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Review: THE X FACTOR Auditions Episode 6

Monday, 19 September 2011

Are you board with the X Factor?  I'm starting to get a little board although that was staved off this week as I only managed to catch the audition video's on ITV.COM when the show had finished, it seems X Factor is one of those shows where we all go yeah it's not as good as it used to be but yet we still come back for more all the time.  It's a new judging line up this year apart from Louis Walsh, I think they have done a good job Danni and Cheryl are not missed at all and Gary Barlow seems to have filled Simon Cowells shoe's adequately, so as always I'll march on and watch the rest of the show even if it is just the Internet clips when it's finished.

Well first up this week, we met a bit of a nut case.  Natasha doesn't think she is nuts though and she introduced us to her sexy dancing, it was about as sexy as when Ruud Gullit introduced sexy football to Newcastle United and left Alan Shearer out the side lines, if your not from England then you can take it from me that's not good.  Natasha got four straight No's for the dancing first off then the singing and was told by judge Gary Barlow that should she ever take singing lessons again she should make sure they have a refund policy.

It was tears all round on the night, especially for most of the audience and judge Tulisa when mum of four Michelle Barrett came and performed a Whitney Houston classic, she was a good singer but I didn't think she was that good.  I don't think she will win but I would imagine she might make it through to the live shows.

Next up for you this week some Essex girls, not the ones from TV, although they would probably be right at home on that show TOWIE.  2 Shoes (click the link for video) I think there name was, don't remember I lost interest during the VT thinking they would be terrible.  They weren't terrible it was ok, not great but ok.  They are not the best group of the year and certainly aren't the best singers, maybe just as there is two of them they will make it to the live shows and for the record I would have went with Kelly Rowland's vote of NO.

Next up a guy named John Wilding who last year got through to Danni Minouge's house, he's back with some weight lost and a wonky hat singing Jennifer Hudson's Love You I Do and as the judges would say he nailed it.

As always I save the best till last and this weeks best came from 23 year old newly qualified Math's teacher John Adams who wowed the judges and the ladies in particular with his cover of Damien Rice's Cannonball securing himself four yeses and sailing through to the next round.

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