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Movie Review: THE MECHANIC Starring Jason Statham

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ok as promised a movie review for you now the first of two this week, I only managed to watch this one as my lady friend fell asleep early on Saturday and Match of the Day was not on.  I have been promising myself to watch it for long enough now, and I'm pleased I did.

I didn't realise until speaking with my dad that this movie was a remake of the 1972 movie which saw Charles Bronson play the part of an elite assasin, I of course have not seen that version so I can't compare.

Who Is In It: Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland

The Plot

Jason Statham stars as Arthur Bishop an elite assassin who is paid a lot of money to carry out assignments, his job requires him to be ultimately professional and completely detached and he is the best in the business.  Bishop receives an assignment who needs to be dealt with for selling out the company, only problem is the assignment is Harry McKenna played by Sutherland who is Bishops mentor.

Bishop agrees to carry out the assignment and completes the job, following that he meets Steve McKenna played by Foster, he is the afore mentioned Harry's son.  Bishop agrees to train him up to be a mechanic and deploys him on assignments, before long Bishop works out that he has been double crossed by the company and that he took the life of McKenna for no reason, so he goes on the rampage after the company boss Dean whilst having to watch his own back from Steve.

The Verdict

I thought this movie was awesome, for me kinda like the Expendables.  From the start I did not really know what was happening no one speaks for about five minutes then out bursts Bishop from the bottom of a swimming pool and drowns the guy swimming in it.  We later find the guy is a drug boss and was the target of the company that Bishop works for.

The action is pretty much non stop and Jason Statham has got to be one of the best in the business right now for this type of role, he is ultimately gentleman like with the no messing attitude.  His voice when doing a talk about who he is and what he does comes across brilliant.

Teaming up with Ben Foster also made a great partnership, he plays some what of a homicidal maniac until Statham gets him trained and sends him to eliminate another Mechanic, he is supposed to off the guy by putting something in his drink instead he goes back to the guys home who tries to seduce him.  Foster then ends up in a big fight before killing the guy off the difficult way.

The story, well yeah it's predictable but then then again most action movies are.  It did not pan out exactly like I thought it would but I was not to far away.  I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend that you see it.

Would I Watch It Again?

Absolutely without a doubt, you read a lot about Jason Statham that he just runs about shooting people, beating people up and blowing stuff up but, for me that is the draw here.  The ultimate guys action movie that requires no thinking about and provides you with a couple of hours of great entertainment.

Star Rating: ****

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