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Britain's Got Talent Auditons - Episode 7

Monday, 30 May 2011

YOU ROCK, sorry, sorry.  I was having a bit of a Hasselhoff moment there, back to the auditions, not that many to tell you about today plus I'm still a little hungover from the Bank Holiday weekend festivities, be expecting a short post. 

First up this week is Joe Oakley, a trial bike stunt rider.  I'm a big fan of cycling and don't get out quite as often as I should, this guy was great, balance, technique everything and whats more it is the first time I have ever seen anyone do bike tricks on BGT. 

This week I'm taking you from the good to the bad and then back to the good again.  Hendrick Huelsman is a German Navy Commander currently stationed in Plymouth, UK.  I have to be honest here I thought this guy was going to be quite good, I mean he has a pretty important job and you would think he would not want to make to much of a joke of himself on TV, turns out he does.  Hendrick has even performed for his crew.  I think they may have been winding him up, well either that or he was doing this for a bet.

Now back to the good as promised.  Jean Martyn is a 59 year old retired music teacher, again you are thinking she is not going to make a joke of herself on TV.  Unlike Hendrick she didn't make a joke of herself, she plays the organ and piano, and man can she play them.  There were a couple of moments when I thought is she playing or just pressing pre set buttons but, no she is actually playing when you watch close enough. and it was a lot of fun.

So that is all the latest, pretty much.  Last night also saw the judges whittle down the 270 acts put through initially to just 40 to perform every night this week on the live semi finals, a couple of surprises.  First up Grils Roc got through, a little surprising yeah they could move a bit but they are not going to win the show.  The fact they wear very little clothing may be helping their cause.  Next surprise of the night was a battle between Razy Gogonea and Michael Moral, both great dancers who I expected to get through.  Of course one had to go home and it ended up being Michael, never mind give it a week, or maybe just a day and you probably won't remember anyway.

Ok thanks for dropping by for the latest on Britain's got talent, and oh yeah do I have to keep reminding you.  Get subscribing to the RSS, follow me on Twitter and like the Facebook page, rant over.  Want to stick around then why not check out this weeks music post or take a look at the earlier BGT post's.  I'll be back tomorrow reporting on the first live semi final.
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