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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.10 - Number Crunch

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Person of Interest, my previous favourites episode 3 "Mission Creep" and episode 7 "Witness",  Now "Number Crunch" has taken over both and in quite impressive form too.  This is easily the best episode this season and has left a great story line for the run to the finale, after seeing this episode I really hope Person of Interest will be given a second season, Person of Interest delivered on every level this week giving us more of an insight into who John Reese is and why he agreed to do what he does.

I have talked in previous reviews about the fact that I would like to see some of the story lines run more than one episode and it gave us that here, we got it last week too with the return of Elias but this week was something more intense as figures from Reese's past showed up in Detective Carter's office at the N.Y.P.D.  The episode also had it's stand alone story as always but it tied in nicely with what has been the running theme.

As always N.Y.P.D can't solve the case on their own and they need the help of Reese who weather they like it or not becomes involved when Finch's computer spews out four numbers to look into, the four people seem totally unconnected but that turns out not to be the case.  The four were all at the scene of a fatal car crash in which a Congressman's son died and money which was there has gone missing, before long they are being popped one by one until Reese manages to catch up with the two half sisters who are left Paula Vasquez (Melonie Diaz) and Wendy Mcnally (a very pretty Bridget Regan).  Reese is on the case finding out that they aren't just thieves and in fact stole the money for very legitimate reasons, whilst watching his own back Reese must now protect the sisters from the corrupt Congressman's hitmen who are on their case.

Bring in Reese's former employers the CIA, they come to Carter telling her that her knight in shining armour is an extremely dangerous and highly trained former operative who has done things which he should be in prison for, up until recently he was presumed dead.  Carter now faces a dilemma does she help them find the man who saved her life, or does she give up on her career in the police as they will make sure it goes no further if she does not help them.

Que, action and the best twist and turn story so far, the only other one that comes near to this was that of Elias in "Witness" and then his brief return in last weeks "Get Carter".  The action did eventually hit a climax when Reese was surrounded on the roof, I don't think he was daft enough to think that there would only be one person watching him, right then the sniper shot him.  Mind you I think the sniper went to the same shooting school as Reese as he only managed to shoot him in the stomach, if you are looking to take someone out and you are sniper you would surely shoot them in the head.  Of course I didn't want that to happen, it does not matter how hard you are there is pretty much no coming back for that so step in Detective Carter who decided it was her turn to save her knight in shining armour allowing him to walk away when she realised that he was with Finch who she met very early on in the season.

Line of the week: "Congressman Hallen, this is Detective Fiasco from N.Y.P.D", "It's Fusco actually", yeah it is Fusco but I think Fiasco is all the more fitting, don't you think?.

I'm sure the story will not end where we have left it this week, the CIA now know that John Reese is alive meaning they will keep coming for him, and you can be sure that the lines they spun Carter about Reese killing his partner are not true (maybe).  Carter and Reese also have massive room to grow along with Finch and possibly Fusco in the next couple of episodes, there is no way Carter will let it lie about Reese and I think maybe her and Fusco together with Reese and Finch will start working together in a move against Reese's former employers.  Anyway this goes I am sure it will keep up with the pace we have just had during "Number Crunch" and I for one can't wait.
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