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Weekly Soap Gossip 20th June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011


Just when you think the square is going to become all light hearted and all.  Tamwar and his wife Afia, yeah that's right his wife.  They all ready got secretly married without telling anyone and lets face it who can blame them.  Their parents Zainab and Masood have split up and are currently at war with each other.  Tamwars brother is Gay and a disgrace to their family who want him firmly back in the closet.  Throw in a psycho looking brother in law and Eastenders has recipe for yet another twisting and turning storyline that is sure to keep us watching until Friday when anything exciting actually happens.

As I've mentioned the happy couple this week are Tamwar and Afia, they are getting married (officialy), I'm not sure on this but if you are already married to your wife can you do it again.  I know this is the square and pretty much anything can happen.  As always the wedding will not go to plan.  Zainab has banned Masood from attending but he shows up anyway, not long before there is a punch up and one very revealing wedding present from Yusef's cousin Tariq.

Also this week the Max and Tanya saga continues as Tanya's husband Greg invites both Max and Vanessa around for a BBQ to celebrate fathers day, only one thing can come of this and that is the former couple get closer and closer and end up kissing.  Away from that Tanya's sister Rainie turns back up in the square wanting to speak with Phil, she is being tempted back to the bottle and hoping Phil can steer her on the right path.

Coronation Street

It's all about Becky and the Rovers Return again this week, she has returned from her Partying and finally managed to sober up only to realise that her marriage to Steve is over.  Becky is informed she has no job, no husband and no home.  Being Corers she won't simply go away and let that one lie, will she?  Of course not Becky being Becky learns that Steve is going away to visit his brother Andy she takes the first opportunity to march into the Rovers and confront bar manager Stella, telling her that whilst Steve is away she is in charge of the pub, who is Stella to argue it sort of half belongs to Becky anyway.  Before long Becky has transformed the local from it's quaint usual self and turned it into a bootie shaking nightclub where you can get down wit ya bad self, leaving the oldie regulars disgusted.

Also this week Carla falls back of the wagon and hits the bottle again when she receives some devastating family news, she and Frank are meeting a client.  A meeting which Carla ruins leaving Frank fuming.  Stella shows that running a pub is not the only quality she has, Leanne is working in the bookies when a masked armed robber turns Stella turns up and saves the day wrestling the young robber to the ground.

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