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New UK Cinema Releases 30th September 2011, THE DEBT, ABDUCTION and SHARK NIGHT 3D

Friday, 30 September 2011

Back again this week to give you the low down as always on what’s worth going to see down at your local cinema this weekend, this week like last is quite a good one with three top picks and one which I shove you in the direction of IMDB to check out.

First up this week is a movie which I have heard plenty of but don’t know to much about.  The Debt is a movie I heard of a month or so ago, being honest it didn’t really get my interest and I thought it was some sort of drama about a family helper possibly a nanny or something.  How wrong was I?

Starring: Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson

This is not the movie I imagined at all, it’s actually an espionage thriller taking us back to 1997.  Rachel (Mirren) and Stefan (Wilkinson) are retired Mossad secret agents who receive some news regarding an old colleague David (Cirian Hinds).  The trio are revered in their country due to a mission they undertook back in 1996 tracking down a Nazi war criminal.  The time zone’s are split between 96 and 97 with different actors playing the characters on the earlier mission, the action and suspense builds to a head when surprising revelations are revealed.

Next up this week is another movie which caught my eye a couple of months back.  Abduction sees Taylor Lautner from the Twilight movie series take his first leading man role, from the trailer alone he seems to have taken the opportunity in true Jason Bourne style.

Starring: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina and Maria Bello

For years Nathan Price (Lautner) has had a feeling that he is living someone else's life.  Whilst browsing through the Internet one day he finds a baby photo on a missing person’s website, the site allows you to see what that child may look like in the present day and it just so happens to be a mirror image of him.  Realising his life is a lie he soon begins to piece things together but soon finds a team of trained assassins are hunting him down, the race is now on for him and the only person he trusts Karen (Collins) to find out the true identity of his biological father.

Remember the other week when I was telling you about the new shark movie being released which reminded me of Swamp Shark, the only notable difference being Shark Night 3D is shot in 3D and involves a lot more sharks and bikini clad women.

Starring: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan and Chris Carmack

In very similar circumstances to Swamp Shark a load of teenagers head over to a lake house for the weekend, very quickly they strip to their bathing costumes, perfect we are in paradise, or so they think.  Not to long after the hot shot of the group stumbles out the lake minus his arms in what the girls presume is a freak wake boarding accident.  They decide to take their friend to the other side of the lake in the only available very small speed boat, but soon they learn that the lake has been infested with flesh eating sharks.

One more to mention as always but you will have to jump over to IMDB to check out the trailer for Whats Your Number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, it's nothing to complicated just the usual rom com where a woman decides to take a look back at her last 20 relationships and wonder weather one of them could have been her one true love.  Click to see the TRAILER.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sam Worthington is a guy who likes to keep himself pretty busy these days, Clash Of The Titans, Avatar, Terminator Salvation and now this.  Man On A Ledge gave me the first impression it probably gave you all.  This is Phonebooth on the edge of a building!  and let me tell you I'm not dissing Phonebooth I thought that was a great movie but, once I'd seen the trailer for Man On A Ledge, I was hooked instantly, it kind of reminds me now of Heat (De Niro, Pacino) maybe, you know what I mean a big stand off between cops and criminals.  Maybe comparing it to Heat is giving myself a little to high of an expectation, we should probably roll with Inside Man (Denzel Washington) for now.

This movie looks to be so much more than it's title would suggest, unlike Phonebooth which was actually based in a Phonebooth this movie opens it up a bit and allows you to see a little more.  I suppose Bird On A Wire (Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn) had nothing to do with a bird on a wire did it?

Man On A Ledge come to the US on January 13th and then the UK on January 27th with a brilliant cast and what looks to be a brilliant story.  Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is an ex cop turned con who threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop.  Pretty much every cop and fire department in the city turn out to what they think is an attempt at suicide, they even get a police pshycologist to speak to him.  Unbeknown to the NYPD though, it's nothing more than elaborate hoax attempting to cover up one of the biggest diamond heist's ever pulled.

If you have been reading the articles on this site for a while now, then you probably already know that I think Katherine Heigl is the hottest chick in Hollywood right now.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that all of her movies are great, You can go read a couple of their reviews right here, The Ugly Truth and Knocked Up.

Being the hottest in Hollywood usually lands you with quite a few leading roles and Katherine Heigl seems to have them coming out her ears including this one due out in January 27th 2012 (US), One For The Money looks to me like an exact replica of The Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerrard Butler, see what you think.

Stephanie Plum (Heigl) is a newly divorced unemployed girl who manages to land herself a job with her cousin's bail bond company.  It doesn't take long to get her first job and she manages to be put on the trail of a wanted local cop Joe Morelli (Terra Novas Jason O'Mara) Problem is she used to date him, sound familiar?


Not bab week in music for you but not a great one either, a couple of new releases for you and one song that has shot back to popularity following it featuring on the X Factor last weekend, you know the one I mean right?  That Welsh teacher all the girls are going cra-Z about!!!...Yeah him.  Ok never mind me rabbating he didn't even get past Boot camp anyway.  let's go see what I found for you this week.

Well first up it seems that having your song feature on either TV or in a movie really can do you some favours.  American rapper Sean Kingston going to be back with his third studio album very soon, the first track to be taken from it is Party All Night (Sleep All Day), which recently featured in the Inbeteweeners movie.  Thaks to the movie the song has gone straight into the number 7 slot in the UK charts before it's even released here.

While we are on the subject of TV shows and movies I may as well tell you about the other song.  Singer/Songwriter Damien Rice first found fame with his band Juniper during the early 90's, following that he went solo and most of his music can be heard in both movies and TV adverts.  Then last Saturday night some Welsh dude rolls up to the X Factor auditions and gives a perfect version of his hit single Cannonball, Damein wouldn't have minded.  John Adam's done a great version of his song but, now we know he definitly wont mind as the song rocked back up to number 4 in the UK charts, I'm sure Damien Rice is feeling pretty good right now!

I got kind of a special request for the next song!  Well not a request but something that regular reader and commenter Ruben mentioned a while ago, the US radio stations are currently flooded with the sound of Bruno Mars and to be honest the ones here in the UK are to.  I heard his new song It Will Rain on Radio 1 through the week on the Fearne Cotton show, she let the UK into a little secret.  Bruno was the youngest Elivs impersinator ever at the age of 4, she even had the clips from the competitions he entered.  I'm sure you can find that on YouTube, in the mean time check out his new video from the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part One.

Review: TERRA NOVA Season 1 Episode 1 Genesis (Part 1)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What a show!  That's just for starts.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about Terra Nova right now.  This show can draw so many comparisons to Lost and I just hope I can cover them all here for you now.  I will clear this up first though, this is not a J.J. Abrams show, nor are all the people in the show dead from the first episode, yeah I know we didn't know that until the very last episode but that's not what Terra Nova is about.  This is new, all new and although it draws comparisons from Jurassic Park I really think this is going to be a lot better than the original movie or any of it's predecessors.

If you are watching this show in England on Sky1 then I don't want to ruin it to much for you, so maybe you stop reading now.  The show will premiere on Sky1 at 9pm on Monday October 3rd 2011 so be sure to come back read and comment then.

The show starts in 2149, a time when the world is facing an environmental crisis and measures have been put in place to restrict the size of peoples families, food that people eat etc, etc.  It focuses mainly on the Shannon family who have overstepped the mark in the family planning department and had a third child, they get searched in scenes reminiscent of Equilibrium their third child is found and Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) is thrown in prison.  Jim's wife Elizabeth (Shelley Conn) is offered a place in a new civilisation called Terra Nova, this is a place where the Human race plan to rebuild 85 million years in the past, the whole family get there eventually with Jim breaking out of prison and then the family smuggling their illegal third child over the border!  I suppose you could call it border.

I have to be honest I was a little board with the opening, it was a good set up but for me it was just a little to computer animated, especially in a show from Steven Spielberg.  If you didn't have that though then you would have no reason for Terra Nova and that part is over within the first 15 minutes, I suppose it does deliver a message to us all.  Look after the environment.  Drive a Prius.

The minute the 10th Pilgrimage land in Terra Nova you are gripped and the comparisons to Lost start.  It's immediately apparent that this is so much more than just Humans vs Dinosaurs, a wealth of characters join in as you learn that the 10th Pilgrimage are not the first Humans to inhabit Terra Nova and there have been 9 other groups before them, one of which has formed a bit of a splinter cell, a colony away from the rest of Terra Nova and we know them now only as Sixers and their leader Mira.

There is your first comparison to Lost.  The Sixers could kind of be classed as the others from Lost and they are going to prove as mysterious as their ABC counterparts, we got whole episodes about the others and their backing stories and I'm pretty sure the Sixers are going to be the same.  From there we can move on to the point where the Shannon's son goes with some other youngsters on an adventure into the new wilderness, there we are shown drawings on rocks, seems like code of some sort, remember that cave in Lost anyone?  We learn that this is a script of how is all began but, what?  Terra Nova or something else, the sixers colony perhaps.  Maybe Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) went to Terra Nova to find his missing son.

Jim Shannon is definitely the Jack of this show, Commander Nathaniel Taylor is John Locke with his agenda and purpose already worked out and then you have Mira from the sixers, clearly the female Ben Linus.  One more to mention that we haven't been introduced to yet, Commander Taylor's son who has been missing for years now, he is responsible for the drawings on the rocks, Jacob possibly.

This is the first time I have seen an American TV shows first episode not called Pilot, maybe they are sure that this would work.  I would say they got that right.  This was a brilliant opening to what looks to be a brilliant show and maybe we all finally have something to fill our schedule since Lost left our TV screens.  If the first couple of hours are anything to go by then this show is worth an hour of your time week on week.

Movie Review Time: THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (2007) Starring Matt Damon

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I know this is not a new movie but hey you know me by now if I watch it, I will write about it and following Jonathan Ross's new show on ITV I had an oppertunity to see this in HD for the first time. I have to be honest and say It took me a while to get round to seeing the original movie The Bourne Identity (2002), not beacause I didn't think it would be good I just wasn't the biggest fan of Matt Damon, don't ask me why.  Since seeing the first one of the Bourne trilogy I was hooked on them and Matt Damon and would probably make it my business to see a movie just becasue he is in it nowadays.

Starring: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn and Edgar Ramirez

The Plot

Jason Bourne is brought out of hiding for the second time, this time though it's not his own doing.  A London based reporter named Simon Ross (Paddy Considine) who is trying to uncover Operation Blackbriar and up-grade to the original Project Treadstone.  A meeting is set between Bourne and Ross but Bourne soon learns they are being followed and Ross is killed.  Bourne now has to fight against the companys best efforts to eradicate him as revelations bring back more memories of his dark past.

The Verdict

Slick and stylish are probably words that you would associate with any of the Bourne movies, I have no doubt the Bourne Legacy due out next year is going to be no diffrent.  For me this has got to be the best one or the trilogy, the story is what we have come to know during the previous movies but now Jason Borune is single minded with no love interst to worry about, although it is touched on a little with Julia Stiles character Nicky Parsons.

Some of the technology is a little exaggerated, so we are supposed to believe that the CIA's telephone system has an alogrythem keyword search tool which enables them to track any phone call in the world, it's Hollywood I suppose they can do what they want, right?  Seriously thoguh!  Maybe it's true, who knows?  The technology that the operative Desh has access to also, a Motorolla RZR phone, he is a getting pictures delivered straight from E-Mail, I had one of those phones and no way were they that clever.

Great thing about this movie I think you could watch it having not seen either the Bourne Identity (2002) or The Bourne Supremacy (2004), thanks to the flash backs here you are right into the action and able to pick up the storyline quickly.  I have talked a lot lately about American TV shows picking up at the exact point you left them the week before and this movie does exactly that with Jason Bourne running injured in Moscow.  Speaking of Moscow why do American's pronounce it MOS-COW, as in the Animal which provides milk and Beef? Or are they referring to some other city?

I'm not the biggest fan of car chase's I saw enough of those in Fast Five (2011).  This movie like the others provides them with an exception to the rule the sheer pace they are done here in cars that generally aren't that great adds a little extra excitment for me, there is even a scene on motorbikes here to enjoy where we learn that Jason Bourne is not only a kick ass assasian but also a stunt bike rider too.

A great movie as they all are, with great acting, great characters and a great story line, if like me you have bided your time over watching them then I advise you go watch them all right away.

Would I watch it again?

I must have seen it three or four times already and yes I would watch it again tomorrow. 

Rating: MMMMM

Review: PERSON OF INTEREST Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Monday, 26 September 2011

I've really been looking forward to this show starting, since I saw the trailer a couple of months back I thought it looked an interesting premise.  Very quickly during the first episode you realise the trailer was made up of clips from the pilot, I haven't decided as yet weather that's a good thing or a bad thing.  There were a couple of things that drew me to this show, first off it's produced by none other than J.J. A brams he must surely be the busiest guy in Hollywood right now.  Second to that the shows star man is Michael Emmerson, Lost's Ben Linus.

Don't take that last little sentence to seriously, this is not Lost nor does it look in the first episode that it will turn into anything quite as big.  Michael Emmerson plays Mr Finch in the show and it looks like Abrams has come up with the same idea for him as he did with Ben Linus, let's make him mysterious enough that the audience and his fellow leading man (Jim Cavizel) don't know to much about him.

What we do know about Finch is that he's a billionaire who got tired of making lots of money through science, following that he wrote a computer program for the US government which can predict criminal activity.  The system was designed to give the government an early warning to acts of terrorism, problem was the computers algorithm was picking up every aspect of criminality meaning that Finch had to write some code for the machine to ignore trivial matters which the government do not need to know about.  That left Finch with a conscience problem, what happens to all these other people?

That's where Cavizel comes in, he plays John Reese a former CIA hitman who has been having personal problems and is currently living on the streets making attempts to drink himself to death.  The government think he's dead until some young hood's attempt to jump him on the train one evening they get there asses kicked and he gets arrested but refuses to give the very unconvincing detective (Takako Haywood) his name before being promptly being bailed out by Finch on one condition, he has to work for him.

John Reese seemed to be completely disinterested during the first hour, maybe that's just until him and Finch get to know more about each other.  The computer is a good idea but, it doesn't give a name just a social security number (SSN), the computer also can't predict how a person will be involved in a crime (victim/suspect/witness etc).  The idea of a secret sect of the government, ghost's if you like reminds me of a popular UK TV show called The Fixer, which in my opinion is a lot better than this.  The computer idea obviously comes from Minority Report, problem for this computer it's not quite as clever as the one that was used during the movie.

They have done six episodes up to now and for me I'm not so sure this show will grab peoples interest, there is plenty ass kicking and you hope that following the introduction to the characters and their backing story that the show will have something to build on, I wouldn't say I was board at any point and the episode did provide you with a little twist.  I think J.J. Abrams may well be using this to keep his name in the TV spotlight as he is currently producing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and has a new show coming named Alcatraz which seems a lot more promising than this one. 


Sunday, 25 September 2011

First off this week who thinks Woody Harrelson is worthy of an Oscar?  Me for one.  I have been a big Harrelson fan for years and in my opinion he is one of those actors who can pick up a role and make it his own, what I mean by that is he isn't just Woody Harrelson in every movie you see he can really step into something and make you believe he is the character he's  playing.  My two personal favourites are Natural Born Killers and White Men Can't Jump.

Harrelson has actually been nominated for an Oscar twice in the past and I have to be honest I haven't seen either of the movies.  For The Messenger he was nominated for a best supporting actor role and The People vs Larry Flynt saw him get the nod for best leading actor.

Now it seem that Harrelson is going to get another chance, Oren Moverman who directed Harrelson in The Messenger has helped heap him with praise once again.  Rampart premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the cop drama drew rave reviews.  The movie is based on a character named Dave Brown a corrupt cop who strolls through life believing he is always on the right side of the law, his past finally catches up with him and he is forced to come clean with his family and department heads.

Deadline are reporting the movie has now been picked up by Millennium pictures in a deal worth $2m dollars but no release date has been set.  As well as Harrelson leading the movie he is backed up with a stellar cast including Robin Wright, Steve Buscemi, Sigournay Weaver, Ben Foster, Ice Cube, Anne Heche and Cynthia Noxon.

Who knew the Pacino version of Scarface was a remake?  Not me that's for sure.  It seems that they aren't happy with one remake released in 1983 and now they want to make another updated version, although they are trying to stay away from words like sequel or remake.  The original Scarface was released in 1932, in black and white of course and starred a guy named Paul Muni who played an Italian immigrant who took over Chicago.  Pacino as we know was a Cuban immigrant who muscled his way to the top of the Miami cocaine trade during the 1980's, his iconic one liner "say hello to my little friend" and the character of Tony Montana is still merchandised to this day when asking most people if they have seen a Pacino movie (who hasn't?) there answer will be Scarface.

What is it with remakes at the minute and where would they go with a new character if it's not a remake like they say?  The 1983 version of the movie still sits in prime place in my DVD collection along with other classic gangster movies like Casino and Goodfellas and personally I wouldn't like to see any of them remade.

Who has heard of Moneyball starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill?  No.  Well this is a movie which has been gathering interest for quite a while now, released in America over the weekend it has drawn rave reviews.

The movie is a biography which is based on a book of the same name, it follows Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and his successful attempt to build a Baseball Team with the Oakland A's after they employ computer generated analytics and a reduced wage bill.

The movie is brought to you by Aaron Sorkin the Oscar winning director who lead Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Capote.  Hoffman also stars in this movie along with Robin Wright, check the trailer below.

So why am I so interested?  Well if you come here regular you may know that I'm a huge fan of Football, not American, the English Premier League and Newcastle United in particular.  I read an article a while back now comparing the tactics of Mike Ashley (Newcastle owner) and the director of the Oakland A's Baseball team.  Ashley has made similar cuts at Newcastle particularly with the wage bill, this season manager Alan Pardew has managed to make people really fight for their place in the team creating a little hunger once again, that's why I'm interested.

I have mentioned in a couple of posts lately that Director and Producer J.J. Abrams must surely be the busiest guy in Hollywood right now, and it seems he has struck gold once again with his new TV show Alcatraz.

The Pilot episode of the show premiered at this years Comic Con and left the audience dripping for more.  The show has been billed as the new Lost and also draws comparisons from many other Abrams projects like Fringe and The 4400.

It centres around a mysterious incident at Alcatraz prison in 1963 when all 302 prisoners and guards vanished without any explanation.  One prisoner from back then named Jack Sylvane shows up in modern day San Francisco, mystery is he hasn't aged a day since his dissipearne from Alcatraz.  He has returned to right a few wrongs and the lead Detective in the case Sarah Linden along with geeky historian Dr. Diego Soto (Lost's Jorge Garcia) are left to unravel the mystery.  They are soon joined in the investigation by FBI agent Emmerson Hauser (Sam Neil, Jurassic Park) and learn that Sylvane won't be the only prisoner from 1963 making a re-appearance in San Francisco.  The show is due to air on Fox in early 2012.

We're Going .COM (State Of The Blog)

There seems to be some sort of lull at the moment as far as television goes, music isn't much better.  Good news though there is some good TV coming up and I'm sure that music will recover to.  Maybe I should be doing more movie reviews, let me know.  As you have probably guessed from the title of this post there is more good news Movies Music & Television is going (.COM).

That's right come next week (hopefully) the URL above will change from ( and will simply read ( our very own domain, why the change?  There are a few reasons.  First and fore most I have always wanted this blog to look professional, hence the template I use currently with the link list along the top.  The site looks professional (in my opinion) but recently I have hit a bit of a lull as far as viewing figures go, just a month or so ago this site was getting almost 700 hits a day, it's now at a stage of struggling to get 400.  I know why and I'm working on it.  I'm hoping with the new (.COM) address that I can recover it to where it was, if not make it even better.

So what do you get for your money?  Well actually it's not going to cost you anything, just me!  It's not that expensive actually it's pretty cheap, dirt cheap in fact so if it doesn't work out then it hasn't cost me to much to find out.  Owning my own (.COM) is always something I have wanted to do so I'm kind of hoping that it will work out.

Is it going to change?  Yes would be the short answer.  I am just ironing out the details as they say but, the the idea at the minute is the layout will stay the same with an added bonus, I going to put one of those featured post sliders at the top of the page under the menu bars, you know the ones, they give you the title of some featured articles along with a little introduction, If I can't get that to work then the layout may change all together to a template which already has a slider, I'll keep you posted.   Other than that the posts will stay the same but I am working on a couple of new weekly posts as well as bringing back a weekly news round up that I used to do.

COMMENTS, why does no one comment?  I don't know, but I'm kind of hoping from this post on that will change.  I always encourage commenting and I will always respond, it may not be instant (I do have a real job) but I will get round to it in the day.

To finish off, a few questions. (please use the comments section for your answers)

Do you like this site and it's content?
Is it worth the (.COM) address?
Would you come back, or do you come back?
Do you subscribe in anyway (it's free)?

A few questions that I'm hoping I may get some positive answers from, remember comments.  They are just as important to me as you dropping by and reading this.

Movie Trailer: PUNCTURE Starring Chris Evans

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fresh from his time shooting Captain America Chris Evans is back with his all new pumped up action man body thanks to that machine thingy majiggy that a skinny look a like version of him jumped into whilst filming Captain America, he kicked plenty ass in that movie I would imagine, not that I've seen it mind you.  That brings me to something!  Maybe you have seen it, in that that case you can review it if you like and have it as a guest post here (email here:, just make sure you watch the trailer for his new movie Puncture first.

Puncture is a drama movie starring Chris Evans who would usually play the superhero, on this occasion however he is out on a different angle playing a lawyer who is hooked on drugs.  During his fight with drugs the law firm he works for take on a case against a pharmecutical company, now he must battle the health supply corporation in the court room whilst fighting his own demons.

A new angle for Evans that's for sure and this movie doesn't look your typical court room drama.  The movie also stars Michael Biehn (Terminator), Vanessa Shaw (3:10 To Yuma and Hocus Pocus) and Kate Burton (Max Payne and 127 Hours).  Puncture is due for release on September 23rd 2011 in UK cinemas.

New UK Cinema Releases: September 23rd 2011, DRIVE, KILLER ELITE and WARRIOR

Friday, 23 September 2011

This has got to be one of the best weeks for cinema releases this year, all four that are going to be mentioned are worth your time in my opinion and as always I'm here to give you the low down.  One thing to mention first, I'm a reformed Batman fan did you catch the review earlier in the week?

First up this week Ryan Gosling is taking the leap into leading man with utter style and class.  Drive is a new action crime drama, it's popularity has rocketed in the past week and it's the first time I have seen a 1000% popularity rise on IMDB.

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston

The movie follows Driver (Ryan Gosling), a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a get away driver.  Driver soon finds that a contract has been put on his head due to a heist going wrong.

That's pretty much all I got on the movie, there really isn't to much out about it right now.  In my opinion this is the one that should be top of your list to go see this weekend, second to Ryan Gosling the movie also stars Bryan Cranston, leading man and Emmy award winner for his part in hit US TV show Breaking Bad.

Next up this week is a movie which I have really been looking forward to, Killer Elite is based on a true story and also comes with a stellar kick ass cast.

Starring: Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, Clive Owen and Dominic Purcell

Like I said above this movie is based a a true story and follows Danny (Statham) a retired SAS operative who is forced back into the game when his long time mentor Hunter (De Niro) is taken captive.  A dangerous game of cat and mouse then ensues as Danny and Hunter are pursued by the leader of a secret military society.

The movie has been filmed all over the world, but most of it was shot in the Welsh Breacon Beacons the real SAS training ground, adding to the great cast is Dominic Purcell who played Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break.

I told you this was a kick ass week didn't I!  More ass kicking for you right now with the release of Warrior, the first movie, well big movie about mixed martial art (MMA) fighting.

Starring: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte

The movie is a story of two brothers who are both professional fighters with the older one exceeding more at first.  Their alcoholic father returns home and trains the youngest brother for a MMA tournament which puts him on a collision course with his older brother.

I'm not to sure what to think of this movie, their will be plenty action no doubt but I think it may be a little cliche.  MMA fans will probably love it and that will be helped in abundance by the acting talents of Tom Hardy.

One more to mention this week but as always I'm sending you over to the IMDB, over there you can check out the trailer for the new Steve Carrell movie Crazy, Stupid, Love which also stars Ryan Gosling.  The movie follows Cal (Carrell) who is in the middle of a mid life crisis, his marriage ain't going to well and he is struggling to manage the relationship with his children. 

Review: THE KILLING FINALE, Beau Soleil and Orpheus Descending

Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's finally here, the best show on TV right now has had it's season 1 finale and 15 minutes in more and more revelations about the who's and what's are coming to light into the investigation of who killed Rosie Larsen.  We saw right at the end of episode 11 last week that Detective Holder managed to find the CCTV proving that Rosie was in the Casino, and they have now discovered she has been making large deposits into a bank account opened with ID provided by Mitch Larsen's sister, now I've been saying for ages now she has something to do with all this and she sure was shirty when Linden and Holder started to press her about it.

This is where Beau Soleli comes into it, the title of the first episode of the finale.  Beau Soleli is the name given to high end escorts girls who work under alias names for the casino, there usual clientel revolves around high rolling business men, you know people like the two councl men currently running for mayor and the guy who has just given the Richardson campaign $5m before the revelation of a skull being found in the housing development of his competetor, then he's having a party at his house with, you guessed it Beau Soleli girls.

Stan and Mitch have fallen out due to the money which has gone missing from the accounts and Mitch now knows that Stan has been making contact with old frieds of his that he promised he wouldn't do, as he's a changed man remember.  Just before the two episodes roll into one and we are introduced day 13 there is a big reveal. 

It would now appear that Council man Richmond killed Rosie Larsen but, Holder and Linden have got a lot more work on their hands to make sure there are no loop holes for him to escape.  Beau Soleli ended in gripping fashion as all the episodes do with Detective Linden coming to realise that she was in the home of Richmond alone with him, he knows that she knows and you are thinking something is going to happen here, but that wouldn't be worth his jail time and she walks right out and they roll their investigation on becoming more and more precise closing in the net on Richmond.

Into the second episode Orpheus Descending and the investigation into Council Man Richmond and the killing of Rosie Larsen is really starting to intensify, the episode before this has been full of character development and this one turns out no diffrent.  The characters of Linden and Holder came along way for me in the 11th episode when we first started to see some real trust between the two of them, that trust seems to have turned the into Mulder and Skully and they are making massive headway into the investigation.

In the mean time you would think Council Man Richmond is sitting alone in an office somewhere, probably in the dark drinking the obligatory bottle of hooch that all wealthy business men keep under their desk for times of stress.  Not the case with Richmond he is going on about his smiley public interaction, they of course don't know that he is now the main focus of the police investigation.  Revelations have been coming out regarding his private life and the women involved in his past, some of whom are involved in his present.  His own team are now beginning to doubt the man the support so loyaly.

It's hard to see where a second series is coming from right now as it's case solved as far as Linden is concerned, I'm sitting thinking what are they going to do for another 10 or so episodes but hey this is TV and there's nothing like a cliff hanger that you don't see coming.

Linden finally manages to get on the plane she was supposed to board during the first episode thinking her job is done, just as she does she gets the call to say that the camera shots from the toll booth bridge where no possible as they have not been working since the summer, so how did Holder have the photo of Richmond there?  It's doctored obviously and who evers car he got into would be responsible for that doctoring, I'm thinking the other mayoral candidate.

Now we know that there is a possability that Richmond is actually innocent as he has pleaded all along, problem is Belko has gone down to the prison escort armed with a gun, you don't hear the gun go off but I'm guessing he shoots Richmond yet another man who pays the price for something he didn't do.

I guess we will have to wait and see now, as yet I don't know dates for the second series but make sure to subscribe to the site in some way (it's free) and I will keep you up to date with news on the second series.

Review: TWO AND A HALF MEN SEASON 9 PREMIERE. Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As guessed the brand new season of Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher opened to massive ratings on American network CBS, giving the station it's best ratings yet.  The same followed suit on Canadian TV network CTV who also bought the hit comedy show, their records sawed as 5 million viewers tuned in to see the death of Charlie Harper and be introduced to new leading man Walden Schmidt.  All that was left now was audience figures on UK network Comedy Central to go crazy and Ashton would be an instant hit.

Introducing a new character to this show was always going to be a difficult challenge, let's not forget Charlie Sheen played the lead role for 7 years and during that time he became the highest paid TV comedy actor in the world, along with the show being rated the number 1 comedy in the world  Ashton's character Walden Schmidt was introduced to us following his failed (laughable) attempt at suicide after his wife had dumped him and refused to take him back, I would say right at that point any tears you had shed over Sheen's sacking and on screen death are quickly dried up when Walden appears.

Schmidt is a billionaire who made his money courtesy of Microsoft who bought his invention the Zoon off him in order to rival iPod, luckily for Walden they just happened to stump up $1.3 billion for the music player and his website.

The moment Kutcher appears dripping wet on the deck behind those famous beach house doors you are hooked, maybe it's to do with it being almost a completely new show, curiosity if you will.  Charlie Harper was met with a very undignified end just as producer Chuck Lorre had promised and unless he's haunting the beach house there is no way back to the show for him, they even went as far as Alan spilling his ashes on the living room floor before hoovering him up with a dust buster. 

I know the show is tongue in cheek but the funeral was a bit of a joke, during Alan's eulogy of his brother he is constantly interrupted by Charlie's past female conquests who feel the need to tell us which sexually transmitted infections they caught off him, his chemist who he owes $34k to for errr medication and then his own mother who uses the ceremony to her advantage even offering out a brochure for Charlie's beach house.

Bringing back the show was done in spectacular fashion, not just with the introduction of Ashton Kutcher but also the various guest stars who appeared I don't remember their names but they all came for a look around the beach house on open day and are involved with either Chuck Lorre or CBS. 

Kutcher put in a stellar performance I thought, anyone who doubted his ability either in the show or as an actor has been proven wrong and if you need more proof go watch the Butterfly Effect (2004).  Walden Schmidt went from broken man to sexually healed within two minutes on the screen following the usual patter of Charlie with two girls in bed while Alan is left down stairs to tend to himself.  It seems Ashton is going to walk round naked a lot , not my idea of fun but I'm sure the ladies will like it.

The show is no doubt going to continue in the fashion we are used to, Alan failing miserably with women whilst Walden is their to pick up the pieces.  The pair hit off an instant friendship in the first show with Alan even acting up in Charlie's shoes during the scene in the bar.  That didn't last to long though and I've no doubt come next weeks show the deal will be done for the beach house and it's long time lodger.

The biggest show on TV is back with an extremely big bang, the characters remain the same and Ashton Kutcher confirmed he is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood.

Movie Review Time: BATMAN BEGINS (2003) Starring Christian Bale

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Remember that superhero poll I ran a while back? No.  Well don't worry you didn't miss to much there were only about 4 votes with Spiderman and Batman leading the race.  I'm no comic book reader and my vote went to Spiderman, I would like to withdraw my vote, why?  Well I watched Batman Begins in HD the other night, first time I saw this movie the copy was bad and I didn't think to much of it, probably due to the afor mentioned copy (watch the real one would be my advice).  I really think I should have voted for Batman and can report that this movie was better than any Spiderman movie I have seen.

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Kane, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman

The Plot

Back to the very beginning Batman's roots if you like, we see the early life of Bruce Wayne who when his parents are killed relocates to Asia.  There he is mentored by Henri Ducard and Ra's Al Ghul, during his training Wayne learns from Ducard of a plan to wipe out evil in his home of Gotham City, Wayne prevents the plan from getting any further by returning home and taking up the idea of becoming Batman in order to strike fear into the criminals.

The Verdict

AMAZING, that single word would cover it really, what happened the first time I saw this did I fall asleep or something?  This movie is amazing from start to finish and it's a great example of why you shouldn't watch copied movies.  The story, the actors, the effects, everything really.  You simply can not pick fault with this movie. 

The acting talent of Christian Bale is of no real surprise, I don't particularly care for him as a person the times I've seen him interviewed I think he comes across as a bit of an arse, arrogant if you like.  In this movie and many others he is brilliant though and the back up from Michael Caine (another actor I don't really care for) is great, with stellar performances also from Morgan Freeman as the most loyal of staff and Liam Neeson playing the ultimate villain.

Bale done with Batman what Craig did with Bond, he has added rawness and a shady dark side giving you something to fear from a person fighting for good.  Batman was real scary and moody, his nemesis Scarecrow also hit the right spot with a sublime performance from the ever so creepy Cillian Murphy.

I loved the way they took this right back to the beginning, like I said above I haven't read a comic book that I can remember and I loved the way this movie explained the reason why Bruce Wayne became Batman, maybe it was done in the older films or comic books I'm not sure.  I'm going to mention car chases again, I'm not a fan of those remember but again in this movie like The Bourne Ultimatum (review coming soon) I loved the Police chase through Gotham City with Batman in his new super cool car.

Of course the shots of Gotham City are computer generated but you can't tell everything about this movie feels real, I'm converted to a Batman fan and right now I'm off to buy The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray, you can expect a similar review I would imagine.

Would I watch it again?

No, ha only kidding, you shitting me?  Of course I would.

Rating: MMMMM

Review: THE X FACTOR Auditions Episode 7

Monday, 19 September 2011

It's the last show of auditions and my batteries where fully recharged to watch the X Factor again this week, guess why!  I didn't watch it again, just like Saturday nights penultimate audition show I decided that watching the show back on ITV.COM would be a lot less painful.  Turns out though, I missed what has probably been the biggest laugh of the series, want to find out what it is then keep reading.

Neil and Margaret Sinclair are husband and wife who came to the auditions together but not as a double act, they were auditioning separately, I'm really not sure what would have been worse together or singles.  They participated in a bit of tongue wrestling, at least I think that's what they were doing before they went on stage.  They really need to watch more TV, that ain't how you kiss your wife dude.  Margaret was up first and terrible would be giving her credit, then La, lalalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala it was Neil's turn he decided he would do a little boogie for us on the night, I think right then the audience were maybe saying Ha, hahahahaha, hahahahaha.

Expelled from three schools, arrested a few times, drinking on the streets...Does he deserve another chance?  Bradley Johnson has probably heard that question quite a lot, at the age of 16 he has been through quite a bit I suppose, so maybe he does deserve another chance, I mean we give Rap stars plenty and they get locked up all the time right.  Bradley came on and done The A Team by Ed Sheeran in what was probably a nervous audition but he done ok and deserves his place at boot camp.

Next up for you is scaffolder Terry Winstanley, man he's a scaffolder I hope he's good otherwise he is going to be the butt of quite a few jokes at work next week.  Good job for Terry that he does have a good voice, a little over animated maybe but like Gary Barlow says that can be knocked out of him.  I'm pretty sure Simon Cowell is working on Terry's covers album right now.

Hey listen up, you poke me I'll poke you back!  That's no joke especially for these "2" guys.  Not to much on the main show this week so I went over to the Xtra Factor and found Section 2.  A gay couple, who met by poking each other on Facebook, with 19 "likes" on Facebook, these two guys have more "likes" than this site, no I'm being serious they really do, please visit my FACEBOOK page and like the site.  I couldn't get the video as this was Xtra Factor so follow the ITV link to see it over there.

Review: THE X FACTOR Auditions Episode 6

Are you board with the X Factor?  I'm starting to get a little board although that was staved off this week as I only managed to catch the audition video's on ITV.COM when the show had finished, it seems X Factor is one of those shows where we all go yeah it's not as good as it used to be but yet we still come back for more all the time.  It's a new judging line up this year apart from Louis Walsh, I think they have done a good job Danni and Cheryl are not missed at all and Gary Barlow seems to have filled Simon Cowells shoe's adequately, so as always I'll march on and watch the rest of the show even if it is just the Internet clips when it's finished.

Well first up this week, we met a bit of a nut case.  Natasha doesn't think she is nuts though and she introduced us to her sexy dancing, it was about as sexy as when Ruud Gullit introduced sexy football to Newcastle United and left Alan Shearer out the side lines, if your not from England then you can take it from me that's not good.  Natasha got four straight No's for the dancing first off then the singing and was told by judge Gary Barlow that should she ever take singing lessons again she should make sure they have a refund policy.

It was tears all round on the night, especially for most of the audience and judge Tulisa when mum of four Michelle Barrett came and performed a Whitney Houston classic, she was a good singer but I didn't think she was that good.  I don't think she will win but I would imagine she might make it through to the live shows.

Next up for you this week some Essex girls, not the ones from TV, although they would probably be right at home on that show TOWIE.  2 Shoes (click the link for video) I think there name was, don't remember I lost interest during the VT thinking they would be terrible.  They weren't terrible it was ok, not great but ok.  They are not the best group of the year and certainly aren't the best singers, maybe just as there is two of them they will make it to the live shows and for the record I would have went with Kelly Rowland's vote of NO.

Next up a guy named John Wilding who last year got through to Danni Minouge's house, he's back with some weight lost and a wonky hat singing Jennifer Hudson's Love You I Do and as the judges would say he nailed it.

As always I save the best till last and this weeks best came from 23 year old newly qualified Math's teacher John Adams who wowed the judges and the ladies in particular with his cover of Damien Rice's Cannonball securing himself four yeses and sailing through to the next round.

Movies Music & Television, Weekly News Roundup. POINT BREAK REMAKE, THE EXPENDABLES II and SNOOP DOGG

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hold up it's a reeeee make, that's right you heard me Point Break is getting a makeover Hollywood style, it seems that Patrick Swayze movies are are in the mix currently with Dirty Dancing also getting a face lift.

Ok I see their point on Dirty Dancing, actually I don't I really think they should leave that alone but to remake Point Break!  That just seems a bit crazy to me.  Don't get me wrong I know it was never the best movie made and it's concept was laughable but over the years it has gained a cult following and probably is the best surfer movie that has been made (I haven't seen many).  The movie can also be credited with lending it's storyline or concept to several movies over the years.  I have seen the original movie a good hand full of times and I enjoyed it, it's a no brainer that requires very little thinking about, released in 1991 you could hardly say the movie is out dated especially as surfing is still classed as a pretty cool thing to do, even here in North East England it's cool, although I think they may be referring to the water.  But hey who knows maybe it will be worth a watch and let's face it they have re-made Spiderman already. 

I mentioned the Expendables II in the post last week reporting that both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis had signed on for significant roles.  Following that it has now been confirmed that more 80's action stars are jumping on the Stallone band wagon with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris securing their role's in the movie.  Van Damme has of course been keeping busy with most of his movies going straight to DVD, he has also had a six part reality TV show which went out here in England named Jean-Claude Van Damme Behind Closed Doors.  Chuck Norris on the other hand has not made a feature film since 2005's The Cutter, it's un-clear as to what his part in the movie will be at this point. 

One thing has been promised by Stallone though, and it's something that audiences have been asking about for many a year now.  That is of course who is the hardest between Jean-Claude and Stallone?  Well we will find out in August 2012 when this movie is released as Stallone has promised a punch up between the two indicating that Van Damme may well be hired as some sort of villain (don't quote me on that), he fell out with Dolph Lundgren in the last movie remember and they were on the same team, sort of.

I'm just guessing but maybe the video posted below from way back when is the reason Stallone wants to kick Van Damme's ass!  Watch the whole video to see his impression of Arnie and Seagal too.

Now nothing better than a bit of news about SN double "O", P, that's Snoop if you hadn't worked it out.  The Dogfather is set to star in new comedy TV show which hasn't been rolled out to any network yet, shouldn't imagine they would take much persuading with him in the starring role.  Like most big rap stars he has found lately that acting is the way forward and has already had a similarly natured reality show on E! Entertainment Network called Snoop Dogg's Father Hood which followed him, his wife and three kids. 

The sitcom has been created by Don Reo for Warner Brothers TV, he is the guy who co created My Wife and Kids and more recently has worked on Two And A Half Men.  As well as taking up this show Snoop has also just signed up for the title role in new movie The Legend Of Fillmore Slim, a biopic of the Blue's man.

Upcoming Movie Trailer: IMMORTALS Starring Henry Cavill

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Haven't heard to much about this movie? No.  Well don't worry me neither.  This is not typically the type of thing that I would usually watch, you know what I mean.  Dude's in loin cloths!  It took me all my time to get round to seeing Gladiator starring Russell Crow, however I ran past the trailer for this almost a month ago now chances are you've seen it already but I had to have it here for you.

This is a new action / fantasy movie based around Greek mythology.  The Titans have been defeated and are imprisoned deep in the walls of Mount Tartaros, the only way they can be released is by the owner of the Epirus Bow, a legendary weapon of unimaginable power.  Mad with power King Hyperion has amassed an army of blood thirsty soldiers and has searched the whole of Greece in order to find the legendary weapon.  Everyone is powerless to stop King Hyperion until Zeus intervenes and secretly chooses a peasant named Thesus who must help save the people from Hyperion.

I really hope I get round to seeing this one quicker than I did with Gladiator.  The movie Stars Henry Cavill (Tristan + Isolde / The Count Of Monte Cristo)who plays Thesus, and it also features Micky Rourke (The Expendables / The Wrestler), Freida Pinto (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes / Slumdog Millionaire), John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / Harry Potter 2) and Stephen Dorf (Blade / Public Enemies).  Immortals is due for release in the UK on November 17th 2011.

NEW UK CINEMA RELEASES: September 16th 2011

Friday, 16 September 2011

What's on at the pictures this week?  Well stick around and I'll tell you, just like last week this should prove to be another good one with plenty going on in a couple of new comedy movies which have heavy weight casts, an absolute cracker of a movie about espionage and then there is this other one with Sarah Jessica Parker in, that in all honesty will probably be the only one I manage to catch.

I'll start this week with the biggest movie as always, Espionage thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  A movie that seemed to appear from no where, by the time I heard of it the trailer wasn't worth posting but, it's here for you now along with my usual little ditty.

Starring: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt and Benedict Cumberbatch

The movie is set in the 1970's and is based on a book of the same name which was released in 1974.  The story follows espionage veteran George Smiley, a former MI6 agent who in the days of the Cold War is forced out of semi retirement in order to uncover a Soviet double agent working in the British intelligence community.

The movie comes with a stellar cast including recent Oscar winner Colin Firth, in all honesty it's not the kind of thing I would normally watch, the Bourne movies are a bit more my thing but out of everything released this weekend I would put this top of my list.

Am I the only one who thinks Jason Bateman is in everything at the moment?  Probably not.  The Change Up is a movie I can tell you a little more about, it's one of those that I feel like I've already seen due to the amount of trailers released and promotion time the actors have had on TV.

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde

Growing up Mitch and Dave have been the best of friends, as they get older they grow further apart with Dave getting a high paid job, married and having kids.  Mitch on the other hand has none of that, no responsibility at all and from the outside looking in he wants some of Dave's action.  Following a drunken night out the friends wake up in each others body's and quickly discover that neither of their lives are as rosy as they first seemed.

Ok girls calm down I know Ryan Reynolds is in the movie, and yes I'll admit he is funny, ha thought I was going to admit something else there, right?  No seriously he is a funny guy but this type of thing has been done before, Tom Hanks (Big) and Jennifer Garner (13 Going On 30).  The laughs will be there but I don't think they will be gags we haven't heard before.

I'm not sure what to make of this next movie, 30 Minutes Or Less is a new action, adventure and comedy movie starring Jessie Eisenberg, another guy who is a quite a few movies right now probably due to his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie The Social Network.

Starring: Jessie Eisenberg, Danny Mcbride, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson

Eisenberg plays Nick, a pizza delivery guy who is kidnapped by two fledgling criminals.  The said criminals strap a bomb to his chest and tell him that he must rob a bank for them, catch is he only has a set time, mere hours to complete the task or else.

I really don't know to much more about the movie, and don't know what to make of the different bit and pieces I have seen on it, it's clearly more of a comedy movie than anything else, it has a very bright and colourful IMDB home page so maybe it will be worth a look.  For me though it will probably be better than SJP's latest offering but the two movies mentioned above would be on my list before this one.

Last one to mention this week, I Don't Know How She Does It starring Sarah Jessica Parker.  I don't have the trailer here for you but you can jump over to IMDB and check that out, in what is more than likely a chick flick as they say the movie follows Kate Reddy a high flying finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids.  I don't mind SJP, and will even admit that I like Sex and The City (the TV show and 1st movie), but The Family Stone (crap), Failure To Launch (crap) and Did You Hear About The Morgans?  Nope me neither!

Remember I will try and get round to seeing these movies and as I do they will be reviewed.  Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter or "Like" the site on Facebook to ensure you don't miss out on the latest.
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