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DEXTER Season 5 Episode 12 - The Big One

Sunday, 4 September 2011

So here we are the finale of season 5 of the best show on TV, apologies for the late posting had a bit of hectic weekend again, long story I won't bore you so let's get on with Dexter.  Loved the intro to the show this week a massive high octane reminder of the impressive body count Dexter and Lumen have managed to chalk up throughout the series.  Seriously though what am I going to do for the next four weeks on a Friday night until season 6 starts. 

Harry was back this week too, I'm really hoping that is going to roll on into season 6 and guess what else?  The kids all turned up "SURPRISE", as always though they tend to pick the most inappropriate time to come to the door, don't they know daddy is a hobbyist serial killer?  The two older kids, his step children even want to stay with him for the summer, that should be ok he's not due back to serial killing until October they could go back to Florida then.

This episode was all go, full on action straight off.  After Lumen being kidnapped by Jordan Chase last week she now finds herself in the back of his I love myself to bits top of the range BMW 7 series.  Dexter is getting all stressed and tense and has even offered himself to Jordan if he lets Lumen go.

Dexter has been so busy killing people this season it's finally starting to catch up with him, just as he's waiting on some property details for Eugene Grier (Chase's real name) the call comes into Miami Metro Homicide that Stan Liddy has been found dead, a member of the public saw blood dripping from his van, the van Dexter was supposed to get cleaned up but up to now has not had time.  Then Quinn is deleting all of his Liddy contacts from his phone he asks Dexter if he had any guesses as to what happened to Liddy, just tell them Dex you stabbed him in the chest.  Looks like Dexter is going to get away with it though and Quinn is the main suspect thanks to letting that blood drip on his shoes.
County records finally called back, now Dexter has the address he ain't going back to the station to run any tests, he's going for Lumen but just as he arrives Jordan manages to get the better of him and he now has them both hostage.  Hold up what a shot get in Dexter I knew I had seen him in to many of these situations before, he stabs Jordan in the foot nailing him to floor.  Johnny Lee Miller has had some fall since he split with Angelina Jolie and now he finds himself on Dexter's table.  I was starting to think this situation may roll on into season 6 but nope straight in the chest as always.

Debra in the mean time gets the location of Jordan Chase's hide out, with her partner Quinn on his way to the slammer she just has to go alone, maybe she will unleash her serial killing dark side and form the threesome thing we talked about in the last couple of weeks, she walks in just as the job has been done, shame she couldn't speak Spanish she may have been there a little earlier she could have joined in.

Whhhhaaaaat, Debra just lets them walk just as you are thinking Dexter's time is up, does she know that her brother is behind that curtain?  Or is she just thinking that Jordan Chase deserves it?  She is going to be having a chat with Harry come the sixth season I think and maybe handing out a little vigilante justice of her own.

"Slice Of Life" is the name of Dexter's boat, is that supposed to be some kind of joke?  Either way I thought it was pretty funny.  When Dexter said home I didn't think Lumen would leave I was kind of hoping that they would be an item for season 6, maybe Dexter will be a reformed character in season 6 and will make it his business to get Lumen back, oh one more thing Masuka is surely paying that lady who he had at Harrison's birthday party.

It was a brilliant climax to what has been a brilliant season, it has turned into my favourite show on TV and I can't wait for the next season to come.  I will be keeping up with America where the show starts Sunday October 2nd on Showtime at 9pm, if I waited to see it here in England then I would have to wait till next April, that just ain't happening.  A short teaser I found for you.

In the mean time I found a great Dexter blog, go check it out for all the latest from the show (  See you in four weeks for more Dexter and I'll be back with all the other shows going on right now later in the week!
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