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Review: DEXTER 6.10 - Ricochet Rabbit

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh man what am I going to do, Dexter has only got two episodes left.  Oh yeah, now I remember I got season 2 to watch yet, a season that is apparently a lot better than this one, but don't let that put you off this weeks "Ricochet Rabbit" put Dexter right back at the top of the pile for me.  This is the first week where Travis (Colin Hanks) has come across as the real deal so to say, one problem for him though him becoming the real deal though, it only makes Dexter more angry.  The show picked up exactly where it left off last week, Dexter in the basement having just discovered Gellar's (James Edward Almos) body and realising that he has been had.

I had a little chuckle to myself during this episode and not only at Quinn (I'll get to that later), this weeks little laugh was from Travis, not that what he was doing was funny in anyway of course, I thought of something from a couple of weeks back.  Travis has been the killer all along, we all knew that Gellar was not real, that means Travis killed his sister, again not funny, but remember about three or four episodes ago Travis got smacked in the face with a shovel by Gellar, it's confirmed now.  Travis hit himself in the face with the shovel, now that is funny.

I'm still not sure that I trust Masuka's intern Lewis, this guy freaks me out a little remember last week he had the evidence from the Ice Truck killer investigation in his apartment.  Lewis is desperate for Dexter to see the video game he has been writing about serial killers, now it may be totally innocent but I don't trust him.  Dexter gave him a real dressing down too, when he did eventually see the game, he was not impressed at all about a game where you could be a serial killer, "why would you choose to be a serial killer" Dexter asked, he definitely freaked Lewis out maybe there is more to that, we'll see.

Miami Metro have finally found the building which Travis has been using, from that came an unusual freak out for Debra which could only be resolved when Dexter turned up.  That set the course for Deb's shrink appointments finding out that Dexter is her safe place.  I got to find out something too, they talked about the Ice Truck killer and one of the scenes which freaked Dexter out in a motel room, I'm watching season 1 to remember but I have not got to the point they were talking about just yet, at least I know I have it to look forward to.

I mentioned Quinn above and the fact he makes me laugh, I didn't really like him to much in season 5 but this years drunk Quinn is pretty amusing.  This week saw him asleep in his car with his feet hanging out, just the kind of thing a responsible murder squad detective would get up to.  Later he even falls asleep at his desk, I know it plays no part in the reason me or even you watch Dexter but I do find it pretty funny.

I really can't think of to much more to say on Dexter this week, it was a good episode one which I really enjoyed probably the best one of the season that Travis has been involved in, I really enjoyed "Nebraska" too.  They could have had it better if Dexter new about Travis earlier, but at least it's out now and Travis really has stepped up to the mark (someone give him a shovel).  With two episodes to go it should be a really good run in for Dexter and I look forward to seeing what season 7 has to offer.
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