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X FACTOR Auditions 2011 Episode 3

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sa sa sa sa sa sa, if your English or have ever watched comedy show Shooting Stars then you probably get that, if not then it's my attempt at being funny.  It doesn't always work out.  Seriously though this could be the Tulisa show, I'll give you Kelly Rowland is hot but Tulisa steals it for me.  Ok what are we here for again?  That's right a review of Saturday nights X Factor auditions and again this week I have some good ones and some not so good ones to share with you.

First one to mention this week is David Wilder, this guy got through I'll tell you that straight off but I really don't know why.  He wants to be a rock star, you can't fault the guys energy but as far as being a rock star goes......Dream on David.

The show is as always open to 16 year olds and above and it seems that the 16 year olds are going to take Mr Cowell up on the offer with loads of them turning up on Saturday Night, including this kid Luke Lucas, try saying that when your drunk!  He is 16 if you hadn't already guessed and is another one in the long line of people who wanted to profess their love for N-Dubz star Tulisa, he got a peck on the cheek for his efforts and blew the judges away with Michael Jackson's Who's Loving You granting him 4 well deserved nods through to the next round.

Whilst I'm on the subject of Michael Jackson, I may as well talk about Michael Lewis who turned up on Saturday.  He was in the show last year and came dressed up as the king of pop, that didn't do him any favours and he didn't do himself any on Saturday either, let's face it if you can't sing when dressed like MJ then you probably can't sing, take note Mr Lewis.  Oh yeah he can't dance either.

Onto a girl group now, well more of a clan actually.  Angel, I don't think you can count yourself as credible when you audition with the Willow Smith song Whip My Hair, these girls had real attitude, not good though, it was bad and one of them even fired back when Tulisa criticised them, straight home for these guys then!

I thought I would save what I thought was the best until last, 21 year old Jade Richardson came all the way from Fife, Scotland (Tulisa didn't know that!) to audition in order to turn her life around.  Jade rolled up with almost her whole family in toe before blowing the judges away with her version of Adele's Someone Like You.

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