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Review: BREAKING BAD 1.2 - Cat's In The Bag

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Are you enjoying me taking you back to the beginning with Breaking Bad and Dexter?  I have to say I’m loving it, I get on a roll once I put them on and that’s me evening sorted.  As far a pilot episodes go I would have to say that Breaking Bad probably provides the most impressive of all that I’ve seen, you expect them to follow it on in equally as good form.  They did do that and although the second episode wasn’t as good or maybe exciting it was still pretty awesome all round.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have to be given credit where credits due, during the pilot they became the most unlikely of partners to cook up some Meth but I has created this brilliant show.  Their performances are nothing short of brilliant with Cranston ultimately stealing the show.

Not being a pair you would expect to go together gives this show a real edge and it is darkly humorous.  In this episode Walter (Cranston) and Jesse (Paul) where left arguing about the dilemma they put themselves in last week.  They have two unconscious drug dealers in the back of their mobile Meth lab, and they need rid quick.  One of the dealers has since died and now it’s on the flip of a coin as to who will get what job.  Jesse ends up having to dispose of the body, whilst Walter is left to commit murder to cover his tracks.

Those funny bits I mentioned do come often, Walter is feeling the stress a little with his mobile Meth lab being crashed two unconscious drug dealers, and his wife is pregnant.  He’s got plenty on his plate, however his wife doesn’t seem to consider that and he gives her a great speech asking her kindly to climb down from out of his ass, I think she got the point.

I’m not going to go into to much detail on all of these old reviews, ,mainly because I don’t have time but some will be longer than others depending on how much I enjoy each episode.  I have plenty catching up to do and if I miss anything don’t forget to mention it in the comments, I always respond remember.

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