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Weekly News: ICE CUBE To Front Run New FX TV Show, WWE CHRIS BENOIT Movie

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ice Cube is a guy that likes to keep himself pretty busy these day’s, he is currently front lining Are We There Yet for TV, the show will be based on the movie from 2005 in which he starred.  He is more recently involved with serious cop drama Rampart (recently reviewed here) and has a role upcoming in 21 Jump Street.

Now he has announced that his company Cube Vision will be front running a new show for FX called Eye For An Eye.  Ice Cube will produce and star along with his Cube Vision business partner Matt Alvarez.  In the show Cube will play a long serving paramedic who becomes sick of leaving violent crimes with people badly hurt in the back of his ambulance, one day he decides to something about it and becomes a little vigilante deciding to go Eye For An Eye.

Who else thinks this sounds a little like Dexter?  Ok he’s not a blood spatter expert but he does work in the medical profession, at least the vigilante side sounds like Dexter, or maybe Person Of Interest.

Ok who loves WWE Wrestling?  Not me, I do like the showman ship involved with the sport and I used to watch a lot of the sport when I was younger, that was when people like the Rock and the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Scotty 2 Hotty (remember him?  The Worm), most of the guys from back then wised up a little deciding that all the bumps to the head were not doing them any favours.  They followed Hulk Hogan and moves into the movie industry, admittedly most of them have done a much better job than he did but you get my point.  Remember the name Chris Benoit the former Heavyweight World Champion?  Yeah, me too, he was on the go the same time as the guys I mentioned above.  In 2007 Benoit ended his life after he murdered his wife and 7 year old son.

Now SRG Films are planning on bringing his tragic story to the big screen, the movie will be named Crossface and the script is based on the book Ring Of Hell: The Story Of Chris Benoit and the fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry.  Benoit was in the WWE from 2000 until his death in 2007, prior to that he started his wrestling career in his native Canada before moving to Japan.  Benoit's story shed light on the dangers of the sport of wrestling, along with the anabolic steroids found in his home it was also revealed that Benoit had suffered severe Brain damage due to repeated untreated concussions. The first draft of the script has already been submitted with a view to start shooting some time next year.  Like I said above I’m not a fan of wrestling now but this is a movie I would watch.
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