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Review: BREAKING BAD 1.3 - And The Bag's In The River

Friday, 30 December 2011

Following straight on from where we left off in “Cat’s In The Bag”, TV shows simply don’t start any better than Breaking Bad.  Following Walt (Brian Cranston) and Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) flip of a coin it was left to Jesse to get rid of the dead drug dealer.  Taking the challenge up he didn’t follow through with Walt’s instructions put the guy in bath tub and then poured acid over him, guess where we are going?  The bath disintegrates along with the body and comes through the ceiling.

That provides the opening to this episode with Walt and Jesse wrapped up with gas masks on cleaning the floor, and no doubt going on to fix Jesse’s ceiling.  I don’t want to be repeating this every week but Cranston and Paul put in some brilliant performances week on week and this was no different.
The episode focused mainly on Walt’s dilemma, does he kill crazy-8, currently tied up in Jesse’s basement, or can he talk him around b y way of reasoning and get them to work together.  Can Walt be sure that he can even trust Crazy-8?  He is a junkie after all, he may well go and run his mouth to the police.  It’s somewhat of a moral dilemma for Walt who really doesn’t want to make a murderer of him self.
Not only does Walt have that to deal with but his wife has noticed that something is going on with him due to all the mood changes.  Not wanting to admit that he’s cooking up and dealing Crystal Meth he tells her that’s he’s smoking marijuana.  A better move admittedly but his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) tells her sister who automatically thinks she’s talking about Walt Jr, their son.  That wouldn’t be bad normally but her sister is married to Hank (Dean Norris), a DEA agent.  Hank pops over and decides to take Walt Jr on a little tour of the darker side of town in another scene that proves this show does not just rely on the powerhouse acting of Cranston or Paul.

Another brilliant episode that followed on well from the last, this one was better and I really am looking forward to the fourth, I’m almost half way as there are only 7 episodes in the opening season.  Again I’ll say I’m not looking to make these reviews to long, don’t forget start following in someway RSS, Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to leave your comments, join in with me and Ruben.
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