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Music, Gaming and Video Weekly News 30/01/11

Sunday, 30 January 2011

So here we go again with your weekly fix in everything (that's interesting) from the world of music, gaming and video.  Actually confession to make no gaming this week, why? well I have been on late shift all week and unfortunately have not been able to find any news in relation to it, so don't hate me we will all get over it I'm sure.

Here Goes,

Music News

Razorlight ready for a comeback.

Well it is now going on nearly 3 years since we last heard anything from Razorlight. The boys have been having a bit of a re shape with founding members Bjorn Agren and Carl Dalemo leaving meaning that Johnny Borrell is now the only original member. New additions Gus Robertson (Guitarist), Freddie Stitz (Bassist) and Skully on the drums. The bands last album was released in 2008 and any new offering will be eagerly anticipated.

Adele 21 Straight to Number 1

You may have caught my post about Adele earlier in the week, just as her first album 19 was a huge hit so to is her latest offering 21 which sold 100,000 copies in the first two days on sale. Her first album "19" has also jumped to number 4 in the chart.   Well done Adele.

Movie News

2010 Razzie Nominations Announced

As always during the award season the Razzie's are back once again reminding us all of what movies, actors, actresses and directors were the worst from the previous year. No surprises that Sex And the Shitty City 2 was nominated in almost every category.  I attempted to watch this and even my wife agreed that it was horrendous and we should turn it off immediately.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Back To The Big Screen

It has been announced that there will be a new feature film outing for Splinter and his aquatic friends in 2012 along with a new animated TV series.  Takes me back some years!

James Cameron To Make Avatar 2 & 3

James Cameron has announced that the next two movies he does will be Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, release dates are likely to be December 2014 and December 2015 respectively.

Jake Gyllenhaal New Movie "Source Code"

Just ran by this earlier on in the week, looks like it is going to be a great movie. Bit like Speed but more of a twist should be a good sci-fi action thriller, also starring Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga. Due to be released in US April 15th and UK April 22nd 2011. I will not be missing this one.

JackAss 3.5

The mad cap boys are back with their latest offering JackAss 3.5 to be released April fools day, only so many time you can take it don't think I will be in a hurry to see this one.

Well that's it in the news this week thanks for dropping by, keeping yourself up to date with all things music and movies this week, remember you can follow me, I won't mind honest. You can E-Mail me with suggestions or questions or follow me at

Movie Review: LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Starring Katherine Heigl

Friday, 28 January 2011

Right then here we go with another movie review, well she got her way again this weekend and we had to sit and watch another chick flick, I wanted to see Unstoppable but it wasn't to be.

Who's In It 

Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas

The Plot

Holly (Heigl) and Messer (Duhamel) are set up on a blind date by mutual friends, the date not going so well they return to their normal lives but are forced to stay in contact due to being their best friends daughter's god parents. They are inadvertently thrown into parenting when their friends are involved in an accident. 

The Verdict

As far as a rom com goes this was not to bad, I had read a little so kind of knew what to expect. The movie had a bit of sadness, fun and happiness. My first thought was where is this going, as it took a bit of getting into, after about 20 minutes the story of Holly and Messer living together, bringing up their god daughter in their friends home and hating each other got into full swing and the laughter began. Anyone who is a first time parent would totally understand what a life change it is and how much your own life will have to adapt.  This is where the story centers and does provide you with a laugh but nothing to memorable. The story was very predictable as to what would happen, everyone in love etc etc, and in my opinion the movie was a little longer than it needed to be at almost 2hrs.

Would I Watch It Again?

Probably not. Like I say it was to long the story was very predictable and I'm sure I'm washing my hair that night.

My Star Rating

**, because Katherine Heigl was in it.

Thanks for dropping by and remember you can send suggestions to or follow me at

Keep reading for all the latest news, reviews and gossip from movies, television and music. 

Adele 21 The New Album

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

So singer songwriter Adele has released her second album 21 the follow up to 19, she has been quite a busy girl lately spending most of her time in the states attempting to run over P.Diddy (funny story),  yeah seriously, she has of course been over there as she is probably just as big in America if not bigger than she is in England.

Adele is a graduate of the Brit school and was in attendance there the same time as Leona Lewis, I love her music and first became aware of it when I heard "Chasing Pavements".  Adele's first album was a massive succssess and both sides of the Atlantic and I'm sure that 21 will be no diffrent.  I love the first track to be released "Rolling In The Deep" after seeing her perform it live an Alan Carr.

Track Listing

1. Rolling in the Deep
2. Rumour Has It
3. Turning Tables
4. Don’t You Remember
5. Set the Fire to Rain
6. He Won’t Go
7. Take It All
8. I’ll Be Waiting
9. One and Only
10. Lovesong
11. Someone Like You

Thanks for dropping by hope you enjoyed it, why don't you buy yourself the new Album, remember you can get in touch with me via E-Mail or follow me on

Music, Gaming and Video Weekly News

Sunday, 23 January 2011

In order to bring in more regular readers here at Music, Gaming and Video we are going to bring you a weekly update to be published every Sunday night, so first up.

Movie News

Kiefer Sutherland confirms "24" the movie!

Kiefer Sutherland has been speaking to AJ Calloway in America and confirmed that after almost 200 episodes and 8 years down the line, 24 the movie should be ready to start shooting in around 8 months time.  No release date or that much info at the moment.

Lethal Weapon 5 or (Lethal Weapon) looks like it's got the go ahead!

Some great news, I think. Looks like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are ready to reprise their roles of Murtough and Riggs. Rumor around is saying that two scripts for possible follow up movies have been brought together to create the new one, both Danny and Mel are on board.  No release date is set at the moment but will be big news when announced I'm sure.

Mark Ruffalo all set to star in "Thank You For Sharing" written by Stuart Blumberg

This movie looks quite promising, and is based around people addicted to sex. A saucy subject I'm sure you will agree.  Also rumored is that Edward Norton will also be in contention for a role, maybe a bit frosty as Mark Ruffalo is set to star as "The Hulk" also, a role that Edward Norton was ditched from.  No release date yet.

Adam Sandler's new movie "Jack andJill" looks set to star Katie Holmes and Al Pacino

There's something you did not think you would see Al Pacino in a Adam Sandler movie, well he is along with Katie Holmes.  Any movie with the Sand Man in has to be worth a watch, so maybe we should check it out.  Oh one more thing Sahquille O'Neal is also in the movie.

Will Smith is currently developing a remake of "Annie" for daughter Willow to star in.

Well, lets just hope she ain't whipping her hair back and forth.

Gaming News

A funny story in the press this week

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 has been hacked somehow. The result, you can create your own personal golfers when they are female they come onto the course topless, can't say fairer than that. Lets hope Mr Wood and EA Sports see the funny side of it.

Television News

Top Gear series 16 starting tonight 23/01/11 on BBC

Yes that's right every bloke's favourite show is starting again tonight, back with the full cast Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond and The Stig. Tonight Jezza will be test the Skoda Yeti and James May (Captain Slow will take to the test track.  This is a bit late so you got yourself about 20 minutes to get down and watch it, or of course if like me you will already of Sky+ it right.

Well that's is for this week I'm off to watch "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel, so you can be expecting a movie review on that one.  Then it's time for my Top Gear fix we will have a look at that after the show too.  Thanks for dropping by and remember any suggestions you can E-Mail me you can also follow me on

How To know when you and your partner are comfortable with each other: Sarah Millican on The Graham Norton show 21st January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A quick one for tonight.

This has got to be one of the best stories I have heard on TV in a long time, hilarious!

I love this show and was blown away when I saw the guest list for tonight. First off Sarah Millican a superb comedienne from my neck of the woods (Newcastle Upon Tyne), none other than P.Diddy or just Diddy as he is known these days and Hollywood superstar Vince Vaughan.  This show (Episode 8) has got to go down as one of my favorites this series thanks largely to Sarah Millican who was hilarious, just watch Diddys face here when she talks about her boyfriend who "went downstairs" after they had been out for a curry, I laughed so loud I had to get it on here straight away, Thanks Sarah.

You are still laughing now I know it! one of the best interviews I have seen in a long time.  Thank you again Sarah Millican...Oh yeah Diddy and Vince Vaughan.

Remember keep dropping by for all the latest news, reviews and gossip on music, movies and television, or follow me. maybe you want to make some suggestions you can E-Mail me here or follow me on

Am going to attempt to send this onto Sarah Millican as I follow her on

More Great January 2011 Movies

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ok so you may have read my previous post in relation to this subject, problem is I seem to have missed out a few movies which I think will be worth a watch.

The Green Hornet

Who is in it

Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christopher Waltz, Cameron Diaz and someone I have not seen in a movie for years Edward Furlong who played John Connor in Terminator 2 and Danny Vinyard in American History X.

What's it about

It's all in the title here really, the movie is based on the original Green Hornet TV show starring Bruce Lee.  It the new movie Rogan plays Britt Reid who takes over from his father running the business, Reid's life changes completely when he and his driver Kato (Jay Chou) stop a robbery.  They then become a crime fighting superhero masked duo The Green Hornet and Kato.

This movie has to be worth a watch, as anything with Seth Rogan in seems to turn to gold at the moment, Jay Chou is also a martial arts expert meaning the action and stunts should be amazing.  The movie has also had an impressive weekend opening in the UK taking 1.88m and grossing 40m already.

The Dilemma

Who is in it

Vince Vaughan, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder

What's it about

Ronny (Vaughan) and Nick (James) work in partnership following being best friends through college.  The guys are looking to build up there company by landing a big project fully supported by both their partners.  The plot thickens though when Ronny catches Nick's wife out with another man, he decides to make it his mission to get to the truth finding out a little more then he would like along the way.

Anything starring Vince Vaughan is worth a watch and is bound to provide laughs, add Kevin James (King Of Queens) to the mix should make it hilarious.  The movie has done quite well up to now grossing 20m at the box office.  It is due for release in England on 21st January 2011 and is sure to have a busy opening weekend.  Not so sure I will be going to the cinema for this one though, may just wait for the DVD.

The Mechanic

Who is in it

Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Tony Goldwyn and Donald Sutherland

What's it About

Jason Statham is Arthur Bishop, he is the Mechanic (not in the automobile trade).  Bishop is a elite assassin and the best in the world at what he does.  Bishop is thrown into a personal revenge mission when his good friend and mentor Harry (Donald Sutherland) is killed.  The mission is complicated further by Harry son Steve (Ben Foster) who also wants revenge.  Bishop is used to working alone but can not leave Steve out, as the mission intensifies it becomes a case of who can you trust.

If the trailers for this movie are anything to go by it looks awesome, typical Jason Statham full of hard hitting and fast paced action, the story does appear similar to Statham last hitman character The Transporter but I think this will still be worth the money, walking from the cinema with you shoulders back and chest sticking out.  The Mechanic is due to be released in England on 28th January 2011.

Hope you enjoyed the latest posting, remember keep dropping by or follow me for all the latest news, reviews and gossip concerning music and movies.  Maybe you have suggestions for me you can E-Mail them to and contact me on

Movie Review: LITTLE FOCKERS Starring Ben Stiller

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ok so this weekend I finally got round to watching Little Fockers, where do I start?  I had been warned in earlier in the week by a friend that the movie was not that good and they thought Gulliver's Travels may have been better, so I was not expecting too much.


Who's In It

Ben Stiller (Greg Focker), Teri Polo (Pam Focker), Robert De Niro (Jack Byrnes), Blythe Danner (Dina Byrnes), Dustin Hoffman (Bernie Focker), Barbra Streisand (Roz Focker), Owen Wilson (Kevin Rawley), Jessica Alba (Andi Garcia).

The Plot

Well Pam and Greg are now happily living the family life with their children Samantha and Henry.  The family, especially Greg are feeling the strain of their financial ties.  This causes Greg to take up a job speaking at medical confrences in relation to a new Viagra type drug which is safe for people with heart problems to use, during all of this the family are preparing for the twins birthday party and all the family including Kevin (Pam's ex) turn up at the house.

The Verdict

I was not as crazy about this installment as I was about Meet The Parents or Meet The Fockers, dont get me wrong it did have it's funny moments including, father in laws taking the latest Viagra type medication to hit the market, also the stresses and strains of trying to get your kids into a new school.  Overall I would say the movie is not as funny as the other two but you will get a laugh. All the main characters are back and in top form, apart from maybe Owen Wilson who to be honest just got on my nerves.

Would I Watch It Again?

Lets say it was on TV and there was nothing else to watch then probably yes.

My Star Rating


Hope you enjoyed the latest review remember you can E-Mail me with your questions or suggestions at and also follow me on

Thanks for dropping by, remember keep visiting or follow me for all the latest news, reviews and gossip.

Movies With Great Soundtracks

Sunday, 16 January 2011

There are hundreds of thousands of movies out there, probably millions actually.   I was reading a blog today which got me thinking of movies that I have watched and then gone onto to download the entire soundtrack or just searched for some individual songs that I loved and wanted to add to my iPod, actually iPod may be stretching it, I don’t think iPod’s where invented when some of the songs or movies where released.  Let’s say I recorded them onto tape somehow and listened to them on my Walkman, pretty retro!
This is in no particular order so here’s my list, enjoy
Save the Last Dance (2001) starring Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas

If you don’t love or even like this movie then I am sure you could not help but tap your feet to the slamming hip hop and R & B tracks, the mix of hip hop and ballet dancing really bring the music to life.  The main song in the movie and the one which I downloaded was a massive hit all over in nightclubs and bars, yes of course it’s “Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful”, the other two songs in the movie which I really liked where also big hits “Ice Cube – You Can Do It” and “Montell Jordan – Get It On Tonite”.  The soundtrack is available courtesy of Rawkus entertainment.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino

This movie is a classic and is typical Tarantino mixing violence a great storey and brilliant music all into one.  The music here was kind of Blues rock which I love, the scene in the bar when they all turn to vampires and the band are playing, just great music.  I did not buy the soundtrack to this movie and the only song which I downloaded was “The Blasters – Dark Night”.  The soundtrack to the movie was written by Jimmie Vaughan.

Friday (1995) starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker

I loved this movie and lost count of how many times I watched it when I was a teenager, not seen it for a long while now “hey Smokey’s back here taking a shit” Haha, great.  The soundtrack to this movie is also great mixing it up with big hip hop beats and some old skool tunes, but yet again I never bought the full version only one song “Dr Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringing”

Road House (1989) Patrick Swayze
I will still sit and watch this movie to this day not only because I love it but because of the music from the late great Jeff Healey.  Jeff Healey was a fantastic blue’s guitarist, Jeff and his band (The Jeff Healey Band) are responsible for some great rocking blues songs.  Jeff also starred in the movie, he played Cody the man who was always booked to play the bar, the movie also included his band.  So let’s get to the songs I loved “Jeff Healey – Hoochie Coochie Man” and “Jeff Healey – When The Night Comes Falling”.

Commando (1985) Arnold Schwarznegger

Ok this movie might not have much of a soundtrack, but when I was younger I loved it, believe it or not I was only 3 years old when this movie was released, no id didn’t watch it then.  I have seen this movie numerous times though and would still watch it now if I saw it was on TV, now to the music the very last scene in the movie Arnie walking off the beach with his daughter to this song “The Power Station – We Fight For Love”.

Well that is my list hope you enjoyed it, I have got myself thinking about all kind of movies now.

Kepp visiting or follow me for all the latest news, reviews and gossip from music, movies and TV, remember you can E-Mail me at or follow me at

Thanks for visiting.


Friday, 14 January 2011

I do not want to be starting rumors, but I was sitting watching a movie "Hard to Kill" starring Steven Segal and Kelly Le Brock tonight.  The movie finished and I flicked over to The Graham Norton show on BBC 1HD.  Matt Le Blanc was a guest on the show, at first I was struck by how different he looks from his days in Friends and Joey, and also how quiet he was, I decided to go and get myself another beer.

Of course Matt is on the show because he is promoting his new show on BBC2 "Episodes".  As you have seen in a previous posting I watched the first episode and am holding out for the second, hoping it will get my interest more.  I then thought, and I don't know why what happened at the end of the first episode, well for anyone that did not see it actress Tamsin Greig was leaving her husband played by actor Steve Managan, she drove off fiercely in her car and crashed into Matt Le Balnc's car.

Missed the show you can catch the first episode below,

Next episode 17/01/2011 BBC2 (England)

It was clear in the first episode that Tamsin Greigs character was not happy with the move to L.A, do you think the incident with Matt Le Blanc will change this.  Will Matt Le Blanc and Tamsin Greig become an item in the show?  I do not know the answer to this honestly and would like your feedback, this is a thought that just came to me out of the blue.

Remember follow me, or let me know what you think at or contact me at

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What Happened To "The Event"

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Event (NBC and Channel 4)

Cast – Jason Ritter (Sean Walker), Sarah Roemer (Leila Buchanan), Laura Innes (Sophia Maguire), Ian Anthony Dale (Simon Lee), Scott Patterson (Michael Buchanan), Taylor Cole (Vicky Roberts), Lisa Vidal (First Lady, Christina Martinez), Bill Smitrovich (Vice President Raymond Jarvis), Clifton Collins Jr (Thomas), Zeljko Ivanek (Blake Sterling) and Blair Underwood (President Elias Martinez)
With Lost, Prison Break and FlashForward now away from our screens NBC’s latest offering The Event has been providing us with high octane US action and thrills.
The Event in my eyes is currently the best show on television, and I have certainly been missing it since it left our screens in early December 2010.  The show is aired in America on NBC and in England on Channel 4 it stars Jason Ritter who plays Sean Walker a man who is investigating the disappearance of his fiancé, the further Sean delves into the investigation the more he uncovers about the biggest cover up in American history.  Ten episodes of the show have currently been aired and it is due to return to our screens in early spring 2011, can’t wait!
Never seen it yet (take a look at the trailer below) you can watch full episodes on 4OD (4 On Demand) available on YouTube.Com

Episode List
1.       I Haven’t Told You Everything
2.       To Keep Us Safe
3.       Protect Them From The truth
4.       A Matter Of Life and Death
5.       Casualties of War
6.       Loyalty
7.       I Know Who You Are
8.       For The Good of Our Country
9.       Your World to Take
10.   Everything Will Change

11.   And Then There Were More (According to my sources aires 28/02/2011 probably on NBC)
This show has provided some really good viewing since we no longer have the conspiracies of Lost and FlashForward to get our heads around.  The Event has plenty of its own questions, theory’s and answers that it throws up to get us thinking. 
What are your thoughts on the show?
How do you think things will pan out over the remainder of the series?
let me know leave your comments below or E Mail me at  and I’ll share the ideas with our followers and visitors.
I am also available on
Hope you enjoyed your visit, keep following for all the latest news, reviews and gossip.

Matt Le Blanc "Episodes"

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A new TV show started tonight on BBC 2 starring Matt Le Blanc, well maybe not he was not really involved to much in the first episode.  The show is called Episodes and premiered in England on 10/1/11, not really sure what to think of it at the moment had it's fuuny moments but nothing like what you are used to seeing Matt Le Blanc in.  The show also stars Steve Mangan and Tamsin Greig who play a couple who have wrote a very sucsessful english TV show which has been picked up by a American TV network, only things don't quite go to plan when they get to LA for their so called set in stone deal.  I will be watching again next week to see if it gets any better when Matt Le Blanc is actually in the show, have a look at it yourself and let me know what you think.

Remember keep an eye for all the latest, or follow me to keep in touch.

January 2011 Movies

Sunday, 9 January 2011

As always with a new year comes some new movies to watch, I have picked my top three coming out in January 2011 which may be worth a watch.

Little Fockers, Ben Stiiler and Robert De Niro

Dont know whay, maybe because of the holiday period but this movie has not quite had the hype that would be expected.

True Grit, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon

This movie definatly looks worth a watch, after all it has got Matt Damon in, the movie is about a girl who gets a US Marshall to track down the man who killed her father.

The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale

Any movie with these guys in is definatly worth a watch, Wahlberg plays Micky Ward an Irish boxer, covering his early years and rise to a professional carrer traind by his brother played by Bale.

Hope you enjoy keep an eye on the blog for review of the above movies during January, or like i say you can follow me I really wont mind.

What was that song?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Back in the day before marrige and family I used to go down to the local pub for a few beers with my mates on a Sunday afternoon.  We would always load up the jukebox with our favourite tunes.  Journey - Don't stop believing, Journey - Wheel in the sky, and one other song that I never picked but loved, for some reason I never asked anyone the name of the song or who sang it.

I was in the car the other day on my way to the supermarket when the song came on the radio, great I have not heard this in ages turining my radio up full blast.  The station will tell me the name of the song when it's finished, nope!.  So I got myself home and decided to Google the main words to the song and yes you guessed it I found it straight away.  Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire, ok I know its not the best song ever but pub full of blokes playing pool and shooting some darts, does it really get any better than that?

Lack of BLOGGING to be made up for in January

I have been into blogging now for a couple of months and to be honest a lot of what I have posted is just garbage.  I do in January intend to turn this around especially in relation to both Music and Movies.  I suppose it is so cold in the UK right now that there is nothing much else to do.

I have also been busy with most of my writing on, a great site if you get the chance to look.

Take a look at some of my Hubs, take this one to start.  There are plenty of others once you get there.

Keep checking out this Blog for new contect during January and beyond.  You can even follow me if you like, I wont mind honest!

I can also be found on Twitter, tweet me @Martyv28 unfortunatly the username I use for everything else online was taken on Twitter

and also, Martin Vout.
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