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Review: THE KILLING FINALE, Beau Soleil and Orpheus Descending

Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's finally here, the best show on TV right now has had it's season 1 finale and 15 minutes in more and more revelations about the who's and what's are coming to light into the investigation of who killed Rosie Larsen.  We saw right at the end of episode 11 last week that Detective Holder managed to find the CCTV proving that Rosie was in the Casino, and they have now discovered she has been making large deposits into a bank account opened with ID provided by Mitch Larsen's sister, now I've been saying for ages now she has something to do with all this and she sure was shirty when Linden and Holder started to press her about it.

This is where Beau Soleli comes into it, the title of the first episode of the finale.  Beau Soleli is the name given to high end escorts girls who work under alias names for the casino, there usual clientel revolves around high rolling business men, you know people like the two councl men currently running for mayor and the guy who has just given the Richardson campaign $5m before the revelation of a skull being found in the housing development of his competetor, then he's having a party at his house with, you guessed it Beau Soleli girls.

Stan and Mitch have fallen out due to the money which has gone missing from the accounts and Mitch now knows that Stan has been making contact with old frieds of his that he promised he wouldn't do, as he's a changed man remember.  Just before the two episodes roll into one and we are introduced day 13 there is a big reveal. 

It would now appear that Council man Richmond killed Rosie Larsen but, Holder and Linden have got a lot more work on their hands to make sure there are no loop holes for him to escape.  Beau Soleli ended in gripping fashion as all the episodes do with Detective Linden coming to realise that she was in the home of Richmond alone with him, he knows that she knows and you are thinking something is going to happen here, but that wouldn't be worth his jail time and she walks right out and they roll their investigation on becoming more and more precise closing in the net on Richmond.

Into the second episode Orpheus Descending and the investigation into Council Man Richmond and the killing of Rosie Larsen is really starting to intensify, the episode before this has been full of character development and this one turns out no diffrent.  The characters of Linden and Holder came along way for me in the 11th episode when we first started to see some real trust between the two of them, that trust seems to have turned the into Mulder and Skully and they are making massive headway into the investigation.

In the mean time you would think Council Man Richmond is sitting alone in an office somewhere, probably in the dark drinking the obligatory bottle of hooch that all wealthy business men keep under their desk for times of stress.  Not the case with Richmond he is going on about his smiley public interaction, they of course don't know that he is now the main focus of the police investigation.  Revelations have been coming out regarding his private life and the women involved in his past, some of whom are involved in his present.  His own team are now beginning to doubt the man the support so loyaly.

It's hard to see where a second series is coming from right now as it's case solved as far as Linden is concerned, I'm sitting thinking what are they going to do for another 10 or so episodes but hey this is TV and there's nothing like a cliff hanger that you don't see coming.

Linden finally manages to get on the plane she was supposed to board during the first episode thinking her job is done, just as she does she gets the call to say that the camera shots from the toll booth bridge where no possible as they have not been working since the summer, so how did Holder have the photo of Richmond there?  It's doctored obviously and who evers car he got into would be responsible for that doctoring, I'm thinking the other mayoral candidate.

Now we know that there is a possability that Richmond is actually innocent as he has pleaded all along, problem is Belko has gone down to the prison escort armed with a gun, you don't hear the gun go off but I'm guessing he shoots Richmond yet another man who pays the price for something he didn't do.

I guess we will have to wait and see now, as yet I don't know dates for the second series but make sure to subscribe to the site in some way (it's free) and I will keep you up to date with news on the second series.
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