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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Some news from what will probably be one of the biggest movies of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises.  The movie has finally wrapped shooting and the films star man Christian Bale has said “I will never be Batman again”, he said that both he and Director Christopher Nolan have come to the end of their Batman era.

It’s a shame really, Christian Bale has done with Batman what Daniel Craig done with Bond, the original starring Bale, Batman Begins was recently reviewed here, I thought it was great and it changed my opinion on who the best superhero is.

The Dark Knight Rises is set years later than The Dark Knight and we will be looking at a much older Bruce Wayne according to the director, and we know the new bad guy is going to be Bane played by Tom Hardy giving Batman a new challenge. There are the only slight plot details he would give away.  Liam Neeson has also distanced himself from appearing in the upcoming movie.


More movie news for you now, the other week in the news we unveiled (along with just about every other movie blog on the planet) the new name for Bond 23.  The movie will be called Skyfall and is a standalone movie having nothing to do with it’s two predecessors.  We also found out that British actor Ben Wishaw (Layer Cake, The Hour) had secured himself a part in the movie, only thing was we didn’t know what his role was.

The rumour mill done it’s usual but now it has been confirmed that Wishaw is the new “Q”, a character who has not been seen in a Bond movie since Daniel Craig took over the role for Casino Royale, this will no doubt have Bond enthusiasts doing back flips and suggests that maybe this new Bond movie is going to have a slightly lighter gadgetry side to it.

Anyone here follow me on Hubpages?  No, well don’t worry you haven’t missed much, I really don’t have time to do much there.  I wrote something a while back now regarding the top 5 80’s action movies.  I missed off Mad Max: The Road Warrior starring a very Australian Mel Gibson.  I have been meaning to get round to seeing it, but that just has not worked out as yet.

I may have to get round to it sooner rather than later though.  In early 2012 a new Mad Max film is about to start shooting starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the movie which will be named Mad Max: Fury Road, I don’t have any plot details for you but I do have a little scoop for you Mad Max fans.  Fury Road will be followed by a second updated movie named Mad Max: Furiosa and apparently they have nearly completed a script for a third which is currently untitled.  The movie makes are also working with video game producers L.A Noire to turn Mad Max into a video game.
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