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Britain's Got Talent Episode 3 Auditions

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another great week of auditions and Britain's got talent may have just unearthed another Megastar.  There were no people who were deluded maybe a few who appeared for a bet and some others who went through and maybe should not have, either way they will be found out in the next round I'm sure.

The Hoff was off on a prior engagement so step in Louis Walsh, the music manager who head up the judging panel on UK X Factor.  Last night he just did not get it.

First to this kid Ronan Parke, the megastar I just mentioned above. I did not know what I was expecting, he was the final act of the day and he took the roof off the London theatre they were auditioning in.  He stepped up and sang the powerful Nina Simone song Feeling Good.  Ronan now find himself as the favourite to win this year and is sure to have a big career in music....Oh yeah for the teenage girls he looks a little like Justin Biber, hey maybe Usher will beat Simon Cowell to his signature.

 Next up it's Olivia Binfield now this kid is 7 years old and came on saying she was going to do a poem, I thought ok maybe she is going to do it as some sort of dramatic reading like a theatre show or something, she kicks off by going off stage and bringing her pet reticulated Python onto the stage wrapped around her neck and gives us a beautiful poem about the endangered animals in the world.  Awaiting the judges comments was a bit ropey though as the Python seemed to be tightening it's grip.

Now a boy band with a bit of a twist.  Out Of The Blue is a collection of students from Oxford University, now I have to be honest I saw them in the pre performance interview and thought bunch of geeks, turns out they were pretty awesome geeks and were my second favourite act of the night.

Now last but not least is Tracy Moran, this lady come across a little crazy at first, she is a dancer...well I say dancer she could move a little but probably should not have gone to the second round.  Her dancing reminded me of a bar over here in Newcastle called Flares it's a 60's and 70's disco bar and can be pretty fun when you are drunk, not that I ever dance.  The funniest thing about the act was her attempt at the splits it took her a while to get up, and the pulling up of her pants constantly was hilarious, not sure if it was part of the act or weather they just kept falling down.

So that's it for another week, remember I'm off on holiday tomorrow.  I need your guest post's in by midnight tonight, I'm begging now....There are two post's already to be published next week one on Cee Lo Green and the other a Upcoming movie trailer of Cowboys & Aliens.  I need another post to publish on Wednesday so get it typed and Email it to me musicgamingvideo(@)gmail(DOT)com.

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