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Knocked Up Movie Review

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I Know this movie is not exactly new, it actually came out in 2007.  Yeah I know that one surprised me to, 2007.  To be honest the first time I saw the movie I did not think all that much of it, I suppose it's one of those that grows on you.  I have seen it a few times now  and had the pleasure of watching it again the other night whilst spending most of the two hours laughing my ass off.  It really is that funny.

Starring: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd

The Plot

Alison Scott (Katherine Higel) is a career minded woman working as a producer for E! Entertainment television.  Alison learns she is about to be promoted to a TV presenter on the channel and is going to be filling the role of Ryan Seacrest interviewing celebrities.  She decides the best way to celebrate the news is go out on the town and get extremely drunk, this is where she meets Ben Stone (Seth Rogen).  Both drunk they end up back at her house and sleep together without using any protection, all is fine the next day realising they have nothing in common they go their separate ways after breakfast.

8 weeks later Alison starts to suffer morning sickness and soon finds out that she is pregnant with Ben's child.  She manages to get in touch with Ben who at first is a little surprised as he thought she must be on some sort of contraceptive when she said "just do it already", she of course meant for him to use a condom.  They get over the initial shock and decide to make a go at it with a barrel of laughs for viewers along the way.

The Verdict

Judd Apatow wrote and directed this movie, and the story or crude joke telling has really been brought forward from his movie The 40 Year Old Virgin (also starring Seth Rogen).  The movie for me has got to be one of the funniest comedy movies I have seen, maybe it's the crude penis and gynaecology jokes who knows.  I'm a little childish, yeah ok I know but you have to admit that it is a very funny movie.  One thing on the crude jokes I will say, I really don't mind swearing in movies but sometimes I think it is a little excessive in this movie.  I can think of a couple of scenes straight of the top of my head where it probably wasn't necessary but, if it wasn't there then would you laugh as much?  Probably not.

The casting in this movie was also brilliant Leslie Mann (Judd's wife), plays Alison's very opinionated sister Debbie and her husband Pete (Paul Rudd) bounce off each other really well.  Ben lives with friends and spends pretty much all day getting stoned and watching movies for the website him and friends are setting up "Mr Skin".  Jonah hill provides most of the laughs at the house and him and Seth Rogan work really well together, the rest of the house mates Jason Segel included play good bit parts I would say but are way out shined by the comic talents of both Rogen and Hill.

On a serious note the movies is of course aimed at teenagers and young adults and is a real education as to what can happen if you don't use protection.  In the movie Ben is only 23 years old and has some major growing up to do before any baby comes along, the movie does this really well and gives the perspective of a young guy coming of age and having to deal with the responsibility he is going to have, along with that the movie also turns into a romantic comedy with both Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl at the top of their games.

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Would I watch it again?

I have seen this movie three or four times already, and yes I would watch it again tomorrow.

Star Rating: *****
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