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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.9 - Get Carter

Saturday, 10 December 2011

So Reese and Finch are back and they have yet another number (SSN) to deal with, this time round though the number could prove to be a real problem for knight in shining armour Reese (Jim Cavizel) as it refers to Detective Carter (Taraji. P Henson), the cop that is so badly hunting down the man who is almost single handily cleaning up the streets of New York City.  "Get Carter" was better than the last instalment "Foe" but it was not quite as good as some of my previous favourites.

I have mentioned a few times now that I think Person of Interest has the ability to open up it's story line if it wanted by letting stories roll over a couple of episodes, finally either someone listened to me (doubtful) or they decided that it was a good way to go.  One of my favourite stories so far has been in the seventh episode (Witness) when we were introduced to a mysterious character named Elias, currently Gangster No 1 as far as N.Y.P.D are concerned.  I said in that review that it was a story line that could be continued as Elias was allowed to walk off into the sunset right at the end, Reese would want his own back right?

Elias was brought back this week as the man who wanted to bring an end to the reign of Detective Carter, turns out he's not the only one though she has chalked up quite an impressive list of people that may want to cause her harm, why?  Because she is a good guy and it turns out that in Person of Interest pretty much the whole of the N.Y.P.D are corrupt, I don't think I've seen straight shooting from anyone else in the whole department even the Captain was in on it, he told Fusco (Kevin Chapman) that Carter does not play by the rules meaning she does not allow criminals to run the streets that she works, so basically the cops hate her because she is a good cop.

We (the audience) new pretty early on that it was Elias that was after her, and to be honest the other two possible suspects didn't do that great of a job convincing me otherwise.  I liked the fact they brought Elias back like I said above and they have left it open for him to return again but I do have one tiny little gripe, Reese sent Fusco a little birthday plastic cop which had a hidden camera embedded inside, that's fine.  The problem is that it was looking at Carter's desk, so why didn't they see Elias delivering the flowers to her desk?  A tiny minuscule gripe but I thought it was worth a mention.

I really enjoyed getting a bit of a back story on Carter, right at the beginning I thought we were getting more of Reese in his CIA interrogation days then the guys boss walks out and it's Carter she used to be a military interrogator.  This little bit into her backing story showed us why she is the way she is.  We also found out she had a son which has been kept pretty quiet up to now.

It was good to see some ass kicking too, right?  I don't recall Reese shooting anyone in the leg this week, instead he raided Hector Alvarez' garage with a grenade launcher shooting up all of his cronies, I think he left one of them alive before stealing one of their cars, what can I say it must have been cold following Carter round on that motorbike.

Eventually saving the life of Carter without ever letting her see him properly, Reese has probably bought himself a bit of time with a cop who knows he fights for the same reasons she does, I suppose that is something which could be propelled into a bigger story line should the show be given a second season.

I thought that this was another good instalment of Person of Interest with plenty of storyline which kept your interest throughout.  Three episodes left of this season now and I'm hoping that they may involve Reese and Finch attempting to take down crime boss Elias with the help of Detective Carter.
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