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NEW UK CINEMA RELEASES: September 9th 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

It's a good week in the cinemas with four very good movies out on release, actually make that three very good movies and one which plenty of critics have raved about but looks to me like it would be more at home on the SyFy channel.  The movies I will mention this week all have a theme in that they remind me of other movies or relate to a sport, so this should be fun.

First up is the weeks top movie COUMBIANA which reminds me of Domino starring Keira Knightly, not because the story lines are similar just the vigilante women who are involved.  The popularity of this movie has gone through the roof in the last week and it has wined up at number 1 on IMDB before it is even released here in the UK.

Starring:  Zoe Saldana, Jordi Molla, Michael Vartan and Lennie James 

COLUMBIANA follows the story of Cataleya, a woman who as a child witnessed the murder of her parents in Bogota, Columbia.  Cataleya grows up to be a stone cold assassin working for her uncle as a day job, then turns vigilante at night hoping that one day she will get to her number one target, the mobster who is responsible for her parents' death.

It's a Luc Besson movie, as were all of the Transporter movies which starred Jason Statham.  If nothing else this movie will be two hours of action packed fun to fill in what looks like a wet weekend here in England.

"Let's play Tennis", that seems to be the tag line for this next film FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, who are we to judge if you are lucky enough to have friends that will grant you those sorts of favours, and secondly you are lucky enough to have friends that look like Mila Kunis then go for it would my advice.

Starring: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Patricia Clarkson and Jenna Elfman

Both Dylan and Jamie work in the business of Hollywood, they are good friends who get together one night and drunkenly discuss the cliches of Hollywood romances.  The two end up in bed and agree to be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, they soon learn though that adding that element into their relationship does not come without it's complications.

This seems to be the type of movie I will get round to watching, maybe not at the cinema but at home on DVD.  I would imagine it's pretty easy going and should be a movie that both me and the lady friend can agree on.

Remember up top when I told you one movie this week looks in the TV trailers like it should be on the SyFy channel, well that is here for you now TROLLHUNTER has been getting rave reviews from the critics billing it as the best monster movie since Jurassic Park.  From the trailers I have seen it looks like it would be more at home on TV.

Starring: Otto Jespersen, Glenn Erland Tosterud and Johanna Mork

This is a Norwegian film which follows a group of students who are investigating a spate of mysterious bear killings.  The students are soon to learn that something far more dangerous is going on, during their travels they start to follow a mysterious hunter and learn that his prey is actually Trolls.

Also known as O CACADOR DE TROLLS this is a movie I don't think I will be going to see, I can't help but let it remind me of a made for TV movie or be similar to Blair Witch or Cloverfield.

One more movie to mention for you now, as there is not that much room here I have provided you with a link to IMDB, there you can check out the trailer for A LONELY PLACE TO DIE.  This movie follows five mountaineers who are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands where they discover a small Serbian girl buried in a chamber.
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