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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ok so I haven’t done one of these posts for a while now, not for any other reason than I was simply to busy, but don’t worry I haven’t finished with them as they are quite popular, this weeks inspiration comes mainly from a blog I read named Underground Charisma, go check it out, if you like music especially hip hop then it’s the place to be.  Over there I was given a little inspiration to overhaul my current Mixtape layout, so this is new, well I changed it a little.  Let me know what you think.

First up we are going to compare a couple of versions of “Take Care” a new song performed by American R&B artist Drake featuring Rhianna (are they dating?).  I have to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of Drake, I do like Rhianna though and in this compilation they work really well together.  It’s the perfect R&B song to sit and relax too, I would even bet that a quicker version of the song would feature well in night clubs, back in my DJ days it would definitely have been on some sort of Funky House play list.  I want you to check out their version of the song first, unfortunately there is no video as yet, so you will have to do with the picture compilation, either way I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this.

You have been away ages, you listened to it more than once didn’t you?  Never mind your back now.  The song is pretty awesome right?  Over here in England the main radio station is Radio 1, every year they do a Live Lounge tour inviting big bands down to perform songs by other artists Live.  It was the turn of Florence and the Machine this time and lead singer Florence Welch decided that they would cover Drake and Rhianna’s “Take Care”.  Now, being a mild mannered English girl that’s the last song you would expect her to pick, but pick it she did.  Did you catch her on my Jools Holland post a couple of weeks back?  No, then go check it HERE, she sang her own song “What The Water Gave Me”, it was really good, but can she rap?  Too right she can I think she pulled this off big style so much so I ‘m almost inclined to say that I would rather listen to her version, check it out and let me know what you think.

Now who like's Mike Posner?  You know that guy who thinks he's cooler than you.  That's pretty much the only song of his I know, turns out he's a bit of an aspiring rapper, below is his latest mixtape to be released, it's free (legally) to downlaod if you want it.  On the tape he has covered a few artists most notably of them all for me would be Oasis, why a guy who calls himself a rapper wants to cover "Wonderwall" one of Oasis' biggest songs is beyond me.  Posner should probably hope he never bumps into Noel or Liam, especially if it's dark.  All in all the mixtape is not really my cup of tea, I struggle to take Mike Posner seriously as a rapper, as an R&B artist I can take that, and one song off the mixtape that I would play in my car in "Marauder Music" featuring Blackbear.

I would say I quickly skimmed through the rest and was not really that impressed with what I heard which included a cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep", the mixtape is embedded below.  Take a listen if that's what your into, if not then at least take a listen to the track I mentioned above "Marauder Music", enjoy.

Enjoy the Mixtape, enjoy the new layout?  Remember to let me know what you think in the comments below,  you can SUBSCRIBE if you like, follow the blog for reviews of all the latest TV shows and movies, as well as weekly mixtapes and a weekly new music post, RSS, Twitter and Facebook are all availible at the top right.
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