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Review: DEXTER 6.12 - This is the Way the World Ends

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Well, what can you say about the Dexter season 6 finale?  Apart from the ending it was pretty much a bore as it has been for season 6's entirety.  Ok, I will give you one, there was a little suspense when Travis kidnapped Dexter's son Harrison but did you really think that even a cable network would allow anything as brutal to happen to a young cast member, especially on screen.  Anyway, I think Harrison may be playing a more major role in what definitely looks like the two final seasons of Dexter.

This week was all about Dexter and Miami Metro's attempts to stop Travis from carrying out his next Tableau, Dexter eventually figured out the how and when deciding not to share the knowledge with his Miami Metro colleagues.  But before that we picked up where we left off last week where Dexter was floating in the Pacific Ocean all through the night and most of the morning, it just so happened that a boat carrying Cuban immigrants was coming past at the time, what are the chances?  Pretty slim I would say.  Then if the cold or exhaustion did not get you then I'm sure a shark would.

Other than the search for Travis the story also followed Debra's frequent visits to her shrink and saw her confess all the more that she is in fact in love with her half brother Dexter, he returned the love but I think he may have been referring to brotherly love as apposed to anything else, still though Deb clearly wants more than that from him leaving her incapable of concentrating for the whole of this episode.

I really can not think of to much to say in relation to the hunt for Travis or his eventual capture, it was all very uneventful.  Travis has not managed to convince me at any point that he is menacing in anyway, and no matter how many cops he has struck from behind or surprised then sliced with his machete his wit and manoeuvre would not be as good as Dexter's.  That was proven during the kidnap scene on the roof when Travis told Dexter to inject himself, as soon as he pulled out the syringe Dexter had his fingers over the liquid area.  It was clear to me and probably everyone else that there was no M99 in there, did Travis really think Dexter would be that stupid?

Elsewhere, Lewis is still freaking me out a bit, well not freaking me out but arousing suspicion that he is not as he seems.  He mailed the evidence from the Ice Truck Killer investigation to Dexter but it has so far only been seen by Travis.  Lewis wants a full time job which Masuka has told him won't be possible, but why?  The only leads Miami Metro have had in this investigation have come from him and his ability with a computer, Masuka should watch his ass.  Maybe Lewis will turn out to be Dexter's long lost brother, or maybe a serial killer fanatic who knows of Dexter's dark secret, either way he will surely be around for at least the beginning of season 7.

If Lewis does know Dexter's secrets then he won't be the only one as of course Debra now knows that her brother is a murderer at least, weather Dexter admits all of his crimes to her is yet to be seen but you can be sure that the season 7 premiere will probably be one of the highest rating of all time now that Dexter's secret is out.  It would of course be pretty easy for Dexter to explain his way out of the situation by telling Deb about Travis kidnapping Harrison, that may at least cut him a little slack.  What will be the most interesting thing is seeing what Deb does, she is now Lieutenant remember.  Can she just turn a blind eye?  Would she help rehabilitate Dexter? He is the only family she has and the man that she loves.  Maybe she will reveal his secret and the final two season's of Dexter could see a massive road trip with Dexter on the Run, or maybe she would join him and become vigilante herself, lets not forget she has displayed signs of a dark passenger herself in previous seasons.  What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

One thing is for sure, season 6 has not been the best, probably the worst actually but you can be sure that season 7 promises a much brighter horizon for the show and any avenue which it decides to go down will be a lot more interesting than what has happened this season.  I don't know about you but I can't wait.
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