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I'm Just A Pimp, Who Like's To Pimp His Blog

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Now that got your attention didn't it?  I'm just a pimp, not in that sense.  I have been spreading my brand across the tinterweb.  What?  I know it's hard to beileive I am usually so busy writing stuff for this site that I don't have time to do work elsewhere.

Over here at Movies Music & Television I offer the chance to guest post on the blog, you can follow the link I have just provided or you can visit the contact section, remember though it has to be something to do with one of the subjects above.

So who have I been pimping myself out to?  My good blogging friend Glen at 1 Man, 365 movies that's who.  Glen has got a big mission on his hands he has promised to watch and review 365 movies this year, he is currently up to movie number 57 of that challenge and so far I I have read and commented on around 20 movies I think, ok maybe not that many but I made a commitment to Glen a while a go that I would comment on every one of his posts.

Wht did Glen get from me?  A movie review of course, as that is what his blog is about and I had some going spare.  I have taken lately, don't ask why! To watching made for TV movies on the SyFy channel.  I know most of them are bad, in fact most of them are really bad.  They bill them as horror movies when truth be told they are badly edited comedy movies which at times make you laugh so hard you think you are watching The Hangover, That may not be such a good example as none of the movies on this station are in the same league as that but you get my drift.

I got to watching SyFy the other night whilst doing some channel hopping, there I saw the movie The Human Centipede was on, a movie I had never even heard of until I was in Lidl getting myself some beer (you can read the full story at the link).  I won't tell you to much about the movie, go visit Glen.  What I will say is that SyFy should open up a new genre of movies and call it sick, The Human Centipede would be at home there.  It's a good job that England had just beat Wales 1 - 0 at Wembley on the night I watched the movie, why?  Well I had a couple of beers, six actually so I was already a couple of sheets to the wind, maybe that's why I left it on so long.

Remember get over to 1 Man, 365 Movies read the review and leave your comments, be sure to follow this blog and Glen's in some way.  You can subscribe to the RSS feeds, follow on Facebook, follow on Twitter, follow on Google and you can even follow both blogs through Networked Blogs, that's a Facebook application, enjoy the posting.

Remember in the next couple of weeks this site may look a little different, we're going (.COM), and I'm hoping you will all come and join me.
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