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Movie Review: THE UGLY TRUTH Starring Katherine Heigl

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

So as you know I was away on holiday last week, we had ourselves a staycation which enabled me to watch a movie or two.  Now don't get to excited the movies I saw most were Dora The Explorer Saves the Crystal Kingdom and My Friends Tigger and Pooh and the Musical to, sounds great huh?  I did manage to squeeze in one adult (not porn) movie which was the Ugly Truth.

I'll get to that one in a moment I have a sort of mini review for you first which I got courtsey of a work colleague, I'll break it down to the conversation we had, here goes;

John: Marty have you reviewd that movie Thor yet?
Me: No mate not yet, don't fancy it to much.
John: I'll review it for you "It's shit, don't bother"

So, guess I will be giving Thor a miss then.  On with the movie I did see then, just my luck walking around Tesco getting in some beer for the trip their in the bargain bucket for £4 is The Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler and Ketherine Heigl.  It's not a new movie in fact it came out in 2009, can't beleive it has took me that long to see it, never mind.

The Plot

Heigl plays Abbie Richter a morning show TV producer who's show is loosing viewrs dramatically and is in danger of being cancelled.  The company sign Mike Chadway played by Butler who is working on a late night show expressing his chauvanistic views to a very captive audience.  Richter hates the fact that Chadway's unorthadox style gets so many viewers and the pair strugle to get along, Chadway telling Richter that she is romantically challenged, he challanges her to a test, follow his ethics on how to make a man fall in love with you.  If the tricks work then Richter must allow Chadway to be as unortadox as he likes when presenting the morning show.

The Verdict

Vibrating underwear, the way forward!
Being a rom com you really know what to expect by just looking at the front cover of the DVD, if you have not figured it out by then then give the movie five mninutes or so and I'm sure you will figure it out.  That said it was not bad just your typical romantic comedy movie, which once again stars Katherine Heigl.  I don't mind that of course, for me Heigl has got to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now so maybe my judgement is clouded.  Gerard Butler also stars, lets not forget he is a pretty awesome actor, on screen the two worked really well together.  The movie provides you with some great laughs, admittadly the dinner table orgasm scene was by far the funniest, and Heigl falling out a tree to reveal here Bridget Jones style knickers whilst doing her best to get a look at her new neighbour was extremley funny.

The movie is predictable like I have said but if you enjoy the rom com grenre in general then this will not disappoint you.  It is not the best movie either of these have made, I preferrd Killers where Heigl starred along side Ashton Kutcher, In Butlers case The Bounty Hunter was probably better.  It is very much a movie that I was glad not to pay full price for, but I did enjoy it and if you like movies like the Ugly Truth then and you have not seen it already then I definatly recommend it.

Would I Watch It Again?

Lets say it's on TV one night and there is nothing else to watch, then probably yeah.

Star Rating: ***

So that's it for another movie review, if you liked this then why not check out the review of Life As We Know It or take a look at my review of Limitless.

I'm hoping to catch Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston this week, so you can look forward to the review on that.  In the mean time be sure to "LIKE" the new Facebook page which is now up and running (work in progress), and subscribe to the feed for all the latest posts straight to your inbox. 
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