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Geordie Shore Episode 4

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A little trivia for you now, this week saw the 4th episode of MTV's hit show Geordie Shore.  Naturally I can not comment on the show until I've seen it, right?  By the time I log in to write the latest update my pageviews have gone through the roof, thanks largely no doubt to the show.  Now on with week 4.

Jay and Vicky, they love each other really!
 Jay, oooohhhhhhh Jay I did try to warn you last week. That Vicky lass is a propa certified nuta, as we say up here in the Toon like.  I am of course referring to Jay's love interest who to be honest has a very hot headed attitude towards, well.  Pretty much anything really.  Last nights episode was the first full one where they were not supposed to be "tashing" on with other people, it seemed to be working fine and nothing happened really just Vicky talking to people (other guys) not tashing, holding hands maybe and being a little flirty.  Ok so Jay is probably being a bit possessive there but at least he tried to explain himself rationally.  Vicky not so much, I think looking at the end of the last nights episode that they are pretty much going to be more of an item in the next show than they originally were at the start of this one.

Vicky did threaten to leave the house a little later on but, luckily was talked around by Jay.  I know she can be a bit moody but the house would be a pretty boring place without her, end of the day you would rather see Vicky than Holly.

I am really starting to like Jay to be honest, no not in that way.  I think he is a pretty cool guy I could go for a pint with him,  he seems pretty down to earth and a decent guy that you could have a good crack with.  In fact I would go as far as to say that any of the lads in the house would be welcome in the company of me and my mates, it would be a laugh.

I heard on Facebook Sunday gone that Greg was at Morpeth fair, a fair that I would normally attend and have a few beers.  I could not get there this year but I put it out to the Geordie Shore guys and girls come a little more to the coast from Morpeth to a place famed for it's social clubs and have a drink there (any guesses?), it's a good night honest.

Greg at Morpeth fair.

I have to give a coupe of thanks for the photo above, as you know I don't just trail the net stealing photo's from people's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  So, in the photo Rosie Mcquillan (left middle) and Sophie Sutherland (right middle).  The other girl slightly out of the photo did not contact me but I'm presuming she is their friend.  You can also check Rosie out here  A real big thank you for allowing me to use the photo and feel free to leave comments at the bottom.  A WARNING to my other readers.  Sophie is only 16 years old and Roise does not look any older, anything derogatory said about them in the comments will be removed by me, so don't do it.
Holly left last week as we know, who cares?  No one apparently no one had even noticed she had gone, mind you if I was that pissed I don't think I would have noticed either.  The one person who may have given a toss was Charlotte who Holly left a note for on her pillow.  That ended up not working out so well as Charlotte was pretty busy in the shag pad that night and didn't get the message, when she eventually did get the note she was in tears, still though no one else really seemed to care that much.

Sick of all the arguing in the house James and Greg decided to go for a few drinks on their own, in order that James could prove to Greg that he is the sex machine we have been hearing about.  That did not work out to well they again started in Spy bar, Jesmond (great bar), they did not pick the best night to venture out in Newcastle the Footie was on so the clientele was mainly guys, no pulling that night then guys.  They did manage to take something home.  A Pizza.

It all kicked off when the girls got dates and took them to Tup Tup Palace, I love that place.  Aong with Gaz's bit, ergh don't remember her name.  No surprise that it was Vicky doing the kicking off, with the other girls this time believing they had been talking about her behind her back, not the case?  Well maybe a little but not that much.

Next weeks preview and it all looks like happy families again as Holly moves back in, never mind eh.  I'll be back then to provide you with the latest.  Before that I have the review of Unknown starring Liam Neeson coming for you tomorrow, catch ya then.

A quick shout for my American readers, as you know the layout of the blog is till only a week old.  I have heard from regular commenter Ruben that it does not work so well in Firefox, I'm working on that and will make it easier for you guys to leave comments, also the text colouring is still being worked on in order that it is easier to read.  Bear with me please.
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