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Review: X FACTOR 2011 Auditions - Episode 5

Monday, 12 September 2011

So onto round five of this years X Factor auditions and as promised I'm back to give you the low down on the show which saw the X Factor train roll into both Liverpool and Birmingham.  I mentioned that I may stop reviewing this as views where simply not worth it but Sundays post has done quite well so let's just wait and see how this one goes, it has a whole week to build so maybe it will be better.

I didn't watch the show with the same enthusiasm as I usually would on Sunday night I think I was X Factor'd out and like I said in Episode 4's post I hope it's not going to be on TV every night like Britain's Got Talent was, doesn't Simon Cowell have enough shows on TV right now?

First one to mention from the night is Graham Bennett, a guy who wants to be a pop star following his success at the local Karaoke club.  Apparently women storm him and surround him dancing when he covers Shaggy's hit record It Wasn't Me.  I new from the intro this guy was going to be bad, standing in the changing room's flexing his muscles in the mirror whilst pretending to hold the microphone and sing.  He done Ricky Martin She Bangs, or at least that's what he said he was doing.  Needless to say Graham isn't going to boot camp.

Marcus Colin's turned up to the audition with his mother and even some of his hairdressing clients came along for the ride.  Wanting to give his mother a better life he's here for you now signed, sealed and delivered He's yours with a cover version of the hit song from Stevie Wonder.  As always I dont have room for all of the video's here so be sure to go check out Marcus at ITV or YOUTUBE

Nerves where a big thing on the night for the contestants and none were more nervous than soldier Jonjo, fresh from fighting in Afghanistan he has been pushed by his fellow colleagues to try out for the X Factor after he won a singing competition at work, he was pretty good, I think the nerves got the better of him on the night.  He did get four yeses but I don't think he will go any further than boot camp.

As always I keep the best until last and I think on Sunday night we may well have seen another potential winner of the show.  Amelia Lily is only 16 years old, that's right 16.  She looks at least 20.   With a cover of Dusty Springfield's Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart, Amelia blew the judges away and will definitely be a contender to win the show this year.

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