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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hold up it's a reeeee make, that's right you heard me Point Break is getting a makeover Hollywood style, it seems that Patrick Swayze movies are are in the mix currently with Dirty Dancing also getting a face lift.

Ok I see their point on Dirty Dancing, actually I don't I really think they should leave that alone but to remake Point Break!  That just seems a bit crazy to me.  Don't get me wrong I know it was never the best movie made and it's concept was laughable but over the years it has gained a cult following and probably is the best surfer movie that has been made (I haven't seen many).  The movie can also be credited with lending it's storyline or concept to several movies over the years.  I have seen the original movie a good hand full of times and I enjoyed it, it's a no brainer that requires very little thinking about, released in 1991 you could hardly say the movie is out dated especially as surfing is still classed as a pretty cool thing to do, even here in North East England it's cool, although I think they may be referring to the water.  But hey who knows maybe it will be worth a watch and let's face it they have re-made Spiderman already. 

I mentioned the Expendables II in the post last week reporting that both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis had signed on for significant roles.  Following that it has now been confirmed that more 80's action stars are jumping on the Stallone band wagon with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris securing their role's in the movie.  Van Damme has of course been keeping busy with most of his movies going straight to DVD, he has also had a six part reality TV show which went out here in England named Jean-Claude Van Damme Behind Closed Doors.  Chuck Norris on the other hand has not made a feature film since 2005's The Cutter, it's un-clear as to what his part in the movie will be at this point. 

One thing has been promised by Stallone though, and it's something that audiences have been asking about for many a year now.  That is of course who is the hardest between Jean-Claude and Stallone?  Well we will find out in August 2012 when this movie is released as Stallone has promised a punch up between the two indicating that Van Damme may well be hired as some sort of villain (don't quote me on that), he fell out with Dolph Lundgren in the last movie remember and they were on the same team, sort of.

I'm just guessing but maybe the video posted below from way back when is the reason Stallone wants to kick Van Damme's ass!  Watch the whole video to see his impression of Arnie and Seagal too.

Now nothing better than a bit of news about SN double "O", P, that's Snoop if you hadn't worked it out.  The Dogfather is set to star in new comedy TV show which hasn't been rolled out to any network yet, shouldn't imagine they would take much persuading with him in the starring role.  Like most big rap stars he has found lately that acting is the way forward and has already had a similarly natured reality show on E! Entertainment Network called Snoop Dogg's Father Hood which followed him, his wife and three kids. 

The sitcom has been created by Don Reo for Warner Brothers TV, he is the guy who co created My Wife and Kids and more recently has worked on Two And A Half Men.  As well as taking up this show Snoop has also just signed up for the title role in new movie The Legend Of Fillmore Slim, a biopic of the Blue's man.
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