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New Cinema Releases: 21st April 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

Another great week of movies here for you now, once again the movie we mentioned last week Scream 4 was the number one  at the UK box office.  No doubt this week will be no different, so let's get on the biggest movie release this week,

Fast Five

Starring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson

Diesel is back as Dominic Torreto, with him and his crew of street racers finding themselves on the wrong side of the law again.  The movie is set in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Brian O'Connor (Walker) and Mia Toretto have just broken Dom out of jail and are now on the run from Luke Hobbs (Johnson) the Federal agent assigned to track them down.  Unfortunately Hobbs is not the only one on the trail of the elite street racers and they are forced to confront a ruthless drug lord who wants them dead.

This movie looks a real good edition to the Fast & Furious franchise, I enjoyed the first and second movies but admittedly I have not seen the other two, thinking they did not look all that good.  This one has now been added to my watch list.

Also opening this week according to IMDB and the official website is another movie we mentioned here a while ago.

Apollo 18

Now there really is not that much info out regarding this movie, I know it's not due out in the USA until January next year, so can't figure out why it is released here now.

Never mind, the movie is about a cancelled Apollo space mission from back in the 70's, it does look good but maybe a bit on the scary side for me, I'm not one for horror movies.  See what you think check out the trailer below, I have watched it and to be honest that's enough for me.

The movie tag line is There's a reason we've never gone back to the Moon.


Starring: Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner

A movie remake now sees Russell Brand playing the part of Arthur which starred Dudley Moore back in 1981.

Arthur is a wealthy playboy who has Hobson (Mirren) as his butler.  Arthur stands to loose his hefty inheritance from his parents due o the fact they do not like the woman he has fallen for.

Now I like Russell Brand he's quite a cool funny guy, I saw him interviewed last weekend on Piers Morgan about this movie and saw the trailer, I don't think I will be going to see this one.

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In the mean time remember I'm looking for someone to do a guest post over here, maybe you have seen or are going to see one of the movies above.  You could do a review and send it to me musicgamingvideo(@)gmail(DOT)com, you have until 1st May to get in your posts.
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