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Britain's Got Talent Semi Final 5

Saturday, 4 June 2011

As you know I missed BGT again last night, like the night before I think I enjoyed it more watching the videos on following the show. 
Last Night's acts were Michael Collings, Razy Gogonea, Pip & Puppy, Michael Moral, Antonio Popeye, Follow The Right Path, Mr & Mrs, The Celtic Colleens and Marawa.  Yeah don't worry I don't remember some of those either.

Follow The Right Path, the rappers from the auditions.  They sang the same song as the auditions with a little extra added on the end, not to much to add to that really.

I don't even remember these guys from the auditions Mr & Mrs are a singing act, yeah they are ok but nothing to impressive, It did not take Simon long to buzz.
 Onto Antonio Popeye now, is popping your eyes out of your head even a talent.  Literally that is all he does stands there and sticks out his eyes.  He ends up looking like that little guy Alec Baldwin sits next to in Beetlejuice.  Not entertaining at all and the first person to get four buzzes and cut his act short.

Celtic Colleens, I really could not remember who they were until they came out.  I have to be honest here this was pretty impressive.  The girls are an Irish dancing group with a twist check out the video below.

As you know I really don't like dog acts, go to Crufts already.  I did not have high hopes for Pip and her opera singing dog tonight.  Well actually he can't sing he just howls along conveniently at the same time as Pip is singing.  That's about all their is to say really.

Now to French dancer Michael Moral, the guy who did not make it to this stage initially but he was invited back by Simon to give Razy a little healthy competition. His dancing on the night was good but for me not as good as Razy, get on France's Got Talent.

Now the second place act of the night Michael Collings, this is the guy who sang the Tracy Chapman song Driving In My Car at the audition, he was amazing bit of a Susan Boyle moment really.  Last night was no different, as the judges said when you have got it, you've got it and you don't need all the fancy dancers and backing singers to prove it.

Razy Gogonea now, last night's semi final winner, again here he done the same dance as the auditions.  Yeah he is very good at it but it would be nice to see what else he can do.

So nearly there now, all the 10 acts through to Saturday nights final have been chosen and the public will decide who will be crowned champion of BGT 2011.  I will review the final of course and then back to normal Sunday with the music post and some great news on a British drama returning to our screens in a weeks time, in the mean time;

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