and will need no introduction from me for the UK readers here.  Featured in this video Trey Songz an American R&B star with what will surely be his break into the UK market, if you haven't heard of him then check him out on YouTube in the mean time check out the new video Take Off below.

Buy Chipmunk at - Take Off [Explicit]

Upcoming Movie Trailer - Warrior

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Due out in UK cinemas September 23rd 2011 is mixed martial arts movie Warrior.  The sport has gained a massive following in the last few years with the UFC being the front runner in the sport, we should have known that it was just a matter of time before we saw a movie about it.

From director Gavin O'Connor the movie stars Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton.  Nolte plays the father who has tore his family apart due to his alcoholism, his oldest son played by Edgerton is already an MMA fighter and he welcomes back his youngest Tom Hardy back to the family home.  Notle then trains his son to compeat in a MMA competition putting him on a collision course with his older brother.

Tom Hardy had to put on 28 pounds of muscle for this movie keeping himself to a tight work out schedule.  The actor has recently starred in Inception with Leanardo Di Caprio and you will see him starring alonside Christian Bale in upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises.  Hardy counterpart Edgerton will be best known for his role in King Arthur and Star Wars Episodes II and III, where he played Owen Lars stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker and uncle to Luke.

The movie looks quite promising and put me in the mind of the Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, a couple of real MMA fighter will star in the movie along with pro Wrestler Kurt Angle.

Upcoming Movie - Killer Elite

Friday, 24 June 2011

Trust me when I tell you that their is nothing decent coming out at the movie theatres this weekend so we will go with this and Upcoming movie trailer which looks awesome, hope you agree.

I ran by this movie today and thought it was best to get something up here about it.  The Killer Elite is due out September 21st 2011 (USA) and looks like it is going to be a really good movie backed up with a pretty impressive cast.  Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, there you have the main characters, this movie should not be confused with the 1975 version of the killer elite which starred James Caan and Robert Duvall, the story's are different and there is no link at all that I can see.
The movie is based on the book "The Feather Men" written by Sir Ranulph Fiennes which claimed to be based on actual events regarding the assassinations of members of the British Special Air Service (SAS) carried out by a group or hit squad called The Clinic.  The story sees retired member of the elite come back to protect their former comrades.

Jason Statham takes the lead role playing Danny Bryce a retired SAS veteran who joins his former team to help hunt down the Clinic.

Filming The Killer Elite
The movie has mainly been shot over in Australia, with all of Robert De Niro scenes being taken there, he does not play a major role in the movie joining the cast for only 10 days to play the part of an assassin, also set to star in the movie is Dominic Purcell (Prison Break and Blade Trinity).  It's not really clear what part Purcell will play in the movie but being English I would imagine he is a comrade of Statham.

Dom Purcell will star in Killer Elite

Statham has been filming in the Welsh Brecon Beacons for his part in the movie.  It has been one of the main film locations due to the fact that the real SAS train their.  On a budget of $66 million this movie definitely looks like it will be worth a couple of hours of our time, check out the trailer below.

Shameless US Episode 1

I am really putting this out in order to gain a perspective on what the US thought of this show, it premiered here in the UK last night 23rd June 2011 and is of course a remake of the highly popular Channel 4 show Shameless.  I will have to admit that I was not the biggest fan of the UK show as I didn't see it from the start but, I got into the last few series of it and laughed my ass off for weeks on end.

The US version of the show has now aired on UK TV, like I mentioned above and stars William H Macy as Frank Gallagher a single father who is drunk most of the time whilst dragging up his six kids.  I thought this show would have to be worth a watch especially as I run this blog, how did it do?  Well for now I feel like it was not the best one hour 30 minutes I have spent in front of the TV, it did have it's funny moments but for me it just lacked that bit edge that the British show has.

The show went out in America back in January and also stars Emmy Rossum, Cameron Monaghan, Justin Chatwin, Joan Cusak and Steve Howey.  I'm guessing that the US audience have already seen the show and would like to know does it get any better, I know like the UK version it's not based purely on comedy but I don't think it pulled off the comedy element quite as well.

The US version seems as if it's going to be based more centrally on the Gallagher family, where as the UK version was based on a fictional Chatswoth Estate in the suberbs of Manchester following more than one family.  Frank Gallagher and his family where very central to the story in the first series and it was based mainly on them but, as the show progressed more and more characthers and familys were introduced.  I suppose that sort of Happaned here with Ian Gallagher working in the local store and also Fiona's boyfriend Steve bringing in the element of the Mcguire family. 

I can't really say to much on Macy's part as Frank Gallagher as he spent most of the first episode asleep, only waking up in maybe the last 25 to 30 minutes.  For me he is a strange choice for this role and I don't know why, maybe it's just the times I have seen him before he plays a more serious sort of character, or maybe it's just that David Threlfall plays the part on the UK version so well.  Whatever it is I don't know but I would like an opinion as to weather the show will be worth watching every week.

I will watch again next week just out of curiosity, you can't really base a show on it's first episode anyway.  I think between this and new show Falling Skies the latter will be my new favourite.

Falling Skies To Aire on FX UK

Thursday, 23 June 2011

For those of you who read this blog often you will know that I'm a fan of good American TV shows, unfortunately the last two I have decided to follow have ended up being cancelled after the first series.  The two I'm referring to are FlashForward and The Event, ok I'll give you FlashForward but I think The Event would have been worth another run.

I have been thinking the last couple of days about what I'm going to watch now, of course we have the great British drama Luther starring Idris Elba but that is only running for four week's.  Today though my question has been answered when FX UK has started to really promote their new show Falling Skies, which they have bought from American network TNT.  They have the rights to show the series in the UK three weeks after the stateside version goes out.

Along with the new TV show comes a pretty impressive cast headed up by Noah Wyle who you may remember from ER, also starring is Moon Bloodgood from Terminator Salvation, and few others are thrown in their to that I haven't heard of.  The show is produced by Steven Spielberg and Robert Rodat who jointly where responsible for hit movie Saving Private Ryan.

The show is set after an Alien invasion and follows a group of Human survivors known as the second Massachusetts, the band of survivors are bound together in order to fight back.

It seems I have found the answer to which show I'm going to be watching from now on and you can expect a review of the first episode and everyone after that providing it captures my interest.

Geordie Shore Episode 5

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It's the start of another week in the Geordie Shore house and guess what....Holly is back, I know who cares right?  Not any of the lads in the house that's for sure and Vicky who has moved out of tashing pal Jay's bedroom is reluctant to give Holly her bed back in the girls room.

Let's talk about Holly first and her very understanding boyfriend, this guy genuinely seems to be  decent, maybe someone could tell me what he is doing with a beefed up version of Amy Winehouse to start with.  Anyway he got a call from an extremely drunk Holly last night "just finish is will ya" "ya deserve better man", yes Holly he does and everyone bar him can see it, including yourself even when you are drunk.  She did eventually manage to pluck up the courage to kind of dump him by the end of the night but I'm sure he is not totally off the scene.

Tashing on Vicky and Jay
We thought last week that Jay and Vicky were getting back together, after Vicky was going to leave because everyone was talking about her.  She ended up in Jay's bed no tashing just a spoon, however Jay informed her this week that was as far as things were going and he still wanted the "we can tash with anyone else" rule applied.  Psycho, ergh sorry Vicky was not to pleased with that decision but found a quick remedy with plenty of tash in TupTup Palace, I'm sure this was some sort of attempt to make Jay jealous which didn't really work, he couldn't have given a toss if the truth be known.
What a banker!
Charlotte and Gaz now, and from the off Gaz has made it clear all Charlotte is to him is a banker, not the kind that works in Barclay's.  She is simply Gaz's fall back for the nights entertainment should he not manage to pull anyone else is Newcastle.  Charlotte does not really seem to have grasped this yet and thinks Gaz is in love with her.  Reality check Charlotte he's not and the more you and him keep forking (that's Charlotte's word for ergh, you know) the more you play into his hands or Parsnip as the case may be.

As far as the rest go it was a pretty quiet one.  Greg got into a massive argument with Vicky, and Sophie was crawling around on the floor again trying to find the bathroom as James held back her hair, classy.

Well next week will be the last week of Geordie Shore, rumour has it there will be a summer special filmed in Magaluf, so we all have that to look forward to and I'm sure due to it's success it will be back for a second series either later this year or summer of next, maybe even a Christmas special.  Leave your comments and let me know what you think.  In the mean time I'll keep you posted.

Movie Review: SUPER 8 Starring Elle Faning

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I like so many others have been looking forward to this movie all year now, not only did it look awesome but the mystery surrounding it was one of the biggest draws.  As we know the movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by JJ.Abrams, you know the guy who wrote hit TV show Lost and also had a hand in Cloverfield, knowing this was a J.J.Abrams movie is really enough to get you to the cinema and watch it.

Starring: Joel Courtney, Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning

The Plot

Set in the summer of 1979 the movie follows a group of teenagers making their own zombie movie that theybelieve is going to be a real hit, the movie takes it's name from this story as the kids are making their movie using a Super 8 camera.  They are out late at night filming their final scene at the local train station when they are witness to a massive train crash which turns out to be no accident.  Following the train crash strange events begin to happen around the town and government officials turn up playing shifty with the locals and the police department.

The Verdict

Movies these days are full of hype and you generally tend to find that when you get round to seeing them that you have seen all of the best bits during the trailer that was on TV.  Super 8 is no different here except for one thing, all along the trailers released by Spielberg and Abrams have give nothing away other than a train crash, something trying to get out the train and some strange happenings in the town.

This was a genius move from the film makers, although due to the kind of movies you get from Spielberg and Abrams you could probably guess that there was something on that train that you don't want running around in the wild.

The movie is really not quite what I was expecting, when I say that what I mean is when I saw the trailer I was expecting something that would require a certain degree of hiding behind your pillow, I was very wrong on this, very very wrong in fact.  If it is something super scary that you want to see then Super 8 won't fulfil your needs but, that does not mean it's not a good movie.  There were points during the build up that you are knid of on edge thinking what is going to happen here?  Then it happens and turns out not to be to frightening at all.  Don't let that put you off though, the mystery that has been surrounding the movie for months now continues into the film and it's not until the last 30 minutes or so that you get to see what was on the train, all adding to the reason to watch this movie.

I have read a lot about it, one review in particular was from Glen at 1Man365Movies, who compared the movie to Stand By Me.  I got that straight away watching this, there is a scene where the kids all sit together on the edge of town and it takes you right back to River Phoenix and Cory Feldmen on the front cover of the afore mentioned movie.

To say anymore than that would give this movie away, and I like the director and writer don't want to do that, this is a must see movie which I really enjoyed and that completely threw me off what I was expecting.

Would I watch it again?

I will watch this movie again, it's one of those that second time around you will surely pick something up that you missed first time.

Star Rating: ****

Weekly Soap Gossip 20th June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011


Just when you think the square is going to become all light hearted and all.  Tamwar and his wife Afia, yeah that's right his wife.  They all ready got secretly married without telling anyone and lets face it who can blame them.  Their parents Zainab and Masood have split up and are currently at war with each other.  Tamwars brother is Gay and a disgrace to their family who want him firmly back in the closet.  Throw in a psycho looking brother in law and Eastenders has recipe for yet another twisting and turning storyline that is sure to keep us watching until Friday when anything exciting actually happens.

As I've mentioned the happy couple this week are Tamwar and Afia, they are getting married (officialy), I'm not sure on this but if you are already married to your wife can you do it again.  I know this is the square and pretty much anything can happen.  As always the wedding will not go to plan.  Zainab has banned Masood from attending but he shows up anyway, not long before there is a punch up and one very revealing wedding present from Yusef's cousin Tariq.

Also this week the Max and Tanya saga continues as Tanya's husband Greg invites both Max and Vanessa around for a BBQ to celebrate fathers day, only one thing can come of this and that is the former couple get closer and closer and end up kissing.  Away from that Tanya's sister Rainie turns back up in the square wanting to speak with Phil, she is being tempted back to the bottle and hoping Phil can steer her on the right path.

Coronation Street

It's all about Becky and the Rovers Return again this week, she has returned from her Partying and finally managed to sober up only to realise that her marriage to Steve is over.  Becky is informed she has no job, no husband and no home.  Being Corers she won't simply go away and let that one lie, will she?  Of course not Becky being Becky learns that Steve is going away to visit his brother Andy she takes the first opportunity to march into the Rovers and confront bar manager Stella, telling her that whilst Steve is away she is in charge of the pub, who is Stella to argue it sort of half belongs to Becky anyway.  Before long Becky has transformed the local from it's quaint usual self and turned it into a bootie shaking nightclub where you can get down wit ya bad self, leaving the oldie regulars disgusted.

Also this week Carla falls back of the wagon and hits the bottle again when she receives some devastating family news, she and Frank are meeting a client.  A meeting which Carla ruins leaving Frank fuming.  Stella shows that running a pub is not the only quality she has, Leanne is working in the bookies when a masked armed robber turns Stella turns up and saves the day wrestling the young robber to the ground.

Like the weekly soap gossip then be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed that way you get it every Monday morning, along with that you also get all the latest movie reviews and TV news.

  • This post was written by Marty not Franklin as mentioned below, I just haven't figured out how to delete that yet.

Kings Of Leon at Sunderland's Stadium of Light

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A rear treat for us guys up here in the north east of England this week when American rockers Kings of Leon rolled into town for a show at Sunderland AFC's Stadium of Light.  I was not lucky enough to get a ticket myself but luckily for you guys my sister was there.  I'm saying lucky I wouldn't get to excited she was sitting pretty near the back and the photo's I have for you show, well.  Nothing really, just some bright lights and blurs. 

KOL perform at Sunderland 17th June 2001

Lead singer Anthony "Caleb" Followill

Seeing as she was there on the night I thought this is a great opportunity to share some KOL songs that you must have on your iPod or MP3 player.  My sister was joined by around 55,000 other revellers on the night some of whom probably have better pictures but, no blog to show them to you (If you are one of those people then send your pictures here moviesmusicandtelevision(@)gmail(DOT)com), I will get them up here and pimp your ass off for allowing me to use them in the blog.
The stadium earlier in the evening

The support acts get the crowd going!
The brothers and cousins (the band) where here promoting there album Come Around Sundown one of the personal favourites in my car.  With that in mind lets take a look at a few of the best songs form that album on this post, if I get any photo's sent to me then I'll use them to stir up a Melody of classic KOL tunes for you to feast on.

Kings Of Leon rock at Stadium of Light
One of my favourite tacks on the album is this "Pyro" which was the second track released, a real grungy style song going right along with what the band wanted this album to be about.

The next song to share with you is "The End" another one that goes along with that dark grungy sound.  I love the deep guitar in this track and it's in my play list everyday on the way to work.

Last one to mention from their newest album is the latest single release "Back Down South" it's a fairly new addition to my car but I love it, there is just something so simple about the song and I don't find it dark or grungy at all.  In fact I think it's pretty up lifting and is a real good one to get you singing (not that I can sing).

Buy King Of Leon Album at

  • This post was written by Marty not Franklin as mentioned below, I just haven't figured out how to delete that yet.

Knocked Up Movie Review

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I Know this movie is not exactly new, it actually came out in 2007.  Yeah I know that one surprised me to, 2007.  To be honest the first time I saw the movie I did not think all that much of it, I suppose it's one of those that grows on you.  I have seen it a few times now  and had the pleasure of watching it again the other night whilst spending most of the two hours laughing my ass off.  It really is that funny.

Starring: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd

The Plot

Alison Scott (Katherine Higel) is a career minded woman working as a producer for E! Entertainment television.  Alison learns she is about to be promoted to a TV presenter on the channel and is going to be filling the role of Ryan Seacrest interviewing celebrities.  She decides the best way to celebrate the news is go out on the town and get extremely drunk, this is where she meets Ben Stone (Seth Rogen).  Both drunk they end up back at her house and sleep together without using any protection, all is fine the next day realising they have nothing in common they go their separate ways after breakfast.

8 weeks later Alison starts to suffer morning sickness and soon finds out that she is pregnant with Ben's child.  She manages to get in touch with Ben who at first is a little surprised as he thought she must be on some sort of contraceptive when she said "just do it already", she of course meant for him to use a condom.  They get over the initial shock and decide to make a go at it with a barrel of laughs for viewers along the way.

The Verdict

Judd Apatow wrote and directed this movie, and the story or crude joke telling has really been brought forward from his movie The 40 Year Old Virgin (also starring Seth Rogen).  The movie for me has got to be one of the funniest comedy movies I have seen, maybe it's the crude penis and gynaecology jokes who knows.  I'm a little childish, yeah ok I know but you have to admit that it is a very funny movie.  One thing on the crude jokes I will say, I really don't mind swearing in movies but sometimes I think it is a little excessive in this movie.  I can think of a couple of scenes straight of the top of my head where it probably wasn't necessary but, if it wasn't there then would you laugh as much?  Probably not.

The casting in this movie was also brilliant Leslie Mann (Judd's wife), plays Alison's very opinionated sister Debbie and her husband Pete (Paul Rudd) bounce off each other really well.  Ben lives with friends and spends pretty much all day getting stoned and watching movies for the website him and friends are setting up "Mr Skin".  Jonah hill provides most of the laughs at the house and him and Seth Rogan work really well together, the rest of the house mates Jason Segel included play good bit parts I would say but are way out shined by the comic talents of both Rogen and Hill.

On a serious note the movies is of course aimed at teenagers and young adults and is a real education as to what can happen if you don't use protection.  In the movie Ben is only 23 years old and has some major growing up to do before any baby comes along, the movie does this really well and gives the perspective of a young guy coming of age and having to deal with the responsibility he is going to have, along with that the movie also turns into a romantic comedy with both Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl at the top of their games.

Buy Knocked Up on Blu Ray and DVD

Would I watch it again?

I have seen this movie three or four times already, and yes I would watch it again tomorrow.

Star Rating: *****

New Movie Release: Green Lantern

Friday, 17 June 2011

On with this weeks movie releases now as promised, you got the first one earlier today in relation to Bad Teacher, the new Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake flick.  Now we take a look at the latest offering from Hollywood leading man Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds will need no introduction from me I'm sure but just in case, he has been in some pretty good movies lately some equally bad one's to but I won't mention those.  I first caught him in Blade Trinity as kind of a funny quirky vampire slayer who teams up with Wesley Snipes to take on Dracula.  The movie also stars Blake Lively, to be fair I have heard of her but have not seen any of her movies.  She starred in the Town along side Ben Affleck I have it on good authority from a work colleague that is a pretty good movie.  Also in the movie Peter Sarsgaard, a very well respected actor who has starred in a lot of movies.  I first saw him in Garden State with Zach Braff, he has also starred in Flight Plan with Jodie Foster, Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal, and most recently Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

This is of course a superhero movie based on the DC comics story's, it follows the Green Lantern Corps a brotherhood of intergalactic warriors sworn to keep the peace.  A new threat called Parallax now threatens to destroy them and their only option is to take on their first Human.  Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is that man, he is a cocky test pilot (sounds like Blade Trinity).  Hal soon proves to be the missing piece of the puzzle and before long looks as if he is the answer to the new enemy.  All he has to do is quickly learn his new powers and get over his fears to become the greatest Green Lantern of them all.

This is a pretty big blockbuster movie which weighs on a budget of about $150m so you bet the special effects are going to be good, if Sci-fi is your thing then this will probably be for you.  If like me your not the biggest fan of the genre then I would go see Bad Teacher.

Dexter Season 5 FX/HD 17th June 2011

Tonight See's the return of Dexter, everyones favourite blood spatter analyst, working for Miami Metro Police Department he is not satisfied with just carrying out his job of helping the homicide division solve murders.  Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) gets his satisfaction of tracking down the dad guys who have slipped through the justice system. 

Dexter is a show which I have not watched all that much if I'm going to be honest, I watched the first season and it was good.  I suppose there is just to many other shows to keep up with these days.  The show does get a big following and is regularly watched by over 2 million people.

Season 5 premieres on FX UK tonight 17th June 2011 at 10pm, having aired back in September 2010 to American audiences on the Showtime network, series 6 of the hit TV show has already been commissiond by Showtime meaning that the UK audience still have plenty to look forward to.  Who knows maybe I will surprise myself and get back into the show tonight, let's see.

This Weeks Top Movie: Bad Teacher

I started this last week as you know, rather than giving you every movie that is released in cinemas this weekend I will mention the ones worth going to see in separate posts, and as always welcome your comments as to what you think of the new posting regime.

This week's top movie release is Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel.   I have to be totally honest here this is probably not the sort of movie that I would normally watch but, due to the fact that Cameron Diaz is in it then I think I may be able to stretch it.  Only kidding the movie does look pretty good and as I've mentioned also stars Justin Trousersnake (do they still call him that?), he has made the transition from music star to movie star really well and I think his choices in Alpha Dog, The Social Network and Black Snake Moan have been really well advised, he's just a pretty talented guy I guess.  Mr Segel well you will probably know him best for his role as Marshall Eriksen in How I met Your Mother, a show I've not seen but heard it's pretty good.

Anyway on with Bad Teacher, the title is a little bit of a give away as to what this movie is about really.  Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey a foul mouthed Junior high teacher who is making attempts to woo a colleague.  Halsey has her life pretty well planned out she drinks copious amounts of alcohol takes unbelievable amounts of drugs whilst plotting the whole time to marry her rich sugar daddy fiance.  Things of course don't go to plan Elizabeth is dumped by her fiance and starts to pursue Scott Delacorte (Timberlake) a colleague of hers who is also wealthy, problem being he is also being pursued by another teacher at the school.  Jaosn Segel plays Russell Gettis the gym teacher who is making advances towards Elizabeth.

A comedy movie which should prove a lot of fun I'm sure,  not so sure I would pay the cinema fee but will probably catch it on DVD.  That's the first of two to be going to see this weekend, I'll be back a little later in the day with this weeks second top release.

Movie Review: UNKNOWN Starring Liam Neeson

Thursday, 16 June 2011

You would be forgiven for thinking that this movie is a sort of copy of the movie Taken, that is certainly what I thought when I heard about the movie.  All I can say is that you are completely wrong along with me on this one and Unknown is a great movie of it's own merit, lets take a look below.

Starring: Laim Neeson, Diane Kruger and January Jones

The Plot

Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) is attending a conference in Berlin along with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) Dr. Harris is going to be giving a speech in relation to world hunger and a new wonder crop that is going to be made free in order to end starving.  On arrival at their hotel in Berlin Harris realises he has forgotten his brief case, returning to the airport to retrieve it he is involved in a car accident which lands him in a river.  He is pulled out unconscious and spends the next four days in a coma.  Waking up it is not long before he starts to realise that something is definitely astray, with his wife denying she even knows him and shady characters attempting to kill him.  To say anymore than that about the plot would just spoli it so I will leave it there as I don't want to give anything away.

The Verdict

This has got to be one of the best movies I have seen this year, like I said before it is no Taken but is equably as good if not better.  Don't get me wrong it does not have quite the same level of kick ass action to look forward to and it really makes you think a lot more about what is going on.  Neeson plays the character great, a confused Martin Harris with a degree of coolness, not much ass kicking like I say but in Unknown Neeson has found another way to dispatch of the bad guys. 

The movie is really clever and the storyline reflects that, it is a movie that makes you both concentrate and think about what is going on.  Again I won't give away the plot as it would take the most die hard movie fan of this genre to guess what is coming up.  Going along with the storyline is the length of the movie, not once did I think that I was bored or thinking where else can this go.  It was purely entertaining and gripping from start to finish and is well worth the cinema ticket or DVD price for your nights entertainment.  Although the action is not so much, there is one immense car chase which will really get your blood flowing and add to the enjoyment even more.  I can not recommend this movie enough.

Buy Unknown on Blu Ray and DVD

Would I watch it again?

Definitely, without a doubt.  But I have quite a few other movies to get through first.

Star rating: *****

I think that is the first movie I have awarded 5 stars so far this year, so believe me it's a good one, promise you will not be disappointed.

Geordie Shore Episode 4

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A little trivia for you now, this week saw the 4th episode of MTV's hit show Geordie Shore.  Naturally I can not comment on the show until I've seen it, right?  By the time I log in to write the latest update my pageviews have gone through the roof, thanks largely no doubt to the show.  Now on with week 4.

Jay and Vicky, they love each other really!
 Jay, oooohhhhhhh Jay I did try to warn you last week. That Vicky lass is a propa certified nuta, as we say up here in the Toon like.  I am of course referring to Jay's love interest who to be honest has a very hot headed attitude towards, well.  Pretty much anything really.  Last nights episode was the first full one where they were not supposed to be "tashing" on with other people, it seemed to be working fine and nothing happened really just Vicky talking to people (other guys) not tashing, holding hands maybe and being a little flirty.  Ok so Jay is probably being a bit possessive there but at least he tried to explain himself rationally.  Vicky not so much, I think looking at the end of the last nights episode that they are pretty much going to be more of an item in the next show than they originally were at the start of this one.

Vicky did threaten to leave the house a little later on but, luckily was talked around by Jay.  I know she can be a bit moody but the house would be a pretty boring place without her, end of the day you would rather see Vicky than Holly.

I am really starting to like Jay to be honest, no not in that way.  I think he is a pretty cool guy I could go for a pint with him,  he seems pretty down to earth and a decent guy that you could have a good crack with.  In fact I would go as far as to say that any of the lads in the house would be welcome in the company of me and my mates, it would be a laugh.

I heard on Facebook Sunday gone that Greg was at Morpeth fair, a fair that I would normally attend and have a few beers.  I could not get there this year but I put it out to the Geordie Shore guys and girls come a little more to the coast from Morpeth to a place famed for it's social clubs and have a drink there (any guesses?), it's a good night honest.

Greg at Morpeth fair.

I have to give a coupe of thanks for the photo above, as you know I don't just trail the net stealing photo's from people's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  So, in the photo Rosie Mcquillan (left middle) and Sophie Sutherland (right middle).  The other girl slightly out of the photo did not contact me but I'm presuming she is their friend.  You can also check Rosie out here  A real big thank you for allowing me to use the photo and feel free to leave comments at the bottom.  A WARNING to my other readers.  Sophie is only 16 years old and Roise does not look any older, anything derogatory said about them in the comments will be removed by me, so don't do it.
Holly left last week as we know, who cares?  No one apparently no one had even noticed she had gone, mind you if I was that pissed I don't think I would have noticed either.  The one person who may have given a toss was Charlotte who Holly left a note for on her pillow.  That ended up not working out so well as Charlotte was pretty busy in the shag pad that night and didn't get the message, when she eventually did get the note she was in tears, still though no one else really seemed to care that much.

Sick of all the arguing in the house James and Greg decided to go for a few drinks on their own, in order that James could prove to Greg that he is the sex machine we have been hearing about.  That did not work out to well they again started in Spy bar, Jesmond (great bar), they did not pick the best night to venture out in Newcastle the Footie was on so the clientele was mainly guys, no pulling that night then guys.  They did manage to take something home.  A Pizza.

It all kicked off when the girls got dates and took them to Tup Tup Palace, I love that place.  Aong with Gaz's bit, ergh don't remember her name.  No surprise that it was Vicky doing the kicking off, with the other girls this time believing they had been talking about her behind her back, not the case?  Well maybe a little but not that much.

Next weeks preview and it all looks like happy families again as Holly moves back in, never mind eh.  I'll be back then to provide you with the latest.  Before that I have the review of Unknown starring Liam Neeson coming for you tomorrow, catch ya then.

A quick shout for my American readers, as you know the layout of the blog is till only a week old.  I have heard from regular commenter Ruben that it does not work so well in Firefox, I'm working on that and will make it easier for you guys to leave comments, also the text colouring is still being worked on in order that it is easier to read.  Bear with me please.

Movie Review: THE SWITCH Starring Jennifer Anistopn

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Well like I promised you earlier on in the week the first of two movie reviews for you now.  Once again the lady friend got her way, I wanted to watch Unknown but, she decided on the Switch.  Not quite the chick flick I was expecting but not that great all the same.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum

The Plot

Wally (Jason Bateman) is a 40 year old guy who for seven years has been stuck at the "let's just be friends" post with Kassie (Jennifer Aniston).  Kassie decides that her biological clock is ticking away to fast and she wants a baby courtesy of a sperm donor, que Roland (Patrick Wilson) the sperm donor or the viking as he is referred to by some of the women in at the party, what party?  Well Kassie decides to throw a donor party all of her friends are invited including Roland and his wife, I know weired right?  Roland has to do the deed on the party night and Kassie is doing the procedure when everyone leaves.  Wally does not agree with his best friends idea of getting pregnant but decides, when drunk.  If she is going to do it then he will be the donor the title in the movie is now revealed, and with most romantic comedy drama movies you can guess were this is going by now.

The Verdict

I knew when watching this movie that I had heard of Jason Bateman, researching for this of course I have, he was in Hancock with Will Smith.  From what I am lead to believe he is a pretty funny TV actor and has been in a few sitcoms stateside.  Jennifer Aniston was in a review of Just Go With It that I put out a couple of weeks back, and I said about that I would expect better from her.  Don't get to excited this movie was not it, I know this movie was before the afore mentioned one maybe she is just having a bad run, who knows?

Wally and Roland at the party
The storyline was pretty good I thought or at least the idea of it was, the comedy side of things for me really let the movie down there was a couple of laughs thanks largely to Bateman but for a movie that had comedy as one it's tag lines I expected it to be funnier.  The story was pretty obvious from about twenty minutes or so, as I have said Wally has been in love with Kassie for seven years but never been able to get past friend.  Now he has done the switch Kassie has his child, although she still believes that the donor is Roland.  Wally eventually remembers what he done that night and decides to come clean to Kassie as his relationship with his son is blossoming.  All in all the movie was ok but not something I would care to watch again, it was on to long was not that funny and although some parts of the story were quite touching the bits in between failed to impress.

Would I watch it again?

I have answered that one, I doubt it.

Star rating: **

I think my lady friend is really going to start listening to my suggestions more now, a she did not even think that much of this movie.  I persuaded her to watch Unknown the next night and man were we both impressed.  Be sure to check back Thursday for the review on that one.  I will be back tomorrow with the weekly update from Geordie Shore.

Weekly Soap Gossip 13th June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011


It's all about Max and Tanya this week in Albert Square the former married couple who split up a couple of years back were brought back together when max had the car accident a couple of moths back.  Now Max is forced by his current partner Vanessa to show that he no longer has feeling for Tanya, the only option he is left with is to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.  Max then fails to turn up in order to buy a ring but turns up to the very quickly organised quick engagement party which Tanya attempts to gate crash the party running into the Queen Vic, will Max and Vanessa make it down the isle, well let's just wait and see.

Also this week Pat warns Janine that everyone thinks she is involved in the, she gets a shock when the police pop around treating the death as suspicious and are treating Janine as a suspect.  Also Jack and Ronnie lock horns as she refuses to lie about her mental state in order to avoid prison.

Coronation Street

Not all that much happening in Corrie this week, we do however see the return of old time favourite Michelle Collins back in the Street after years away.  Michelle plays Stella Price and turns up at the Rovers Return for an interview for a new pub manager.  Getting the job Stella turns up with her partner and daughter, of course pub owner Steve McDonald failed to mention that the job does not come with live in accommodation.  Steve's partner Becky is away partying it up somewhere and we all know what a hot head she has got, so what will Steve do to explain the situation to her on when she returns.

Also this week Tina swears revenge on Greame who as cheated on he after giving into the temptation living with his fake wife, and Roy and Hayley try to persuade Becky to return to the street, however she is to busy partying it up at a posh hotel.

A good week ahead in the soaps then and I'll be back next Monday with next weeks story lines for you.  Don't forget a couple of movie reviews coming this week to.  First up tomorrow The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, then Unknown on starring Liam Neeson on Thursday.
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