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Movie Review: HORRIBLE BOSSES Starring Jason Bateman

Saturday, 31 December 2011

I have had this movie sitting in my pile for quite some time now and finally now all the good TV shows have wrapped for the new year I have time to watch some of them.  Remember I was telling you our neighbours were round last weekend, we got pretty drunk and they recommended this movie, I’m pleased they did because although Horrible Bosses was pretty stupid in parts it was very funny and it's a movie I would definitely recommend.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx

The Plot

Nick (Bateman) hates his boss (Kevin Spacey) after he has been promised a promotion for years only to have the rug ripped from right under his feet, Dale (Day) hates his boss (Jennifer Aniston) as she is continually sexually harassing him in the workplace (what’s he
complaining about?).  Kurt (Sudeikis) loved his boss (Donald Sutherland) but he dies and his coke head son (Colin Farrell) takes over who he hates as he does not care about the company’s brilliant reputation.  The three friends get drunk one night and before they
know where they are they have hired a murder consultant to help get rid of their daily grind problems.

The Verdict

Ok, it’s not the most in-depth plot but I do have to say that this movie is hilarious, even more so than Step Brothers.  It’s an R-Rated comedy in America and a 15 certificate here in the UK meaning that the humour is brought crudely and rudely to your screen, and that’s fine providing that you don’t mind what at times is excessive swearing. Think Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin that type of movie and the crude sex jokes will no doubt be in the same context.

That’s not to say that this was a bad movie, I actually quite enjoyed it.  It’s very easy to sit and relax to this whilst having a couple of beers and allowing your mind to wander off a little because what happens in the end is very predictable, you know these guys are not
capable of murder and all the laughs are centered around their ideas of how the could kill their bosses.

That leads them to a bar on lets say the shady side of town, and what would turn out to be probably the funniest returning one liner in the movie, introducing Motherf**ker Jones (Jamie Foxx) a guy who has changed to the hood name of Motherf**ker as his real name Dean is not street enough for where he lives.  This does lead to all, or at least most of the hilarity “Hey Motherf**ker”, “What’s up Morthf**ker”, you get my point, for some reason it does not get old or unfunny at least to me anyway and Jamie Foxx pulls off the role in convincing style as you would expect, he convinces the guys that he’s just done 10 years
for murder, although he never actually told them that it’s just something they presume from his story and his name of course.  The real reason he done 10 years, DVD Piracy.

Seriously! Would you complain about this?

It’s the first time I have seen Charlie Day in a movie, I really don’t know to much about him, he is a very funny guy but at times I thought maybe he was a little over the top, and why would you turn down advances from Jennifer Aniston?  She may be over 40 but it wouldn’t stop me.  All in all I got what I wanted out of Horrible Bosses which was a good relaxing movie where I could have a couple of beers and laugh my ass off, but from what I have heard the recently released Bridesmaids is funnier so I will be going to check that out over the festive period.

Would I watch it again?

Yeah I probably would, even if it’s just to see Motherf**ker Jones in action or hear Jason Bateman tell the police  “I’m into drag racing”, you go drag racing in a Prius?  “I don’t win very often”.

Rating:  MMM 
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