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Britan's Got Talent Episode 1 Auditions

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Welcome to the start of our weekly look at Britans Got Talent, the biggest show on TV apart from the X Factor returned for it's fifth series on Saturday night, meaning that I will be here every week with your round up of dancers, singers and any other act you can imagine, I will report on the good, the bad and the truly awful auditions which from each week.

This is the first year the show will run without creator Simon Cowell on the judging panel, and also Piers Morgan with them both off committed to TV shows in America.

Amanda Holden returned to her role as judge along with her new work colleagues British comedian Michael Mcintyre and David Hasselhoff.  Now a lot of people thought the new show would be boring without the afore mentioned Simon Cowell.  Personally I'm not to crazy about the Hoff but Michael Mcintyre is very funny and he got off to a great start on the first week.

So lets have a look at the best and worst of what I can remember, first up.

Antonio (Popeye)

Straight off in the pre audition interview, you are thinking that Antonio is one of those acts that is going awful or amazing.  Straight from the off he had the Judges looking in the opposite direction, when.....wait for it.  He popped his eyes out of his head, is that a talent?  I can't do it that's for sure, nor would I want to.  Any way I'm not so sure the Queen would be that impressed.

Blair Christie

Now this guy is either nuts or he was doing this for a bet, you see Blair thinks he is a Dolphin.  Yeah you heard me right a Dolphin.  Blair works in Canary Wharf, London as a Financial Analyst, and we wonder why our country is skint.

Michael Collings

Now for a good one.  From the start of of his pre interview audition you are thinking no!  This is not going to be good.  Michael then walks onto the stage and the judge seem to have already made up their minds.  Then it comes, one of those Susan Boyle moments that is about to change someones life.  The best performance of the night by a country mile and straight yeses from the judges.

Steven Hall

Now this guy can jig a bit, and he is down wi the kidz.  Fair enough it's not the best audition ever and he probably won't win but he certainly made me laugh.  One minute he is doing Thriller then he rapping along to Slim Shady.

Ok so there is your round up of all the best and worst from the first week of Britain's Got Talent, join us next week for more.  If you like music be sure to jump over and check out my must have songs for your iPod posts.

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