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Britain's Got Talent Episode 4 Auditions

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I’m getting there and finally managing to catch up with comments left here and commitments I have else where.  Not to worry though still plenty time to catch up with the weekly dose of Britain’s Got Talent.

As always I’ll guide you through the good the bad and the ugly from this week and invite you to leave your comments in the section below as always.

Again this week the theme was more in keeping with good acts, apposed to the usual delusional people who think or have been miss informed of a talent they may have.

First up this week another snake, luckily not a reticulated Python as Anthony Mcpartlin would be pleased with as it ended up wrapped around his neck, this act was Girls Roc.  Now they certainly could rock and I found them quite entertaining, and no not just because they where wearing bathing suites, all though I will admit it did help.  They are not the best dancers in the competition that’s for sure but it’s all good fun.

Now from not so good dancers to an awesome dancer Michael Moral flew over to Britain from the south of France, saying that he watches the show on YouTube every week and really wanted to audition, straight off you are thinking well he is going to be good or he would not have come all that way.  Turns out he was awesome and probably one of the best dancers ever to come on the show.

From dancers to an artist Nathan Wyburn is 21 years old and currently studying at Cardiff University, he does art with everyday household objects and done an impression of judge Michael McIntyre with toast and Marmite, it’s not really my thing and to be honest not all that entertaining but the end result was pretty good.

Last but certainly not least this week is Robert Fulford a 42 year old Welsh Guy who is currently unemployed, not really dressing for the occasion and looking like he had just rolled up from the local social club on some kind of bet with his friends.  Robert audition was singing, I have no idea what he was singing and have yet to decide weather it’s serious or he is winding everyone up, see what you think and let me know in the comments.

So that's it for another week, with all the latest from the biggest TV show in England right now, don't forget to subscribe or FOLLOW the blog, leave your comments below I respond to them all.  Check Back later tonight  for the weekly music posting also.

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