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Britain's Got Talent Auditions - Episode 6

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back again this week with all the latest from Britain's biggest show, it was a bit of a boring one actually not that much to report on.  I did realise something this week, I hate dog acts.  No I don't hate dogs I just hate their acts.  We have known for long enough that dogs are intelligent and can be trained to a pretty high standard.  Last year Simon Cowell said he would like to find a dog act to perform at the Royal Variety performance, this year the flood gates seem to have opened and there are loads of them.  Fair enough if that is what you are into but I just don't find it entertaining, nuff said on with the show.

Now from dog acts to magic acts, these guys have had no luck at all in this show as Mr Cowell hates magic acts.  I have to admit I really don't find them to impressive myself but, if they are good then I don't mind. Que David and Karen.  David works full time as a magician and illusionist and Karen is a dance teacher.  They came on and performed an illusion first done by Houdini, how they do this amazes me and I thought it was a great act that even kept you entertained.

A couple of rappers for you now who to be honest I thought, oh here we go this is going to be terrible Eminem wannabes, I thought it even more when they said they were singing their own song.  I often get proved wrong when I think like this and this occasion was no different these two kids were really good and they gave a great tribute to their Grandfather.  Their act is called Follow The Right Path, they weren't bigging it up about how hard they are or how G.A.N.G.S.T.A they were and I enjoyed it.

Sine we are on the subject of music I will go on to mention this guy Paul Gbegbaje a Pianist.  As soon as I saw this guy in his pre performance interview I said he is going to be good, again I often get proved wrong here and they go on to be terrible.  Not this time this guy was great and he can certainly play the Piano and, oh yeah he has only been playing for five years

Last one to mention now Robbie Firmin is a little crooner, it's difficult to say anything bad about him as he is only 7 years old, so in that case I won't.  He came on in his little suit and top hat to sing Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way, I will let you make up your own mind on what you think, don't forget to leave your comments below.

That's it for this week, I will be back next Sunday for the next episode.  Make note that is Sunday it will be late at night as BGT is not on Saturday next week.  It is the start of the semi finals so it will be on every night of the week giving me plenty of material .  In the mean time if you get bored I will be back tomorrow with the weekly music post (that has been moved to Monday this week) I also have a couple of movie reviews lined up for "The Mechanic" and "Just Go With It" midweek, now why not check out some other BGT posts (links below).

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