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Geordie Shore

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I know I had promised you a review of Just Go With it today but, I have just managed to catch up with the latest TV show from my area.  I will get round to the review Saturday hopefully as I could not go without saying a few words about this.

This week saw the premier of MTV's latest show Geordie Shore.  England's answer to Jersey Shore a show which I have not seen so I can't compare.  The shore and its cast have had some pretty big pimping thanks to MTV and it has opened to record ratings for the first episode.  Now as a Geordie myself I can't speak for everyone but there has been some uproar over here on local radio calling for the show to be cancelled as it sheds such a bad light on Newcastle.

I watched the show and have to say I agree with the local radio, it does not shed at least in the first episode a very good light on Newcastle.  If you have not seen the show then basically there are 4 girls and 4 guys sent to live in a house and be like millionaires for the weekend.

Now the guys are not exactly my cup of tea, they are all gym boys and just a little full of their selves for my liking, with the exception of one I might add Greg a Plumber not a Gym boy and to be honest he seems pretty down to earth doing what most single guys would on a night out.  The other Guys Gary, James and Jay are the gym boys and tell a tale that this is what a Geordie should be like pumped up to the hilts and fake tanned or a sunbed worshipper, this is very different from the Geordie's that I know.

The girls again a little full of themselves attractive, no not really with the exception of Vicky.  She works in a call centre for Sky television and seems like a pretty nice girl.  Next up it is Holly the only girls in the house who has a boyfriend, although that is a little hard to believe following her behaviour in the first episode, she has hair extensions which to be honest look like she has borrowed from Amy Winehouse.  The other girls in the house well, you have Charlotte a little bit of a cutie who Gary already has his eye on and then you have Sophie the party animal mortal drunk within hours of being in the house and throwing up on the bathroom floor, classy.

Now there you have a short introduction to everyone, if you would like some more detail then a fellow blogger of mine has set up an official fan site you can check that here for me being a Geordie I will be watching the show every week, not because it's a great show but it caught my interest enough to watch it every week and write about it here.  I will be providing you with a review of every episode what was good what was bad and what was truly ugly, be sure to follow us on twitter and join the conversation I am also over on Facebook be sure to "like" the page the button is over on the right and you can subscribe to the feed here and have everything delivered straight to your inbox.

So get in there like swim wear or on it like a car bonnet and leave your comments in the section below, cheers like hoooow.
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