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Movie Review: THE SWITCH Starring Jennifer Anistopn

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Well like I promised you earlier on in the week the first of two movie reviews for you now.  Once again the lady friend got her way, I wanted to watch Unknown but, she decided on the Switch.  Not quite the chick flick I was expecting but not that great all the same.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum

The Plot

Wally (Jason Bateman) is a 40 year old guy who for seven years has been stuck at the "let's just be friends" post with Kassie (Jennifer Aniston).  Kassie decides that her biological clock is ticking away to fast and she wants a baby courtesy of a sperm donor, que Roland (Patrick Wilson) the sperm donor or the viking as he is referred to by some of the women in at the party, what party?  Well Kassie decides to throw a donor party all of her friends are invited including Roland and his wife, I know weired right?  Roland has to do the deed on the party night and Kassie is doing the procedure when everyone leaves.  Wally does not agree with his best friends idea of getting pregnant but decides, when drunk.  If she is going to do it then he will be the donor the title in the movie is now revealed, and with most romantic comedy drama movies you can guess were this is going by now.

The Verdict

I knew when watching this movie that I had heard of Jason Bateman, researching for this of course I have, he was in Hancock with Will Smith.  From what I am lead to believe he is a pretty funny TV actor and has been in a few sitcoms stateside.  Jennifer Aniston was in a review of Just Go With It that I put out a couple of weeks back, and I said about that I would expect better from her.  Don't get to excited this movie was not it, I know this movie was before the afore mentioned one maybe she is just having a bad run, who knows?

Wally and Roland at the party
The storyline was pretty good I thought or at least the idea of it was, the comedy side of things for me really let the movie down there was a couple of laughs thanks largely to Bateman but for a movie that had comedy as one it's tag lines I expected it to be funnier.  The story was pretty obvious from about twenty minutes or so, as I have said Wally has been in love with Kassie for seven years but never been able to get past friend.  Now he has done the switch Kassie has his child, although she still believes that the donor is Roland.  Wally eventually remembers what he done that night and decides to come clean to Kassie as his relationship with his son is blossoming.  All in all the movie was ok but not something I would care to watch again, it was on to long was not that funny and although some parts of the story were quite touching the bits in between failed to impress.

Would I watch it again?

I have answered that one, I doubt it.

Star rating: **

I think my lady friend is really going to start listening to my suggestions more now, a she did not even think that much of this movie.  I persuaded her to watch Unknown the next night and man were we both impressed.  Be sure to check back Thursday for the review on that one.  I will be back tomorrow with the weekly update from Geordie Shore.
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