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Review: TERRA NOVA 1.10 - Now You See Me

Saturday, 3 December 2011

So onto the ninth episode of Terra Nova now and I have to be honest up to this point I really have not been to impressed, “Now You See Me” showed some refreshing promise and for me really brought Terra Nova back to where it started from and more importantly the reason I started watching it in the first place, it still had it’s dull moments don’t get me wrong but all in all this was the best effort since the premiere.

Terra Nova remained on lockdown this week following the security team uncovering the fact that the mole in Terra Nova is starting to provide the Sixers with more prominent intelligence.  In light of that Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) is off out to do a little intelligence gathering of his own hoping to get onto the track of his son Lucas who it seems is getting close to reversing the portal.

Taylor’s trip over the gate of Terra Nova saw him team up with Mira, leader of the Sixers, after knocking lumps out of each other the pair eventually became allies when the were tracked by a pair of raptors looking to mark out their territory.  The pair came together well realising that they were ultimately fighting for the same goal, Mira has come through the portal to help her child back in 2149 and Taylor came through to give his son a better life.

Lucas or course is Taylor’s son, he had other ideas on coming through the portal and was charged with doing the physics to make the portal work both ways, this is to bring people to Terra Nova that want to overthrow the leadership of Commander Taylor.  They don’t want to colonise Terra Nova though, their only idea is to suck the land dry and make money, maybe they get their way and Terra Nova becomes a show like the Flintstones.  Jim could be Barney Rubble whilst Commander Taylor would be Fred Flintstone, they could both work in the opencast mine that the ruthless company would probably open, there is me off on a tangent again, I really don’t think that will happen.

The reveal of the week came about in finding out who the mole in Terra Nova is, if you hadn’t guessed already it’s Skye (Allison Miller).  She kind of has a good excuse though her mother is at the Sixers camp as they have the cure for some illness/fever that sweeps through the area every now and again.  Skye trades secrets to ensure her mothers survival, she passes info they give her mother the medication she needs.

The reveal wasn’t terribly exciting in any way but has thrown in the angle that we now know who it is, weather it makes the show any more interesting remains to be seen.  As far it being like Lost is concerned, well it’s still not that good but the fact that Lucas is becoming more involved is making things a little more interesting.  This was the best episode since the premiere in my opinion and I look forward to next weeks instalment hoping that they keep up the pace.
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