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TV Previews DEXTER 6.11 - Talk To The Hand, HOMELAND 1.11 - The Vest , PERSON OF INTEREST 1.10 - Number Crunch, TERRA NOVA 1.11 - Within

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ok so as always I’ll start with my favourite.  Dexter is back and I have to say the preview looks pretty impressive, I know the way everyone, me included feels about this current season but you have to admit that Dexter is still one of the most entertaining shows on TV.
This week sees Dexter off to frighten Travis by creating a tableau of his own.

*Apologies to my British readers, there is no preview available on YouTube this week so I had to get the clip from, meaning it's only available in America.  Follow the link to SHO.COM and you can watch it there*.

I really wasn’t to psyched about last weeks Homeland, in fact I haven’t even put the
review out yet.  Don’t panic it’s coming tomorrow.  This latest little sneak peak has me very excited though with only two episodes left the show would seem to be kicking into
action once more, In “Achilles Heel” Homeland enjoyed it's best action packed episode for me and if this teaser is anything to go by then it should be a real treat for us all Sunday night.

Oohh, looks like an interesting little kink in the chain for Reese in Person of Interest this week with some people after him for a change.  Fresh from saving hapless detective Carter’s ass Reese finds himself on the receiving end when people are trying to get to her in order to get closer to him, she does trust him after all.  Although the preview does not give away to much I don’t think Carter will help them, by season 2 her and Reese will be dating!

Well the dino action is back this week with Terra Nova, the show had an impressive, well better last episode than it’s managed so far.  I touched on the fact then that due to the fact they were outside the gates of Terra Nova with Commander Taylor tracking his son it did make things more interesting, this weeks “Within” seems to be going to keep up the hardcore action we have come not to expect from Terra Nova and it seems that Lucas (Taylor’s son) has finally managed to figure out how to reverse the portal.

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