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Geordie Shore Episode 3

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back to the shore this week and plenty going on as you would imagine, first off I get a lot of people asking if I know where the Geordie Shore house is, no.  That would be the short answer.  If I had to hazard a guess though I would say Jesmond, week three saw Jay and Vicky in "Spy" alone, which is a bar in Jesmond, just a thought.

Since I have mentioned them already we will start with them, it has been obvious for the last couple of weeks that Jay and Vicky fancy each other but, they do like to tash on with other people, usually making the other rather jealous.  Two things were confirmed last night 1.  Jay and Vicky will not be tashing on with other people, just each other.  2.  Vicky is nuts, certified loony bunny boiler territory, if I were Jay I would strictly limit the tashing.

"He's popped me brain oot me skull", that was Charlotte of course describing her night in bed with Gaz, referring to his Sky remote looking manhood.  Gaz wasted no time in showing it off to the rest of the girls in the second episode, he now has them referring to it as either looking like a Parsnip or similar in size to their forearms.  That did not leave Charlotte light on her feet the morning after, she was hobbling round the house like John Wayne.  Good going Gaz.

Holly's very understanding boyfriend decided that he would pop around on the latest episode.  Holly decided this would be a good time to confess she had kissed someone else the night before, which went in hand with refreshing his memory that she had "ergh" kissed Gaz on the first night in the house.  Gaz happened to be out at the time but came back right in the middle of it.  For whatever reason Holly's boyfriend did not really fancy his chances and decided just to shake his hand, I'm sure whilst muttering under his breath something something similar to "TWAP".

Party time last night also as it was Jay's birthday, VIP style in Tup Tup Palace.  I can personally confirm that this is one of the best nightclubs in Newcastle.  Last time I was there was a stag doo, it just so happened there was a cat walk underwear modelling show on.  £4 a bottle of Peroni seemed very reasonable at the time.

So that is all the latest from the house and MTV's biggest show.  One thing is for sure I won't be getting bored of this one.  Don't forget subscribe to the feed "top right" have all the latest delivered straight to you and oh yeah one more thing, leave you comments.  These Geordie Shore posts are amongst the most read one's I have, so go ahead leave a comment.

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