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Movie Review: HORRIBLE BOSSES Starring Jason Bateman

Saturday, 31 December 2011

I have had this movie sitting in my pile for quite some time now and finally now all the good TV shows have wrapped for the new year I have time to watch some of them.  Remember I was telling you our neighbours were round last weekend, we got pretty drunk and they recommended this movie, I’m pleased they did because although Horrible Bosses was pretty stupid in parts it was very funny and it's a movie I would definitely recommend.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx

The Plot

Nick (Bateman) hates his boss (Kevin Spacey) after he has been promised a promotion for years only to have the rug ripped from right under his feet, Dale (Day) hates his boss (Jennifer Aniston) as she is continually sexually harassing him in the workplace (what’s he
complaining about?).  Kurt (Sudeikis) loved his boss (Donald Sutherland) but he dies and his coke head son (Colin Farrell) takes over who he hates as he does not care about the company’s brilliant reputation.  The three friends get drunk one night and before they
know where they are they have hired a murder consultant to help get rid of their daily grind problems.

The Verdict

Ok, it’s not the most in-depth plot but I do have to say that this movie is hilarious, even more so than Step Brothers.  It’s an R-Rated comedy in America and a 15 certificate here in the UK meaning that the humour is brought crudely and rudely to your screen, and that’s fine providing that you don’t mind what at times is excessive swearing. Think Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin that type of movie and the crude sex jokes will no doubt be in the same context.

That’s not to say that this was a bad movie, I actually quite enjoyed it.  It’s very easy to sit and relax to this whilst having a couple of beers and allowing your mind to wander off a little because what happens in the end is very predictable, you know these guys are not
capable of murder and all the laughs are centered around their ideas of how the could kill their bosses.

That leads them to a bar on lets say the shady side of town, and what would turn out to be probably the funniest returning one liner in the movie, introducing Motherf**ker Jones (Jamie Foxx) a guy who has changed to the hood name of Motherf**ker as his real name Dean is not street enough for where he lives.  This does lead to all, or at least most of the hilarity “Hey Motherf**ker”, “What’s up Morthf**ker”, you get my point, for some reason it does not get old or unfunny at least to me anyway and Jamie Foxx pulls off the role in convincing style as you would expect, he convinces the guys that he’s just done 10 years
for murder, although he never actually told them that it’s just something they presume from his story and his name of course.  The real reason he done 10 years, DVD Piracy.

Seriously! Would you complain about this?

It’s the first time I have seen Charlie Day in a movie, I really don’t know to much about him, he is a very funny guy but at times I thought maybe he was a little over the top, and why would you turn down advances from Jennifer Aniston?  She may be over 40 but it wouldn’t stop me.  All in all I got what I wanted out of Horrible Bosses which was a good relaxing movie where I could have a couple of beers and laugh my ass off, but from what I have heard the recently released Bridesmaids is funnier so I will be going to check that out over the festive period.

Would I watch it again?

Yeah I probably would, even if it’s just to see Motherf**ker Jones in action or hear Jason Bateman tell the police  “I’m into drag racing”, you go drag racing in a Prius?  “I don’t win very often”.

Rating:  MMM 

Review: BREAKING BAD 1.3 - And The Bag's In The River

Friday, 30 December 2011

Following straight on from where we left off in “Cat’s In The Bag”, TV shows simply don’t start any better than Breaking Bad.  Following Walt (Brian Cranston) and Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) flip of a coin it was left to Jesse to get rid of the dead drug dealer.  Taking the challenge up he didn’t follow through with Walt’s instructions put the guy in bath tub and then poured acid over him, guess where we are going?  The bath disintegrates along with the body and comes through the ceiling.

That provides the opening to this episode with Walt and Jesse wrapped up with gas masks on cleaning the floor, and no doubt going on to fix Jesse’s ceiling.  I don’t want to be repeating this every week but Cranston and Paul put in some brilliant performances week on week and this was no different.
The episode focused mainly on Walt’s dilemma, does he kill crazy-8, currently tied up in Jesse’s basement, or can he talk him around b y way of reasoning and get them to work together.  Can Walt be sure that he can even trust Crazy-8?  He is a junkie after all, he may well go and run his mouth to the police.  It’s somewhat of a moral dilemma for Walt who really doesn’t want to make a murderer of him self.
Not only does Walt have that to deal with but his wife has noticed that something is going on with him due to all the mood changes.  Not wanting to admit that he’s cooking up and dealing Crystal Meth he tells her that’s he’s smoking marijuana.  A better move admittedly but his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) tells her sister who automatically thinks she’s talking about Walt Jr, their son.  That wouldn’t be bad normally but her sister is married to Hank (Dean Norris), a DEA agent.  Hank pops over and decides to take Walt Jr on a little tour of the darker side of town in another scene that proves this show does not just rely on the powerhouse acting of Cranston or Paul.

Another brilliant episode that followed on well from the last, this one was better and I really am looking forward to the fourth, I’m almost half way as there are only 7 episodes in the opening season.  Again I’ll say I’m not looking to make these reviews to long, don’t forget start following in someway RSS, Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to leave your comments, join in with me and Ruben.

2012's Most Anticipated Movies: Part 2

Thursday, 29 December 2011

As with Part 1, some of the movies mentioned here I don’t have full details on but I will be sure to update when I know anymore.


Release Date: Not yet arranged

Budget: Unknown

Director: David Twohy

Starring: Vin Diesel, Joel William Gonzales and Karl Urban (more to be confirmed)

I’m actually a big fan of Vin Diesel and I really enjoyed the two Riddick movies which have already been done (Pitch Black (2000), The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004).  They are not normally the kind of thing I would watch but I suppose Diesel was the draw.

No official release or name yet, Riddick is just something they have come up with from what I can gather but there is a little plot for you.  Riddick is betrayed by his own people and left on a desolate planet fighting off alien predators, it does not take long before
every bounty hunter in the galaxy is after him, but Riddick soon has his enemy’s right where he wants them and he returns to his home planet Furya to save it from destruction.

Underworld: Awakening

Release Date: January 20th 2012 United Kingdom, couple weeks earlier
in the United States.

Budget: Unknown

Director: Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley and Kris Holden-Reid

Again like Riddick this is not the type of movie that I would usually watch, I think I caught the original at a friends house once following that I bought the second and have to say I really enjoyed them both, as far as this one goes it will probably be one of the first movies I will see in the new year.

From what I remember in the previous two movies it was always Vampires v Lycans, in this third instalment the humans find out about the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans and they head to war to eradicate both.  One problem they don’t bargain for is Vampire warrioress Selene.

The Avengers

Release Date: April 27th 2012 United Kingdom

Budget: 150m (est)

Director: Joss Whedon

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L Jackson

From what I understand this is a collective superhero movie, where all of our favourites bar one or two come together for the S.H.E.I.L.D Agency, I would presume this is something to do with Marvel or DC Comics.  If you read this blog then you probably already know that I have never looked at a comic book in my life so don’t know to much
about them.

The movies created massive hype on the Internet this year especially when the official trailer was released, the plot is that S.H.E.I.L.D bring together a bunch of super humans to help save the earth from annihilation by extraterrestrial invaders.

Total Recall

Release Date: August 22nd 2012 United Kingdom a week or two earlier in the US.

Budget: Unknown

Director: Len Wiseman

Starring: Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy and Ethan Hawke

This is the first remake I have mentioned, I don’t think there were any in part 1 either.  I have never seen the 1990 original starring both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, not fully anyway I have seen bit parts but not really enough to get a grasp of what was
happening, maybe I should watch it before I see this one.

I would suspect this goes along with the story of the first movie please correct me if I’m wrong.  Colin Farrell is a factory worker and the Nation states of Euromerica and New Shanghai are vying for supremacy, he begins to think he is working as a spy but has no idea which side he should be on.


Release Date: June 1st 2012 United Kingdom and as you guessed a couple of weeks before that in the United States is the best I can do.

Budget: Unknown

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Patrick Wilson, Idris Elba and Guy Pearce

I have been hearing plenty about this movie in the last few months especially now as pictures are starting to leak onto the Internet, I have to be honest again and say that it’s not normally the kind of thing I would watch but due to the fact that Idris Elba is in it, then it gets my vote.

A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, this leads them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe, when there they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Movie Review: STEP BROTHERS Starring Will Ferrell

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I should really set the scene for you first of all, it’s the week before Christmas so there really is not much on TV.  The schedule this week and next seems packed with movies, so, since this is essentially a movie blog I may as well watch and review most of them for you.  I have heard of Step Brothers but never seen it.  It was a cold winter night here in the UK and we were wrapping Christmas presents, at least that was the plan, I think we spent most of the two hours (ish) rolling round in laughter at what was an incredibly stupid but very, very funny movie starring two of Hollywood’s best.

Starring: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins, Adam Scott and Kathryn Hayn

The Plot

Did you ever see Talladega Night: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby?  Yeah, well I didn’t but I have seen it in parts in which I laughed my ass off, Step Brothers re-unites Ferrell and Reilly with the direction Of Adam McKay in what is one of the most childishly funny movies I have seen.  The plot is simple Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) are 30 something men who still live at home with their parents who are dating, the parents get married and the two step brothers are forced to move under the same roof.  A decision that neither of them are thrilled with so, que the hilarity.

The Verdict

First off if you are into deep and meaningful story lines or plots then Step Brothers really is going to do nothing for you, the plot is stupid the movie is stupid but so was the a for mentioned Talladega Nights, like that movie Step Brothers would just not be worth doing
unless you have people who are as funny as Ferrell or Reilly.  The only other possible duo here could be Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill especially for the more vulgar of the jokes.

It’s not a believable movie in any way shape or form, like I said the plot is ridiculous and the story is not interesting.  However, the stupid jokes shared between the brothers are absolutely hilarious, add into the mix Brennan’s brother Derek played by Adam Scott and it just gets funnier again.  That’s as far as things go mind you don’t expect anything other than laughs because the rest is just really stupid and to be honest probably something you would expect a couple of 14 year olds to enjoy.  The most stand out funny moment for me would be when the brothers finally make friends and decide to converts their beds into bunks, ok, you can see the joke coming a mile off but it’s still very funny!  If you have seen it you know what happens, if not take a look at the clip below.

So, yeah.  That is the funniest bit of the whole movie, I was still laughing about an hour later just thinking back on it.  This is not my normal length review, as there really is not to much to say on this movie other than it was hilarious in parts and not so much in others.  Step Brothers is a movie you would not have been impressed by had you
paid the cinema fee, getting on rental would be a little less frustrating and seeing on TV would probably be your best bet, it was on Channel 5 which is free so that says a lot.

Would I watch it again?

No I don’t think I would, although I may return to this review from time to time and remind myself of the bunk bed scene.

Rating: M

2012's Most Anticipated Movies: Part 1

Monday, 26 December 2011

The Dark Knight Rises

Release Date: July 20th 2012 in United States, Canada and United Kingdom

Budget: £250m

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Liam Neeson, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman and Michael Cane.

Probably the most highly anticipated superhero movie of all time, thanks largely to the powerhouse that is Christian Bale.  Batman has been reinvented since Bale took the role in 2005’s Batman Begins (Reviewed here).  I ran a superhero pole a while back and voted for Spiderman, Batman and Spiderman came out on a draw if I remember rightly, following the poll I watched Batman Begins for the second time and then took back my vote.

As far as watching The Dark Night (2008), well I have the movie but am in the process of getting a new Blu-Ray player, so I figured I would hang off until then and watch it in the best effect possible.  The Dark Knight Rises sees new bad guy Bane (Tom Hardy) as the chief protagonist, the terrorist leader arrives in Gotham City with a whole new challenge for Batman pushing him to breaking point and beyond.

The Expendables 2

Release Date: August 17th 2012, United States no dates for UK as yet
but will probably be a week or two later.

Budget: £100m (est)

Director: Simon West

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liam Hemsworth, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris

Oh and Tennis player Novak Djokovic will play himself in a cameo role. I’m actually really looking forward to this one, I really enjoyed the first instalment you just don’t get kick ass action like this anymore, straight out the 80’s.  Your only hope nowadays is to watch a Jason Statham movie.

There really are not to many details out about the plot just yet, but if the first one is anything to go by then The Expendables 2 should be an action packed blood thirsty kick ass action movie which you must not miss, think like John Rambo and The Expendables (2010).

The Bourne Legacy

Release Date: August 17th 2012, United Kingdom no dates for US release
probably a couple of weeks before

Budget: Unknown but probably £100m +

Director: Tony Gilroy

Starring: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen and Scott Glenn

It’s hard to pick a favourite in any of the Bourne movies, you would probably have to say that The Bourne Ultimatum edged it just slightly followed very closely by the first movie.  I mentioned my new Blu-Ray above, I intend watching them all again in this format but I wouldn’t expect my opinion to change much, they are all pretty kick ass movies.

The biggest surprise with the Bourne Legacy is the fact there will be no Matt Damon, the man who pretty much made the first three movies what they are.  They are some tough boots to fill that’s for sure, but I’m sure Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner can handle that.  Will it be as good as the previous three movies?  I hope so.


Release Date: October 26th 2012 United Kingdom probably a week or two
later in the US.

Budget: £200m (est)

Director: Sam Mendes

Starring: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Finnes and Ben Wishaw

We can go back to the Dark Knight Rises really, I have said it before that Daniel Craig and Christian Bale have made both Bond and Batman cool again, before Daniel Craig came along I was not really to hot on Bond movies, especially ones which starred Pierce Brosnan, nothing against him I just don’t think he is that cool.  Casino Royale was released in 2006 I loved that I loved Quantum of Solace just as much.

In Skyfall we are stepping off into a one off storyline which has nothing to do with the previous two movies, there certainly has been plenty hype up to now and for the first time starring Daniel Craig we will see the character of “Q” return.  In the movie Bond’s loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her, MI6 comes under attack and Bond must do everything in his power to stop it no matter what the personal cost.

Men In Black III

Release Date: May 25th 2012 United Kingdom probably a couple of weeks
before in the US.

Budget: Unknown but the first movie was around £140m, that was in 2002
so this will be a lot more.

Director: Barry Sonnefeld

Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Josh Brolin, Emma
Thompson, Rip Torn and Nicole Scherizinger.

You have to admit all the previous instalment of this franchise have been enjoyable, ok I didn’t go to the cinema to see them but they are very funny which is helped along by Smith's wise cracks and Jones’ dark and dry sense of humour.

I can’t give you to many details because there aren’t any as yet but I’m sure we can all hazard some sort of guess as to what we should be expecting, I probably won’t be seeing it at the cinema but I do think this is going to be a very good movie, it certainly has been long enough in the making.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Movies Music & Television

Saturday, 24 December 2011

I really don't know where to start!  Thank you to all my readers, merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all, yeah I know it's Christmas eve but I wanted to get something out to let you know what's going on here and what may be going on here in the new year.  First off, I will say that Christmas Day and Boxing Day are off limits for blogging so I won't be doing anything, if I see anything good during that time then don't worry I will let you know about it, just don't expect it to be on one of those two days.

Movies Music & Television is almost 1 year old now and is nearing it's 100k hit, I don't know if that's good for a blog in it's first year or not but I have enjoyed it, I really hope I can get to 100k before the sites 1 year party!

I don't plan on doing much this week, you probably guessed that from what I said above but I have been busy this week making sure there are things to keep you going through the Christmas and New Year, as it's near Christmas there are plenty movies new and old on TV so you will hear about them.  I will have two days off, you can afford me that but I'm back to real work on the 27th so that is when the blogging will start again with a post a day taking you into the New Year.  After New Years day I will probably be posting on things that have amused me over Christmas or the New Year, and you will probably get a few more movie reviews than you are used to.

2012 See's Movies Music & Television go into it's second year and I have learnt a lot in the year gone by and I'm sure that some of the things I will try in the new year will learn me more.  I won't tell you exactly where I am going with the site but I am hoping to make it more user friendly, I want you to stick around here longer.

There are of course some new TV shows coming up, Alcatraz being the most notable, then we have Touch, The River and the return of The Walking Dead.  There will of course be some British TV shows that I will check out but as yet I don't know what they are, be sure though, that whatever they are I will be watching.

In the new year I hope to launch a newsletter which you can subscribe to weekly via e-mail, that's the plan and one I hope I have time to do it along with some other new additions I will be adding to the site.

I will be offering out advertising, not through your usual way though, it may be a case of donating something to the the site via Paypal and I will give you a picture link in one of the sidebars, you will be able to contact me about that so be sure to keep an eye on the Contact page.  What would thrill me most is more comments, please join in with the conversation in the New Year.  I respond to all my comments and don't intend on stopping now.

Anyway, I am keeping you far to long for Christmas Eve, get yourself into bed and be with your family.  Make sure you come back here on the 27th for some more of what you have to look forward to in 2012.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Friday, 23 December 2011

It’s a pretty good weekend if you are off to the cinema following your Christmas festivities, two good movies for you to go see, both of which look pretty good so, without further adieu here they are.

First off it’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (MI4), probably one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year and the follow up to MI3 which was a great movie.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton

The fourth instalment of the Mission Impossible series sees Ethan Hunt return with his IMF team, this time they are on the case of a terrorist named Hendricks.  The team manage to track him to the Kremlin but the mission goes badly wrong causing the US President to
initiate Ghost Protocol, meaning that Hunt’s IMF team are disbanded. Not one to give up Hunt and his team stay on the tracks of Hendricks following him to Dubai and then onto Mumbai.  Problem is they may be to late again.

The movie is receiving brilliant reviews, it’s even being mentioned as one of the best movies this year.  One thing is for sure Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol promises to be full of action and excitement.  Check out the trailer below.

Next up for you this week is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a movie which I hadn’t heard to much about until recently.  I only saw the trailer a couple of days ago and have to be honest, it looks really good.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer and Stellan Skarsgard

The movie is based on a Swedish novel, a best selling trilogy in fact.  The story follows a disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) as he investigates the disappearance of a wealthy Patriarch’s niece.  Mikael is joined in his investigation by Lisbeth Salander
(Rooney Mara), a young computer hacker.  The further they dig into the investigation the more and more corruption they uncover.

Like I say I only saw this the other day and I do think it looks really good, it definitely gives you a good choice to make at the cinema this weekend considering the other release.

I’ll let you all know now, this post will be getting a re-vamp in the new year.  A name change and more content, If you don’t subscribe to the site already then get on it.  RSS, Twitter and Facebook are all available and along with the re-vamp of this post you will also be able to subscribe to the Newsletter which is going to be released weekly in the new year.  Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to all my readers, I’ll be back a little later today with the Homeland finale review.

Review: HOMELAND 6.12 - Marine One Season Finale

Well, as far as finale’s go you do have to admit that Homeland’s was one of the best, the show has not let up once during it's entire debut season with excellent acting from all involved, great story telling, great action and a plot which expanded so well that Showtime now have another Dexter style mega hit on their hands, if you hadn’t noticed already then I thought this is quite possibly the best 90 minutes of TV I have seen this year, I don’t watch, well haven’t caught up with the latest Breaking Bad just yet remember?  I have often said that Homeland is tough going, you could liken it to The Killing, only this show is so much better as it has a bit of everything.  The action may not be explosive week on week, it wasn’t even explosive for 90 minutes of this finale but the story and plot are so intense that you simply can not take your eyes off the screen for a moment.

It has often been talked about how the writers planned to make this show span more than one season, some people even argued that it would have been just as good in a miniseries, I’ve no doubt it would because the writers involved here are so clever in the way in which they story has been told/revealed that it could have worked in any format even more so with the actors who have been involved right from the off.  It is now clear where season 2 will be taking us, we know that Nick Brody (Damien Lewis) is definitely prepared to kill himself for Abu Nazir, the only thing stopping him here was the fact the vest failed first time around, he did fix it but was talked down by his daughter. 

What we do now know is that it was never Abu Nazir’s plan to have Brody make his way into government, he is getting the chance to run for Congress a decision he has made with the help of his family and a shrewd move really as this means that he will probably not have to go through with killing himself as he is a trusted aid of the Vice President and can grant access to places where Nazir’s men would not have gotten near.  That ultimately saved his life in the finale and although his vest malfunctioned he still has blood on his hands after he shot Tom Walker to prove his dedication to Abu Nazir.

Not only was Lewis sublime in his acting of these scene but the way the phone call from his daughter came across was brilliant.  Carrie (Claire Danes) had got to his daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) and told her what her father was about to do, she didn’t believe her but was already uneasy about the fact her father was attending the function with the Vice President, she has noticed a stark change in her fathers behaviour of late and although not knowing what he was up to she has had her suspicions that something was up.

The acting has been great from all involved like I said above, not only Lewis and Danes but also Mandy Pantikin (Saul Bresnan), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody) and young Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody).  We have known right from the off about Carrie’s bipolar disorder but the writers really brought it back to bite her in the last couple of episodes, to the point that it now looks like she will loose her job with the CIA, although she even admits that she is acting “crazy” she is actually right about Brody but no one wants to make out that the all American war hero and honourable family man running for Congress would ever turn on his country.

I really can’t wait for the second season of this show, if they can keep up the pace they have in the first season and can make the story as interesting then Dexter and Homeland will be winning Sunday nights again come next September.

Movie Trailer: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Starring Christian Bale

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Since the release of the new Batman, The Dark Knight Rises trailer this blog has gone wild viewing wise.  Problem is you have all been viewing the little teaser trailer which was released earlier this year, so, I decided that I should get on it and put the new one here for you.  I'm not going to go on and on about it as I have mentioned the movie quite a few times in recent weeks, it really does look good but I have told the story so many times now that I'm getting tired of writing down the same thing.  Want to read more on it then go HERE, alternatively you could stay here and watch the new trailer.  Then go check out some other stuff, enjoy.

Review: DEXTER 6.12 - This is the Way the World Ends

Well, what can you say about the Dexter season 6 finale?  Apart from the ending it was pretty much a bore as it has been for season 6's entirety.  Ok, I will give you one, there was a little suspense when Travis kidnapped Dexter's son Harrison but did you really think that even a cable network would allow anything as brutal to happen to a young cast member, especially on screen.  Anyway, I think Harrison may be playing a more major role in what definitely looks like the two final seasons of Dexter.

This week was all about Dexter and Miami Metro's attempts to stop Travis from carrying out his next Tableau, Dexter eventually figured out the how and when deciding not to share the knowledge with his Miami Metro colleagues.  But before that we picked up where we left off last week where Dexter was floating in the Pacific Ocean all through the night and most of the morning, it just so happened that a boat carrying Cuban immigrants was coming past at the time, what are the chances?  Pretty slim I would say.  Then if the cold or exhaustion did not get you then I'm sure a shark would.

Other than the search for Travis the story also followed Debra's frequent visits to her shrink and saw her confess all the more that she is in fact in love with her half brother Dexter, he returned the love but I think he may have been referring to brotherly love as apposed to anything else, still though Deb clearly wants more than that from him leaving her incapable of concentrating for the whole of this episode.

I really can not think of to much to say in relation to the hunt for Travis or his eventual capture, it was all very uneventful.  Travis has not managed to convince me at any point that he is menacing in anyway, and no matter how many cops he has struck from behind or surprised then sliced with his machete his wit and manoeuvre would not be as good as Dexter's.  That was proven during the kidnap scene on the roof when Travis told Dexter to inject himself, as soon as he pulled out the syringe Dexter had his fingers over the liquid area.  It was clear to me and probably everyone else that there was no M99 in there, did Travis really think Dexter would be that stupid?

Elsewhere, Lewis is still freaking me out a bit, well not freaking me out but arousing suspicion that he is not as he seems.  He mailed the evidence from the Ice Truck Killer investigation to Dexter but it has so far only been seen by Travis.  Lewis wants a full time job which Masuka has told him won't be possible, but why?  The only leads Miami Metro have had in this investigation have come from him and his ability with a computer, Masuka should watch his ass.  Maybe Lewis will turn out to be Dexter's long lost brother, or maybe a serial killer fanatic who knows of Dexter's dark secret, either way he will surely be around for at least the beginning of season 7.

If Lewis does know Dexter's secrets then he won't be the only one as of course Debra now knows that her brother is a murderer at least, weather Dexter admits all of his crimes to her is yet to be seen but you can be sure that the season 7 premiere will probably be one of the highest rating of all time now that Dexter's secret is out.  It would of course be pretty easy for Dexter to explain his way out of the situation by telling Deb about Travis kidnapping Harrison, that may at least cut him a little slack.  What will be the most interesting thing is seeing what Deb does, she is now Lieutenant remember.  Can she just turn a blind eye?  Would she help rehabilitate Dexter? He is the only family she has and the man that she loves.  Maybe she will reveal his secret and the final two season's of Dexter could see a massive road trip with Dexter on the Run, or maybe she would join him and become vigilante herself, lets not forget she has displayed signs of a dark passenger herself in previous seasons.  What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

One thing is for sure, season 6 has not been the best, probably the worst actually but you can be sure that season 7 promises a much brighter horizon for the show and any avenue which it decides to go down will be a lot more interesting than what has happened this season.  I don't know about you but I can't wait.

Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.10 - Number Crunch

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Person of Interest, my previous favourites episode 3 "Mission Creep" and episode 7 "Witness",  Now "Number Crunch" has taken over both and in quite impressive form too.  This is easily the best episode this season and has left a great story line for the run to the finale, after seeing this episode I really hope Person of Interest will be given a second season, Person of Interest delivered on every level this week giving us more of an insight into who John Reese is and why he agreed to do what he does.

I have talked in previous reviews about the fact that I would like to see some of the story lines run more than one episode and it gave us that here, we got it last week too with the return of Elias but this week was something more intense as figures from Reese's past showed up in Detective Carter's office at the N.Y.P.D.  The episode also had it's stand alone story as always but it tied in nicely with what has been the running theme.

As always N.Y.P.D can't solve the case on their own and they need the help of Reese who weather they like it or not becomes involved when Finch's computer spews out four numbers to look into, the four people seem totally unconnected but that turns out not to be the case.  The four were all at the scene of a fatal car crash in which a Congressman's son died and money which was there has gone missing, before long they are being popped one by one until Reese manages to catch up with the two half sisters who are left Paula Vasquez (Melonie Diaz) and Wendy Mcnally (a very pretty Bridget Regan).  Reese is on the case finding out that they aren't just thieves and in fact stole the money for very legitimate reasons, whilst watching his own back Reese must now protect the sisters from the corrupt Congressman's hitmen who are on their case.

Bring in Reese's former employers the CIA, they come to Carter telling her that her knight in shining armour is an extremely dangerous and highly trained former operative who has done things which he should be in prison for, up until recently he was presumed dead.  Carter now faces a dilemma does she help them find the man who saved her life, or does she give up on her career in the police as they will make sure it goes no further if she does not help them.

Que, action and the best twist and turn story so far, the only other one that comes near to this was that of Elias in "Witness" and then his brief return in last weeks "Get Carter".  The action did eventually hit a climax when Reese was surrounded on the roof, I don't think he was daft enough to think that there would only be one person watching him, right then the sniper shot him.  Mind you I think the sniper went to the same shooting school as Reese as he only managed to shoot him in the stomach, if you are looking to take someone out and you are sniper you would surely shoot them in the head.  Of course I didn't want that to happen, it does not matter how hard you are there is pretty much no coming back for that so step in Detective Carter who decided it was her turn to save her knight in shining armour allowing him to walk away when she realised that he was with Finch who she met very early on in the season.

Line of the week: "Congressman Hallen, this is Detective Fiasco from N.Y.P.D", "It's Fusco actually", yeah it is Fusco but I think Fiasco is all the more fitting, don't you think?.

I'm sure the story will not end where we have left it this week, the CIA now know that John Reese is alive meaning they will keep coming for him, and you can be sure that the lines they spun Carter about Reese killing his partner are not true (maybe).  Carter and Reese also have massive room to grow along with Finch and possibly Fusco in the next couple of episodes, there is no way Carter will let it lie about Reese and I think maybe her and Fusco together with Reese and Finch will start working together in a move against Reese's former employers.  Anyway this goes I am sure it will keep up with the pace we have just had during "Number Crunch" and I for one can't wait.

Movie Review: X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Starring Hugh Jackman

Monday, 19 December 2011

I almost watched this the other week but I had so many other things lined up it wasn't possible, plus the channel it was on I knew it would be on again in the next week or two.  If you read this blog often or even if you caught Friday's post about Sherlock Holmes then you will know that I'm not a fan of comic books I have never read one in my life, the same would go for comic book adapted movies.  I really don't know why that is though because every time I watch one I tend to enjoy it, ok this Wolverine instalment was not the best superhero movie ever but I did find it very enjoyable and a lot better than any of the Spiderman or X-Men movies.

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds and Danny Huston

The Plot

The movie takes us right back to the beginning before Logan/Wolverine (Jackman) joined the X-Men.  Both Logan and his brother Victor (Schreiber) are over 200 years old and have lived through history fighting in wars and battles on behalf of the US, into the modern day society Mutants including Logan and his brother are recruited as commandos by war monger Colonel Stryker (Huston).  Deciding he no longer wants to fight, Logan leaves the forces and takes up logging and falls in love with a local teacher.  Logan's decision is not a popular one though and his murderous brother Victor is sent to retrieve him causing the now renamed Wolverine to go on a revenge mission.

The Verdict

I thought this movie was great I have to say that straight off, you know me by now I'm not the biggest fan of comic book movies and that non fan base of mine would roll into the X-Men franchise, I have seen a lot of stuff on this movie which does not give it much credibility but I really enjoyed it, probably more so than the actual X-Men movies themselves, let's face it most people only watch X-Men because Hugh Jackman is so kick ass anyways.

I really liked the fact that there is a little humour involved here, I don't remember that in the X-Men films, mind you I have only seen the first and third so I may be wrong but I did get a laugh when Logan was hiding out at that couples farm and he is trying out the motorbike, It follows the scene where he has just had all of the metal pumped into him. When he sits on the bike in the barn the guys says your a little heavy, he's like yeah I put on a little weight recently.

The best part of the movie for me were the explosive action sequences, again I don't remember them being that good in the X-Men movies, from the off when Wolverine escaped and they were chasing him down with the helicopter.  Logan just extends his claws and uses them to light a fire which blows up the helicopter, ok there is a lot of special effects and CGI involved but watching in HD you don't really notice and like I always say does it matter if you enjoy it anyway?

I found the fight scene a little surprising when Logan was fighting the guy who thought called him a blob, Logan had been shot in the face and blown up by then how come he cant take a punch from a fat guy?  I know the fat guy is a mutant but still Logan is made of steel he should be able to take it, right?  Mind you blob did suffer a bit when he stuck the nut on Wolverine, he was delirious for hours.

Capping off the action in this impressive movie was the final fight scene which saw Logan and brother Victor come together once again realising that Colonel Stryker had been lying to them all along.  Stryker had stole all of the Mutant powers to make one super Mutant played by martial arts expert Scott Adkins, his ability to disappear and move so quick came across really well.  Adkins is in just about every Hollywood actioner these days as a stunt man or actor and you can see why.

One thing I learnt about Wolverine during this movie is that his power is not really all that spectacular compared to other mutants, he has only one advantage, he's a hard ass mother f**ker.

Would I watch it again?

Totally, I would definitely watch this again it's a no brainer enjoyable action movie with a little romance thrown in.

Rating: MMM

TV Previews: DEXTER, HOMELAND and TERRA NOVA Season Finale'

Sunday, 18 December 2011

You will have to forgive me today, this is not going to be quite up to the standard you are used to.  We had friends around last night/this morning and I have the worst hangover since I was 18 maybe, I wrote this at 4pm and honestly don't feel any better.  Lets see if I can get through it as it should be an epic week for all our favourite TV shows.

I'll start as always with my favourite, Dexter has had a pretty poor season thus far and the final episode is being billed in true teaser fashion.  Michael C Hall has said that it won't be an ending, I'm not sure if he is referring to the shows theme this season or weather he means the story of Travis will roll on into next years seventh season.  This week Dexter's hunt for Travis takes a more personal twist.  Travis is looking for a sacrifice and he finds his way to Dexter's apartment before taking Dexter's son Harrison, I have to say that although this season has been disappointing this finale does look really good.

It's going to be more of the same from Homeland this week in what will be a 90 minute two part finale.  I have been loving this show, it never fails to impress on all levels.  If you are majorly into action as apposed to anything else then it's probably not for you.  This week sees Brody and Walker finally come together in order to start off Abu Nazir's plan.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this show caps off it's first season, remember Homeland has already been commissioned for a second season which will start shooting after the new year, take a look at the preview below.

Ok, last one to mention is Terra Nova, if you caught last weeks review then you'll know how disappointed I am in this show as a whole, it's one of those shows where simply nothing happens, I find myself watching week on week because I have seen it this far, this week the eleventh pilgrimage rolls into town, but are they all who they seem?  With Lucas going back through the portal last week he will surely bring back some unwelcome guests for his father Commander Taylor.

Review: TERRA NOVA 1.10 - Within

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I really don't know what to say on Terra Nova this week, aren't TV shows supposed to get better?  This is really starting to become a drag in my opinion and at this rate I can see the season finale being similar to The Event where it simply just ends, nothing is renewed and everyone just forgets about it.  That really is where I think this show is headed, when you consider how much money has been pumped into Terra Nova the results are hardly in the region of Lost.

I really was not interested by anything this week, for me Terra Nova has had two good episodes "The Pilot" and I don't remember the name of the other one but it was better than the other 9 space fillers they have put out, there is no real edge to the show nothing that shouts on me to come back every week.  I am at the point now, in fact I have been here a while where I just watch Terra Nova because I have seen it this far.  I remember in the height of Lost it was talked about everywhere, the office, the pub you get my drift.  I could not tell you one single person who watches Terra Nova.

The finale of the season is now on us which means there are pretty much two possible outcomes that I can think of, I'll get to those in a moment firstly lets tell you what happened this week, briefly.  Basically this week was all about Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) catching Terra Nova's mole, a role he carried out with very little entertainment, eventually catching up to the Skye who we all found out about a week or two ago, they didn't exactly find her quick though considering she was on her way back to tell Taylor (Stephen Lang) what she had been doing all these months.  Then you have a little more involvement from Taylor's son Lucas (Ashley Zuckerman) who is working on his genius mathematics to make the portal go both ways, again this was just boring hence my brief summary, I just don't remember what it was all about.

So like I said above we now have the Terra Nova finale to look forward to and we know that at some point during that episode the eleventh pilgrimage will be coming through the portal to make their home in Terra Nova, only problem is Lucas went back to 2149 so we don't know who will be coming through the portal, and quite frankly I don't care.  If the army he suggests turns up then I would imagine it will be a battle royale to the end of the show capping off the story of Terra Nova.  If it is the eleventh pilgrimage and they are going to roll out a second season then maybe there will be a couple of new more wise to the world spies in the camp that could spice things up a little, I really can not think of anything else they can do.

Terra Nova has been a massive let down for me and I have to say that I watch week on week more because I have to rather than wanting to, I never fell like that with anything else that I watch.  Terra Nova in my opinion will prove to be nothing more than a passing fad which may roll into a second season for the minimal viewing figures around the world.  Do you watch Terra Nova?  If so let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sorry!  I have been prattling on about the finale, Terra Nova will finish off with a two part finale on Monday 19th December 2011 at 8pm on Fox (can't wait) and I still have not heard anything official about a second season.


Friday, 16 December 2011

What’s new at the cinema this week?  Well not a lot that’s for sure, in fact scrap that there is actually only one decent movie out this weekend unless you like Chipmunks.  It’s the week before Christmas what do you expect, they hold off until Boxing Day with all the good releases but I’ll post about those ones next week.

That one movie release I was telling you about is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, now I have to be honest I haven’t actually seen the first Sherlock Holmes starring these two guys, why?  Well I don’t really do this type of movie, I don’t know why but it really just does not interest me all that much.  I have heard that it’s actually pretty good so maybe I’ll put my new Blu-Ray player to good use and get it bought and watched.

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Rachel McAdams, Jared Harris and Stephen Fry

My interest in this really does not go far, sorry!  Basically Sherlock (Downey Jr) and his sidekick Dr Watson (Jude Law) joins forces to defeat their fiercest rival yet Professor Moriarty.  Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.

Ok, I may get round to watching the first one but don’t hold me to it, there are plenty of other movies which are way ahead of this in the pack, unless the first one is so bad that no one else at has it rented out in which case I’ll probably get it next week which would of course force my hand.  I was never a fan of Sherlock when it was on TV way back when, I’m not a fan of the current version starring the very well educated Benedict Cumberbatch, but this movie does offer something different to that, first off Jude Law, not my favourite but I can tolerate him and then there is Robert Downey Jr, an actor who has a pretty impressive range.

Review: HOMELAND 1.11 - The Vest

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Homeland was good in so many ways this week, but it’s one that I’m not finding to easy to write about.  It was brilliant but as always with Homeland more empathises was placed on the characters rather than the action itself, the show is coming to the critical point with the season 1 finale following Dexter’s next week, we already know that there will be a second season which should also prove to be as much of a powerhouse as this has due to the amount of loose ends to tie up and the fact the CIA are no closer to catching radicalised US Marine Tom Walker.

Little do the CIA know of course that Walker is not their only problem, it was revealed to us about two weeks ago now that Nick Brody is very much a part of Abu Nazir’s plans for an attack on US soil, up to now he has passed everything thrown at him with flying colours and this weeks show focused on the two main characters we have come to know through ten episodes of the show.  Carrie and Nick himself, the pair who were romantically linked mid-season are now heading down very different paths.

It was touched upon at the very beginning of the show that Carrie had bipolar disorder a problem which she self medicated for, that was brought back with a vengeance this week following Carrie being involved in the Blast the week before.  Her long time mentor Saul is amazed to find a very erratic Carrie who is making no sense whilst at the same time working tirelessly on a theory she has developed regarding Abu Nazir’s plans.  Carrie’s weakness became her strength as she came very close to finding out exactly what Nazir’s plans are she also noticed a very long period of inactivity from Nazir, this was the period that he had Brody captive, or at least that’s what they think we know he was living with Nazir teaching his son English.  Carrie has one problem now, the only person who believes her theory during her erratic state of mind is Saul and she has made the mistake of telling Brody, who in turn thinks she is getting far to close for comfort and reports her previous misgivings to CIA Director Estes bringing an end to her little plan.  Her only hope to stop it now would be Virgil, the former CIA agent who does covert non CIA approved ops on her behalf. But we still don’t know weather he can be trusted, remember we are still looking out for a mole.

In the mean time Brody has taken a road trip to Gettysburg giving himself a reminder of what it’s like to be the all American family, it’s all a ploy on his part of course as he was visiting a shop where he was handed a suicide vest by the owner.  His family are non the wiser at this point but his daughter Dana has started to notice that her father is acting a little strange, firstly she captured him on video when they visited Gettysburg, he was just staring into space but then she noticed the parcel he had picked up from the store.  To say that she is not satisfied with the excuse he has given would be an understatement.  What Brody’s mission is with the vest is still unclear, weather it’s a suicide mission for him or weather he has to give it to someone else, Tom Walker maybe.  What ever it is I’m sure we will find out in this Sundays finale.

Other than that there really was not to much going on this week, Brody was treated like a national hero in the diner when people recognised him shook his hand and said that they would vote should he run for office, such is the respect he has earned being a US prisoner of war for 8 years.  That is a story that will surely run into season 2 as I can’t really see them killing off the main character after the first season, can you?  Anyway this was a brilliant character episode with very little action, this weeks finale should prove to be action packed leaving us wanting more from the second season.

New UK Single Releases: 12th December 2011, FOO FIGHTERS, DJ SHADOW, COLDPLAY and CEE LO GREEN

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Caged Animals – 'Pile Of $$$' – No don’t worry I hadn’t heard of these guys either, to be honest they are not the easiest of people to find out about, I read somewhere that they should be compared to Lou Read and The Velvet Underground that put me off before I even heard this song.  I didn’t even get a minute in and was bored already.

Cee Lo Green – 'Anyway' – Does not really need an introduction from me does he?  Cee Lo can simply do no wrong as far as the charts go right now, this latest release is taken from his album “The Lady Killer” for it to feature this song you need to buy the Platinum edition, “Anyway” is a pretty decent pop song which will most probably do well due to
who is singing it.

Coldplay – 'Charlie Brown' – Following on from their impressive number 1 single “Paradise” Coldplay are back with this disappointing second offering.  Coldplay are a bad who I’m not really a big fan of, I do like some of their music and their single before this is probably one of my favourites.  I suppose you could say they are an acquired taste.

DJ Shadow feat. Little Dragon – 'Scale It Back' – An American DJ/songwriter and music producer who to be honest I have not heard of, he is described as a prominent figure in the development of instrumental hip hop.  Again that’s not a genre I have heard of but I
do have to admit that the music and lyrics to “Scale It Back” are very relaxing and easy listening, I’m not going to rush to iTunes to buy it but I could listen to it no problem.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Foo Fighters – 'These Days' – Quite possibly one of the biggest rock bands on the planet right now and one of my personal favourites, this is typical Foo Fighters mixing heavy rock with a simmering ballad to fall back on.  It’s not one of my favourites but you have to go check out the video on their VEVO channel, very like the Beatles.

Gotye – 'Easy Way Out' – Don’t know why this has come back on the list again it featured a few weeks back now, you can go check the video HERE.

Mick Hucknall (top), The Naked & Famous
 Mick Hucknall – 'Happy This Christmas' – So here come the Christmas songs, this is the first one I can think of this year, it comes of course from Mick Hucknall formally Simply Red who I am a big fan of but I’m afraid I won’t be rushing out to buy this one Mick.

George Michael – 'December Song' – Song is shit and I can’t stand the guy.

The Naked & Famous – 'No Way' – These guys are a indie rock band from New Zealand and have been on the go for a few years now.  Indie is interesting and mostly I like it, once “No Way” kicks in it’s ok I suppose but I have heard better.

The Rapture – 'Sail Away EP' – Another indie rock band this time from New York City, can’t say I have heard any of their music in the past and to be honest “Sail Away” really does not impress me that much.

Steel Panther – 'Just Like Tiger Woods' – An American glam rock band who have been on the go for 11 years now, I didn’t know bands like this still existed, think 80’s rock Journey, Skidrow etc that is similar to these guys “Just Like Tiger Woods” is taken from their album “Balls Out”, I don’t know weather that’s golf balls or a certain other type of balls, I suppose that depends on what they mean by Like Tiger Woods!

Frank Turner – 'Wessex Boy' – An English pop and folk singer who has been in a few bands, “Wessex Boys” is taken from Turner’s fourth solo album, the song is good if that’s what you are into but it’s not really for me.

The Wombles – 'Wombling Merry Christmas' – Characters from a TV show called funnily enough, The Wombles.  It’s a Christmas song most probably aimed at children, personally I could not bring myself to listen to it.
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