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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Winning is the catchphrase we all have heard from Charlie Sheen lately, along with various other rants including tiger blood.  It seems that Sheen may well be right though, not long after we heard the news of his new TV show Anger Management we are now hearing reports that Sheen will be back on the big screen with his first major Hollywood role since 2004's The Big Bounce.

Slashfilm reported that Sheen had been boasting that he had a script from Francis Ford Coppola in hand, this however was just after his sacking from hit TV show Two And A Half Men.  He wasn't lying the movie has now been confirmed and is named A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charlie Swan III, that's a pretty long movie title right?

Sheen won't have to movie to far from his Charlie Harper character to play the role, which apparently follows the life of a successful graphic designer who's fame, money and charm have made him irresistible to women.  His girlfriend breaks up with him and he goes on a downward spiral.  Don't know about you but I think it sounds like Two And A Half Men at the movies.

The Expendables II is a movie which has been talked about almost constantly since the big cinematic hit of the first installment.  In "The Expendables" Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis made cameo appearances.  Now it has been confirmed that both have signed up for the second movie in what are to be substantial roles.  As well as that Sylvester Stallone has handed over the directional duties and the three biggest 80's action stars will be back together on the big screen.

Not a problem for Stallone he has never really been to far away from the big screen, although at 66 he does have his work cut out to prove he can still mix it with young guns like Jason Statham and Jet Li.  Bruce Willis is the youngest of the three at 56, ten years Stallone's junior.  His fitness and action hero ability should come up to scratch with a role lined up in the new G.I. Joe movie, the sequel to R.E.D scheduled and Die Hard five penciled in, it's a wonder he can fit The Expendables II into his busy schedule.

Now comes Arnie a year younger than Stallone he has spent the best part of the last couple of years behind a desk, doing what I heard was not that good of a job being the Governor of California.  Second to that he has had pretty big up-heival in his private life recently with kids and mistresses literally coming out the woodwork.  Schwarzenegger has not been in a feature film other than cameo's since Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines which was released back in 2003.  No doubt he can pull off some pretty slick suits but he has some work to do in the Gym before he starts flexing alongside Willis and Stallone.

*Be sure to check back later when I'll be back with a review of last nights X Factor auditions, and don't forget we are going (.com) soon, hopefully in the next week.*
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