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Weekly Soap Gossip 13th June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011


It's all about Max and Tanya this week in Albert Square the former married couple who split up a couple of years back were brought back together when max had the car accident a couple of moths back.  Now Max is forced by his current partner Vanessa to show that he no longer has feeling for Tanya, the only option he is left with is to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.  Max then fails to turn up in order to buy a ring but turns up to the very quickly organised quick engagement party which Tanya attempts to gate crash the party running into the Queen Vic, will Max and Vanessa make it down the isle, well let's just wait and see.

Also this week Pat warns Janine that everyone thinks she is involved in the, she gets a shock when the police pop around treating the death as suspicious and are treating Janine as a suspect.  Also Jack and Ronnie lock horns as she refuses to lie about her mental state in order to avoid prison.

Coronation Street

Not all that much happening in Corrie this week, we do however see the return of old time favourite Michelle Collins back in the Street after years away.  Michelle plays Stella Price and turns up at the Rovers Return for an interview for a new pub manager.  Getting the job Stella turns up with her partner and daughter, of course pub owner Steve McDonald failed to mention that the job does not come with live in accommodation.  Steve's partner Becky is away partying it up somewhere and we all know what a hot head she has got, so what will Steve do to explain the situation to her on when she returns.

Also this week Tina swears revenge on Greame who as cheated on he after giving into the temptation living with his fake wife, and Roy and Hayley try to persuade Becky to return to the street, however she is to busy partying it up at a posh hotel.

A good week ahead in the soaps then and I'll be back next Monday with next weeks story lines for you.  Don't forget a couple of movie reviews coming this week to.  First up tomorrow The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, then Unknown on starring Liam Neeson on Thursday.
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