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I'll Be Back, Ah-Nuld Was Not Kidding!

Friday, 8 April 2011

We have all heard plenty now about former California Governor Schwarzenegger's return to the world of showbiz as the Govenator, the new crime fighting cartoon character is due to hit our screens some time next year.  For Arnie though that is not enough, from what we are lead to believe he has movie offers coming out his ears, and up to now two imparticular are standing out.

First up is the movie Last Stand which is going to be directed by Kim Ji Woon.  Liam Neeson was initially in line for the role but dropped out after his decision to take a break from

acting.  Arnie, if he gets the job will play a small town Sheriff doing his up most to stop a Mexican drugs cartel boss.  Schwarzenegger and Kim have yet to meet and discuss the movie formally, so watch this space.

Next up is an offer from Antoine Fuqua the director of Training Day, this movie is to be titled The Tomb and Arnie seems pretty interested.  If he gets the job he will play a security expert who is framed for a crime and thrown into a prison that he designed, like that's going to happen.

No wait, it already has.  Michael Schofiled (Wentworth Miller) was sent to Fox River State Penitentiary a prison that he had designed in hit TV show Prison Break, maybe Wentworth and Arnie can get together for some tips to be shared, remember Wentworth don't forget tell him to pack a whisk.

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