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Review: DEXTER 6.11 - Talk to the Hand

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

After seeing the preview of Dexter earlier on in the week I was actually quite excited about "Talk to the Hand", turns out there was nothing really to get excited about as this was probably more of a let down than some of the previous offerings. Season 6 in general has been a let down and the more I think about it "Nebraska" has probably been the best episode of the season.

I really can not think of to much I want to say on Dexter this week, Dexter himself has been pretty careless during this whole season, doing searches on the work computer etc.  This week he sent Travis a video message via his mobile phone, a pretty stupid idea by a serial killer who usually likes to remain anonymous, that kind of thing can be easily traced.  Even more foolishly after Dexter stops "Wormwood" down at Miami Metro and is exposed to nauseous gas he is advised to go the the ER as he will suffer nose bleeds and dizziness, what does Dexter do?  He continues his hunt for Travis and wouldn't you know it one of those nauseous spells hits him just as Travis arrives at his boat.

One of the better things the writers have done this year are the scenes with Deb and her therapist, they have gone down a few different avenues on her train of thought and that's eventually lead to the last couple of weeks talking about Dexter.  Ok, that's fine but now the shrink is suggesting that Deb's love for Dexter may go deeper than him simply being her brother, they aren't blood related after all.

Dexter did manage to tackle Travis head on this week when he staged his very own tableau using Gellar's frozen hand at the university where he worked.  Travis is not the usual cooler end of the serial killer you get on Dexter, he is more of the loner type who so far this season seems incapable of coming near to Dexter's mark, he only got to Dexter in the end as he had a dizzy spell.  Not only that but this week Travis' plans where falling down around him with his inept helper failing to release the gas to the masses, how was she allowed to walk around the station, the cop never even asked who she was or how she got in the building. Then why did Travis no shoot Batista before setting the bedroom on fire?  I don't want Batista killed off but you would think someone so crazed and on the edge would pull the trigger.

Now I can move onto Lewis, Masuka's inturn.  I said when he first came into the show that I didn't trust him, turns out I had good cause after we discovered the "Ice Truck Killer" evidence in his apartment we knew something was up.  Now we saw him right at he end posting the evidence anonymously to Dexter, so what's his plan?  My theory on it would be that maybe he is a serial killer himself and is looking to take Dexter's vigilante crown, season 7's killer possibly.  One rumour going round the Internet is that Lewis is another of Dexter's long lost brothers, taking us back to Brian Moser in season 1.  What do you think?

Although "Talk to the Hand" was not all that good it still provided me with the entertainment I crave from Dexter, it's the season 6 finale next week and I'm informed that the finale's are always good.  I enjoyed season 5's, the only disappointing thing was that Lumen left.  I hope next weeks finale tips things off nicely and leaves us druelling at the mouth for season 7.

The DEXTER season 6 finale goes out on Showtime Sunday 18th December 2011 at 9pm right before the HOMELAND finale.  Don't want to miss the previews or reviews make sure you SUBSCRIBE in some way.
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