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THE KILLING Season 1 Episode 11 - Missing

Saturday, 10 September 2011

I have been making a bit of a thing in the last couple of weeks about American TV shows picking straight up where they left off the week before.  The Killing didn't quite do that this week Detective Linden was on her way to the casino via ferry last week, in this episode she was there already pressing the owner of the native American casino.  The Eagle casino is where the story goes it seems, the keyring found in Rosie Larsen's property has there symbol on it, all they need to do now is prove she was there on the night. 

Has Detective Holder got a family that we don't know to much about?  Or does he have more skeletons in the closet?  I was thinking briefly last night that was the case but, nope it's his sister who brought him up he remains quite involved with her and her two children.  I wasn't really sure about the character of Holder but he is really starting to come out of his shell in the last couple of weeks.

Fifteen minutes into the show and it's more of the backing story, delivering us a little more insight into the characters of both Linden and Holder, they are both starting to learn more of each other and their lives away from the investigation, it's quite refreshing really this is how a good TV show should be made letting us know about the characters, I think I know how they may stretch to a second series now.  All the best TV shows have followed this format, Lost and Prison Break included.

The two characters of Linden and Holder are really starting to bounce off each other well even giving us a little joke and a new angle for the show to work on, again a good thing, eleven episodes in and up to now this has not been a show that provides you with to many laughs, I'm really hoping the next forty five minutes will be as good as this, I'm enjoying the story away from the main plot probably helped by the acting of both Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman.

We are really starting to learn a lot of the personal lives this week and finally we hear that alcohol is not Holder's problem, he was actually addicted to Crystal Meth.  Something I picked up on the night was the previous case worked by Linden, this is purely a guess but she solved a case where the kid ended up in care and no one would adopt him.  Just a guess but do you think Holder was the kid she was referring to?  He did give her a funny look when they discussed it.

Thirty minutes into the show now and no politics this week, I'm lovin it.  Up to now the show has been pretty big on that part of the story line and again it's refreshing to see a move away from that.  The investigation this week is not even on Rosie Larsen, it's about Linden's wayward son who has bunked off school for the last three days and gone missing, she doesn't know why or where he is.

The end of the episode leaves you dripping for more, as things really just start to get going in the last quarter.  Holder is sitting in the car with a keyring from the casino, is that his? Is it Rosie Larsen's?  If it is hers why does he have it?  I was starting to think the episode was not going to feature the Rosie Larsen case at all this week other than the intro but, right at the end Holder gets the CCTV back from the casino's ATM machines showing that Rosie Larsen was there on the night.  That will help push through the warrant they need to search the place next week.

Just as any good TV show would The Killing leaves you wanting more and more every week, next Thursday September 15th the show finishes with a two part finale, I don't know about you but I can't wait.
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